Weekly Astrology Horoscopes October 7-13, 2013

As you know, we've been providing New Moon and Full Moon horoscopes at Symbolic Living for years. We're now also providing weekly horoscopes that start on Mondays for your week ahead incorporating astrological considerations for your sign from Monday to Sunday each week.  

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign, for a more holistic picture.

Transit of Note: Venus, Goddess of Love, moves into Sagittarius on Monday October 7. 

Aries: You’ll feel an amplification of energy this week, and much of it has to do with owning your actions that stem from your feelings. You’ve got to live true to your heart and follow through with actions that demonstrate honestly what that really means to you. What is your legacy going to be? This coming weekend the lightbulb comes on and your energy moves your spirit helping you feel lighter which prepares you for the higher power you feel next week.

Taurus: As the week begins you may find your relationship to others determines your thoughts and feelings. As the week progresses though, you feel the impulse to make a personal shift that requires you to be focused in your own right. The end of the week is a good time to get back in touch with your element, the earth element. It will bless you with a philosophical outlook helping you feel right at home in the world. Collect stones, and visit architectural places that speak to you. Love helps you unite with others and an all new worldview.

Gemini: You have luck on your side regarding finances but you need to look deeper at the underlying structure of money matters to understand how to create your own luck with more trust and confidence. What is your personal relationship with tangible assets? How do you perceive what you are worthy of and what is your opinion of materialism overall? These considerations set you up to better understand yourself. It’s a good time to start thinking in logical, routine patterns to set yourself up for a healthy foundation.

Cancer: Where you start from leads to your future. Your outlook on life, the world and the meaning of it all determines more than you know. A shift towards more prosperity consciousness sets you up to feel more confident in yourself. It’s not just about money, but about how blessed you feel in your own skin. When you look in the mirror, see someone who is worthy of receiving the best the world has to offer, from others and yourself.

Leo: It’s possible you’re living in la-la-land these days. It may be easy to get distracted and daydream a lot. Collecting your thoughts and feelings at home is good for your now, so relax and take a break. Writing your creative thoughts down will help you feel comforted. As the week comes to an end you’ll possibly feel a welling up of emotions that brings out your dramatic side. Talking about your feelings with those close to you, especially a motherly figure can lead to you understanding how to use your imaginative and dramatic side to your advantage. All that can lead to a powerful creation.

Virgo: A mind oriented towards mystical inclinations leads you to seeing your place in humanity as more meaningful than ever. Trust that calling within you now to tap into the spiritual side of life. You may be exposed to new religious beliefs now that change how you perceive reality. It’s wise to be around open minded people now. The best friends to surround yourself with now are those who are willing to entertain and explore ideas without prejudice. Someone may need your compassion.

Libra: You can certainly be lit up these days and feel like you know yourself better than usual. Don’t let that be at the expense of turning away others. Instead, you can build bridges when you understand that each individual is on their own journey towards the light of life, at their own pace. You get things now that others just don’t see, and that’s okay. Money and related material concerns are mysteriously drawing your attention these days. This week you’ll have the chance to figure out how to make material concerns seem much more in tune with your spirituality.

Your words are powerful. You can really go below the surface, digging deep. You know how to read people, but you do best to make positive shifts in your karma when you use your talent to know what others can’t seem to see, to heal. You could sting others if you wanted with your words, calling them out on all those things they think are their secrets but you can see as clear as day, but that doesn’t serve you, them or the world for the better. Let love build stronger foundations in your life. Use your powerful mind and ability to be self-aware, for the better. When you know better, do better.

Love is on your side. The week begins with Venus moving into your sign. The tension Venus has felt with Mars begins to wane a bit and relationships get back on track through new beginnings and tidying up loose ends. You’ll feel a new love for yourself becomes apparent and it will play an important role on your philosophy of life. Your conflicting opinions about world affairs, especially war and religion, find greater balance as love becomes the primary focus in your life.

Capricorn: Your hopes, wishes and aspirations should be on your mind. Sit with them. Mull them over. You intuitively know that other people play an important role in your life. The importance of spiritual love is really important for you and something will make you quite aware of that as the week begins. Spending time with groups and friends of like mind this week will help you see your time in this world in a more profound way. Wisdom shared from the older, wiser person helps you make a shift in your karma.

Aquarius: The love you have and share with others is paramount. You wake up spiritually this week, realizing that your energy and spirit need better balance. Pleasure, or drama that comes with it, may be conflicting with your higher spiritual wisdom. You feel an emotional pull as the week begins related to your career. Your thoughts on career get karmic. You’re reminded of how sudden light bulb moments can feel challenging but bring you back towards the light and your understanding of the meaning of life.

Pisces: You’re a compassionate person by default, and you have the power to heal. These days, healing is important for you. Your week starts off with great dreams, both daydreams and while you sleep. Some may seem like long journeys and get you thinking more philosophically. As you work your way through the week events culminate to bring you back to that place of self-compassion and inner healing. Light bulb moments arise after you’ve pondered the mysterious.

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