Full Moon in Taurus November 17, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

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It's officially a Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 10:15 a.m. EST. 

Pretty much everyone can relate to art. In one form or another people can often see art and say to themselves, "I could do that." But largely, many people don't apply themselves and live up to their potential in creating something they would say is art, because of fear.

This is a time to free yourself from fear and replace it with love to help transform your relationship to how you manifest in the world. It is a time to see how your life is empowered and motivated to bring what you have to offer to the material world.

This Moon, building towards this Full Moon in Taurus, has had the seeds of light bulb moments of transformation. What do you love? The power to do and have is emphasized now. Also contemplate what have you built leading up to this Full Moon in Taurus.

With Venus, ruler of Taurus, having a close connection to Pluto recently, the momentum and energy has been there, climbing up the mountain to manifest and achieve a sense of greater beauty in life. Liberate your mind form the short-sighted perspective of what it is you consider to be beauty in form now.

Everything that exists is a form of art. From the design of building, cars, sneakers, pots, telephones, sculpture, to fruit and vegetables, and all living things, it is all potentials realized, manifestations of form. Design is where we live, it is our reality. Venus brings that realization and appreciation of beauty forward now.

By getting your hands working, they are a symbol of what you can do. The energy of the earth is empowered by this Full Moon. Mars reaches out in harmony enhancing the effects of our practical efforts in the real world. Where our minds and bodies are directed, we create and manifest. To be present in your body and the earth is to honor and admire the design of reality.To be present in this world is a gift. Be confident in having a presence in the natural world and how you can co-create and manifest what it is you deserve to have.

For those of you who feel a bit depressed whenever the Full Moon or New Moon is near, and feeling kind of blah, tap back into the earth element this time around.

As you gaze up to the moon, that massive material object teaming with energy, become present with it as more than just a visual display that is out of reach. Integrate the power of the moon as a force in the world. How does your connection to the moon make you feel physically, emotionally and mentally?

Get in touch with your physical body through voice and movement, expressing how you feel in the physical world and in your body. This will help you release pent up energy and become grounded in the here and now.

The earth is your domain to live and find pleasure in existence. Be outside and in touch with the world. Step away from the online world for a bit and get back in touch with the real world.

If you are the type of person that gravitates towards magical thinking, earthy rituals will help ground you.

Practicing yoga is a devotional practice honoring the physical world. This practice will help you be present and glow so you can advance up the ladder of personal evolution in both spirit and the material world.

Taurus rules the neck, ears and throat so take care to wear a scarf or hat if the weather is getting chilly in your area. Singing will help you open your throat chakra and tune you in to Taurus Full Moon.

If you enjoy working with essential oils, rose is a great choice as the flower associated with Taurus' ruling planet Venus. Cardamom and patchouly will also compliment the current Full Moon.

This is also a time to find joy in giving especially to friends. By balancing the understanding of the spiritual with the material, good karma is gained by giving to the right person at the right time. Your generosity is an attitude that reflects your acceptance of being blessed by whatever you have in the material world. By letting go and not being stingy with material possessions, you announce to the universe you trust that you are given what you need when you need it. This makes room to receive what you need in the future instead of living in poverty consciousness. Hoarding is an action based on fear and a lack of trust that you are provided for.

Communicating deep personal feelings, even your most philosophical ideas, brings you closer to loved ones, especially romantic relationships. Being open and honest with your voice and body language brings an abundance of heartfelt feelings forward that unites the best in you with others.

Wishes in business can get a boost near this full moon, a few days before or after. By focusing on pleasure in the ascent towards your career goals, you make the necessary shifts to attract abundance. Trust your ability to manifest what you desire to draw in that positive energy.

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Romanesco vegetable with it's fractal patterns, Fibonacci sequence, is a great example of the beauty and magic of the earth.

Remember to spend some time enjoying the natural world. Let it inspire you to realize the power within you to manifest the wonderful.

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