Jupiter goes Retrograde in Cancer November 7, 2013

Jupiter has been in Cancer for many moons, and will remain, but now the god of the Roman pantheon is beginning his retrograde phase which officially began just after midnight at 12:02 a.m. E.S.T on November 7, 2013. He will continue to transit Cancer in retrograde until March 6, 2014.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which means he's very comfortable being in this sign which allows the positive attributes of Jupiter to shine through with more ease. This is an auspicious placement. Now that Jupiter is retrograde for the next few months, we have a chance to realize how blessed we are within.

By affirming a feeling of abundance and worthiness within ourselves we can more easily manifest this in the world around us. It's also a good time to clear up space in your home and to feel gratitude for the important things in our immediate environment. Family and home is important now.

Look for the truth. It is within you.

It's an important time for personal growth. Your values and following your own path stands out. Self-learning brings you better understanding of who you are and what represents your true self. If you enjoy travelling, you'll likely find that the outer world will teach you a lot about your inner world, more than you may usually notice.

To become more consciously authoritative in your life, by accepting your personal power, you have a chance to attract good fortune and prosperity. Let yourself feel like a respectable King. If that doesn't seem realistic, read self-help books that help you affirm and recognize the truth of your personal power.

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus. He is the god of justice and order, the sky and thunder. His symbols are the eagle, bull, thunderbolt and oak.

As Jupiter begins his retrograde phase in Cancer, he is in a comfortable position with the Sun and Saturn, both in Scorpio. Honesty and a positive attitude goes a long way. This is a time to recognize the importance of maturing with an eye on creating greater stability within ourselves. Through this self understanding we get to move away from poverty consciousness and strengthen our belief in our self that we can have great abundance. Karmic changes to a better future start within. It's a great time to expand your ideas about what you're capable of and feel that shift happen in your emotional body.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces (now ruled by Neptune). Jupiter also rules Thursday.

With the blessings and the emphasis on the water element the ancient practice of baptism is a suited symbol for this time. The water that sustains your body, and your life, is holy. Personal feeling make all the difference in the world. Focus on the positive within you, release the rest.

Music and meaningful, deep poetry will shift you within.

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