Neptune Direct in Pisces November 13, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

After having been retrograde for many months, Neptune is now officially direct in Pisces at 1:41 p.m. EST on November 13, 2013, and will remain direct until June 9, 2014.

Have you recently been re-thinking your concept of, and relationship to, spirituality? This is a time where shifts in spiritual perspectives will lead us on a new path. Our ideas about spirituality are changing.

Spirituality is often an internal process of growth and self-realization. Now, we step outside that bubble a bit more and acknowledge something bigger. How do you experience and perceive spirituality in the external world? How do you project your higher awareness into the world?

Spirituality is complex, with a myriad of concepts that color the spectrum of our imagination. From the light and fluffy to the deep, dark and mysterious. With Mercury now direct in water sign Scorpio, speaking with Neptune in harmony in fellow water sign Pisces, we desire to know spirituality that is both logical and mysterious. Bringing the theatrical and creative aspect of ritual is intriguing for many now.

Some may feel an interest in experimenting with escapism. Marijuana, although often a popular subject of discussion in the mainstream, gets even more of a spotlight now. You may wish to stay up late to get into that giddy, strange realm of pushing the boundaries between dreamland and an altered waking state; that place wear reality meets illusion and some swear is a doorway to their creativity. I'll also state (as recently tweeted) "If you need drugs to be creative, you're missing the point of life."

Try to choose healthy, natural ways to have a moment to yourself to ponder the spectrum of your beingness - body, mind, emotion, spirit. Meditation, especially with practice, can allow an abundance of creative imagination to flow through you.

The more logically minded people may feel the urge to snap some sense into those who tend to live life in a delusional manner. The investigative mind may want to help clear away some of the illusions for a more balanced picture.

Compassion, caring and intuition for others and yourself wakes up now and bridges the heart with the spirit.

It's a healthy time to connect to the earth, nature, love and higher aspirations with Mars, Venus and Pluto having a harmonious relationship now.

A gentle rise of optimism coupled with your personal philosophy is written in the stars. Jupiter implores inner growth and greater freedom in sharing. This is a great time to consider letting go of fears, and detaching from egoism to realize your self worth. Awakening to all that baggage and all those insecurities will open the door for relief as you replace them with refreshed belief in yourself.

This is a good time for spiritually inspired arts to be explored. Your ideas, and inspiration deserve attention. Confidence comes with practice and trust. Music and meaningful poetry, and lyrics, can be a gateway to exploring inner realms of consciousness that make you feel good to be alive.

Enjoy going with the flow. Thoughts and feelings flourish when you tap into a more spiritually inspired perspective.

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