New Moon in Scorpio November 3, 2013 Astrology Horoscope and Solar Eclipse

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio on November 3, 2013 at 7:49 a.m. EST.

The clocks have fallen back an hour, the night begins earlier for the next few months. The dance of life continues between light and dark.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio there is a lot of energy with this New Moon in Scorpio, and is also accompanied by a hybrid solar eclipse. (see bottom of article for details)

This is a powerful time of transformation. Life, death, rebirth and the force that binds them, sex, are important concepts and experiences of our reality. All of these tie together in a universal experience of karma.

This New Moon is having powerful, positive connections with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Pisces as well.

Karmic changes are very important now; changes that are driving us towards a great shift in our personal consciousness and our worldview. Expect to have great transformation of consciousness that is spiritually significant.

Personal identity relating to your state of consciousness are emphasized. With Mercury retrograde we are drawn to look within and re-evaluate, consciously, our karmic path and direction in life. Be willing to look deeply inside yourself for the truth.

What thoughts have you held on to that need to change and renewed?

What is your relationship to the concept of karma? How does your karma influence and impact the world around you?

It is so important right now to consider how you are motivated in life. How you are motivated, and what your actions represent become known. Your interactions with others and what you communicate need to become more awakened.

Venus moves into Capricorn on Tuesday. Love as a higher achievement in life will become very apparent as we step forward. We will be motivated by love as a higher calling. This is a time to see love as the phoenix rising from the ashes of what was and what you are ready to let go of that does not align with this higher calling.

This is a time of great awakening that is deeply profound. Wisdom from deeply spiritual understanding is asking to become a real part of your life’s path and purpose.

We are all so lucky right now to have the opportunity to have such a shift of personal awareness, identity, and world views. As we internalize our impact and influence on the world, we realize with greater understanding what karma really means.

This is a time dedicated to releasing the comfort of ignorance, and becoming realized in how we are an important part of the rise in consciousness of the world around us.

There is great energy and focus on this New Moon. Use it. It’s there for you for a reason.

With the power of the water element emphasized, spirit, intuition and soul reap great rewards and changes that you make now have a strong impact for everyone.

As the sun enters the eclipse in Scorpio, we are symbolically quieted. We can go within and reflect on who we are and shine brighter once again after we investigate our thoughts and feelings for the deeper truth.

Like water, allow yourself to flow into the moment. Dance and fluid movements with grace will activate and cleanse your body of stagnant energy that you’ve held on to.This will help you release emotional patterns stuck in your body, giving you greater space to release thoughts and feelings that are not aligned with a greater karmic path for your life.

Allow your mind to drop judgment of your body as you feel the energy of your incarnation be present and conscious. Allow the obstacles to be washed away by the freedom of your breath with each movement.

The hip region, with hip opening movements as the center of your place of movement opening the root and sacral chakra regions are a great place to start your personal shift in consciousness as you connect to the power of the earth and water elements in your life.

A cup of tea with nutmeg is a great action and symbol of calm, connecting mind and emotion with the bestowal of Jupiter's blessings on this New Moon. Jupiter will begin retrograde this week on Thursday, November 7th, and will reach closer to his connection with Saturn. We will be able to personalize our philosophy of life more deeply and connect it with our time here on earth and our karma with more awareness. We can bring abundance from the soul to the world.

We are all being blessed right now, in deeply spiritual ways and being able to return that blessing to the world is a gift. We all have the opportunity to transform the world through the cosmic dance of life.

An absolute must see, stunning documentary that is so pertinent to this current astrological moment in time is called Samsara directed by Ron Fricke. Watching this documentary is truly a meditation. Awe inspiring, it is a phenomenal journey that will leave you with a rise in consciousness. Not a word is spoken, and it doesn’t need to be. The message is beautiful, awakening, real and spiritual and certainly worth your time. If any film could fit in perfectly with this New Moon in Scorpio and the planetary aspects surround it, Samsara is it. It is available on Netflix and has received 4.5 out of 5 stars by viewers for a reason. It will leave you moved and awakened.

Take some time this weekend to watch this.

We would love for you to share your perspective and insights into this film in our comments section below. (You can also post as a guest - no need to sign up.)

Thank you.

Watch the Solar Eclipse:

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