Weekly Astrology Horoscopes November 18-24, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living. 

*For those of you interested in stargazing, comet Ison should be visible to the naked eye before sunrise very soon. It is expected to be brighter than the moon, and is being called by some as quite possibly the comet of the century.

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. 

Aries: This week you’re on a lucky streak. Pay close attention to how money and offerings from your network of resources can help you make smart moves to get what you want for emotional fulfillment. Your strength and determination can help you overcome obstacles seemingly with ease. Your willpower can prove positive rewards. Attractions and passions will make sense when you consider them from a logical standpoint. You may be finding yourself attracted to people romantically you hadn’t considered before. You’ll also find the spectrum of all things in the arts and architecture grab your attention in new ways. Keep your eyes peeled for the magnetic beauty in what you once may have perceived as only mundane.

Taurus: Well you just had the Full Moon in your sign, so that is going to play a significant role in this week. As the week progresses you feel grounded in your body which is highly influenced by what you think about. So, intentionally set your mind to perceive of your life with a strong sense of stability with positive self-talk. Your philosophical point of view sees the world with more beauty now. Your perceptions of love have been building and changing. Seeing the world and your love interest as part of you path to achieving a beautiful life helps you climb higher up the tree of life. Putting energy towards creative efforts helps you feel abundant. You’ll be able to move past self doubt easier when you focus on ensuring playfulness and fun are an important part of how you approach your daily efforts.

Gemini: What you say and think is always an important part of your personality, but now it takes on even more importance. Your thoughts and words help you redefine and understand your destiny now. If you feel deep down like you know something important, spend some time pondering how you can use that knowledge to further you on your path. You’ll likely also find attractions and intimacy have been going through a shift lately and for some that may mean a change in the dynamic of your home. Someone may be moving in or out, or you may be switching up your space to make it better reflect your energy. A home-based workout routine will work wonders for many Gemini’s now. In money matters, you feel luckiest when you can get real with your debt and release emotional attachments to make room for abundance.

Cancer: Your sense of self has been getting more inspired lately. The beginning of the week offers you a more optimistic view of yourself. Whatever you aspire to be, believing in yourself gives you a real boost of confidence. Talk yourself into doing your best, no matter what the odds may be. Your success is highly determined by your motivation, so plan on doing your best and your body will follow the mind. Keep on a smile, and make sure you sprinkle all you do with creative imagination. Your body will affect your mind this week, so stand up straight and do some power poses to recalibrate your thinking towards empowerment. Rest is also important after your daily efforts. Dreams will be vivid and carry the most logical visions mixed with the most splendid majestic illusions. When you’re on those long travels deep in your psyche, enjoy the journey.

Leo: You’re pretty fortunate. Not always of course, but sometimes, and this week you get a chance to choose how fortunate you perceive yourself to be. Talking to those you feel most comfortable with will help you uncover how your feelings drive you towards choosing your destiny. As the week progresses and your ruling planet, the Sun, moves into Sagittarius, your inspired, creative self will start to blossom. If you focus on having fun this week, responsible fun, you’ll feel alive. It will light you up and remind you of who you are when you’re being authentically you. Home repairs aren’t always fun, but as necessary as paying the mortgage or rent. This week you’ll get the energy to put some needed love into your home which will make you feel better about how you take care of yourself and those you love. Speaking of love, if you spend your money on someone you care deeply for, make it a smart choice, rather than on a whim. Affection can be worth more.

Virgo: You are worth all the time and effort you spend on you, but there is a tipping point. Make sure you don’t obsess or put too much energy into the your identifications with yourself and the world. Your confidence comes from focusing on having fun now. Your idea of what is attractive, desirable and beautiful is also changing. Look to the world of material form in its natural state to find examples of beauty. Look at how the natural state of the seasonal changes each have their own beauty and majesty, in both growth and decay. Also look at architecture of great detail from the beauty of the newest museum, to the grand wisdom of the most ancient ruins. Whether it took painstaking hours to create, or it is effortless in its grace, there is beauty in it all. Your mode of thinking influences your emotional experience now. If you let go of judging and instead focus on being inspired and having fun you’ll see all the beauty around you and inside you.

Libra: These days, a healthy practice of self-love through spiritual practice is a way for you to be connected to the earth and your higher Self. Your gut instincts will guide you towards making the most authentic changes in your home life. If you are the type of person that wants to nest at home, it’s best to do it with people that really honor you. So, if you have family at home great, underlying love is usually there, but if you’re renting with roommates, you may feel like you need to make a shift so you are more true to living a life where those close to you care about your space and your goals. Creating a sacred space devoted to opening your heart chakra in your home is a good step to getting a stronger connection to your spiritual will. An organized space that comforts you and ensures a healthy routine is conducive to your spiritual evolution now. Having the opportunity to clear your thoughts and emotions each day is a must now.

Scorpio: Greater self understanding is with you now. Your ability to see deeper into reality gives you the space to understand your destiny with more acuity. Dreams are guideposts so write them down if you tend to have a bad memory. They can be very mystical and not always logical so write down the symbols that stand out so you can work your way through them before they are forgotten for good. As the Sun steps out of your sign later this week, don’t worry, it will shine again the next morning, as always. He will bring light to you understanding your self worth. Gratitude for all the wisdom you’ve gained recently will help you draw in further optimism. Your ability to persevere and continue to climb the ladder of your destiny reminds you of what life is really all about. The more love you have for life, through good times and bad, the more you get to experience and share your higher human potential. As the week progresses you see how you can contribute to bringing more light to the world.

Sagittarius: Your birthday is just around the corner. This week starts off a new beginning of self awareness. You’re finding yourself to feel like this year may bring you more optimism and luck. Get out there and shine as your real self. Interact with more people to expand your ideologies about life, about culture, about religions and philosophy. By reigniting the passion you naturally have you’ll get closer to finding the meaning of your life. Understanding why you matter in the grand scheme of things wakes up when you allow yourself to love and be loved. You have a karmic duty to work through your doubts and the obstacles that hold your spirit down from the higher vibration you are intended to enjoy in this life. Your introspection focused on opening your mind and heart will bring you to feel very fortunate, allowing you to share that with others. Your money matters are going through a shift. Embrace the possibilities.

Capricorn: You may be very lucky to meet someone new or old. Maybe a friend, or a new business partner. Love the new you and others will love you too. Show your bright side. Share your optimism. Show that you care and want to do well. How you communicate with others now, showing your connection to humanity and your ability to let go of old hurts, takes you steps closer to a more loving destiny. Share with others your vision. Participate in life with a common goal with others. Align yourself with others in a team effort. By showing you care and you have hope for shifting yourself towards realizing a philosophy that impacts others with a loving heart you draw great potential to release old karma and begin a new journey. Get out there with a new appreciation for why you are you.

Aquarius: You’re going through a shift of understanding love from a more spiritual understanding and realizing the difference between the little self and the real Self. The little self is the ego, that false identity that separates this temporary physical version of you and your personality from the rest of the world and everyone else. The little self clings to a self centered belief in reality and believes in selfish motives first and foremost. It’s a false illusion and an important part of healing the spirit. The higher Self, is the true you, the timeless you, the Self that comes from authentic love. Love is unity, it is oneness, it is not the temporary separation that the ego makes us falsely believe to be true. When you do anything for anyone from the true Self, you are doing it from true love. Life isn’t all about the little you and it’s wants coming first. Life is about love. When you really love from the true Self, there is no me vs. them. Resistance to authentic love disappears when your spirit leads the way instead of the ego and changes how you climb the tree of life.

Pisces: Your ruling planet, Neptune, is direct and bringing forth your compassionate, intuitive, spiritual self to be shared with others. Reaching out to Mercury, also direct in Scorpio, you’re able to make magick happen. Your mind is a powerful force. In ancient Egypt and throughout the Renaissance, the hermetic axiom, “All is mind,” speaks to how the universe in all its manifestation, is consciousness. You, as a conscious being, and with a great connection to spirituality have the ability to unite love with life in grand order. By bringing more love into the world and sharing it with humanity, and all life forms, you bring more light into the world that multiplies in it’s brilliance. Staring up into the milky way is a good practice for you now to bring this greater consciousness into your awareness. Comet Ison is also more noticeable to the naked eye, for those who love stargazing. Ponder on the mysteries and you’ll recognize you’re capable of using your life to soulfully heal yourself and the world, one thought at a time.

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