Weekly Astrology Horoscopes November 11-17, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

Aries: This week there may be a surprising shift in how you feel about love after a disagreement. Your career gives you a sense of empowerment when you push through any surprises and handle them in a way that demonstrates you can put love into your efforts. Love what you do. What you say now has extra impact. What you may have thought about or said over the past few weeks can finally reach others and sink in. You’ll feel like you’re finally being heard after broaching a subject again. Procrastination goes against the grain now leaving you lethargic, anxious and worried. If you still haven’t started an exercise routine, start soon. Even a few moments a day will help boost your emotional state.

Taurus: The creative force in you continues to build. Your connection to the earth is magnetic. You are reminded of how important your body and the body of the earth are. There is wisdom in your physical body you should tap into this week. Breathe. Feel the creative force work through you and enliven your senses. A shift in your body takes place this week that you shouldn’t ignore. Love and adore your physicality for the gift it is. Be present. Look for inspiring beauty in the natural world to fuel your creative energy and welcome where it takes you. Your body language communicates your feelings.

Gemini: You’re blessed to have a sharp mind. With Mercury, your ruler, now in direct motion after having been in retrograde for the past few weeks, you’re able to feel more confident. Good health helps you cultivate healthy thinking processes and redirect your focus. Your sense of self is reinvigorated when you’re in the company of those you adore. Emotional intimacy helps you feel grounded. When in the company of others, especially strangers, keep loving thoughts and emotions at the forefront of your relations. Peaceful, kind, honest approaches create healthy bonds. Your natural ability to embody wit and charm helps you feel in the now. Your finances get blessed when you are comfortable with yourself enough to keep an open mind and stay open to the possibilities.

Cancer: Thinking logically gives you power. You can overcome tendencies to worry by focusing on what you want to do rather than dwelling on what you can’t. You can get revitalized to help you continue the path by making concrete plans. Being goal oriented now, and counting your blessings, can take you far. You do need an infusion of motivation now and again to keep going, so positive self talk that reignites your passion helps give you a boost. If you can learn a few tricks to heal your emotions as the week begins, you’ll find it much easier to regroup and gain energy to help you follow through and materialize your wishes. Loving yourself and others transforms your life.

Leo: Even when you have felt like you were stuck in life, you were moving forward. You’re moving through some personal karma, that at times has felt a bit heavy, but it’s worth going through because your true light shines when you clear away the baggage. By removing the weight off your shoulders you come home to the real you. Peeling away the layers in your mind is a process that takes time. Your vibration is raising. Your spirit can gain greater clarity now. The fuel in your candle burns bright. Feeling abundant, centered and grounded comes from active participation in your life. Love the process. You get a shift in how you organize priorities and doing what you love this week.

Virgo: You know you need to feel passionate about your life and who you are in order to feel emotionally balanced. Ensuring you have an enthusiastic perspective of yourself this week is important. Love yourself. Let go of the doubts and let yourself burn bright and fierce. Color, light, earth, fragrance, movement, grow it, keep it going. Look at yourself every day and be honest with yourself about what you want to say, think and feel. Nobody is stopping you from being your true self more than you. Be willing to make life magical so you don’t have regrets.

Libra: A balanced mind, you love.This week you feel the need to make changes to your most intimate surroundings to maintain your level of composure. As your mind and emotions get back on track you feel more settled. As the week begins you get a chance to assess your feelings. If you’re feeling lonely, or empty, it’s good to talk with people that are kind and comforting. They will help you feel grounded. You’ll be able to make better choices about your finances this week. You can alleviate worry by channelling your energy towards spirituality.

Scorpio: Now that Mercury is direct in your sign after having been retrograde for a few weeks, you’ll notice a clarity arises as the lessons you’ve been learning about get finalized. Learning about yourself is something you are innately born with. As the Sherlock Holmes of the zodiac, the natural sleuth, you get things other people just don’t see. These days you’ve been getting a chance to get to know yourself more deeply and it’s making a shift in your identity and how you approach life karmically. You’re granted blessings of inner growth these days. Continue the journey and welcome the open doors to resolutions. Talk about it with those you love.

Sagittarius: You’re wise enough to know that to love and be loved is one of the most important things in life to feel present and in the world. You get a chance to feel and experience love from a new place in your heart this week. You may dig deep below the surface to find the gift buried in the earth; deep down below the roots of the tree where the waters are drawn to sustain life. Words of a spiritual order; music of a higher grade; poetry and metaphor that is beyond language reach into your soul. Emotions should be embraced now for the blessings they reveal. You can move mountains from your heart.

Capricorn: You’re inside the embrace of transformation. Love is with you. You can change how you feel about yourself now. Speak well of yourself to others. Point out the things about yourself that you love. Whatever it is that you adore, share it. You’re beautiful inside and out. This is a time to treat yourself in the most humane way. The next few weeks gives you a chance to reveal to the world that you are changing how you think about yourself for the better. The way you understand yourself and present yourself to the world is ready to change.

Aquarius: If you’re drawing a blank, that’s OK. Sometimes you need that open space to get a new perspective of who you are. The week begins with you drawing closer to your intuition and to count your blessings. A good practice of meditation now will settle you in your body with a more spiritual verve. Love may feel off if it is at odds with your spirit. You may find yourself getting an all new understanding that is of a higher order that transforms how you’ve been approaching real love in your life. Lessons in career are healing as your logic and emotions find equilibrium.

Pisces: The moon in the sky is beautiful and can remind you of the majesty of the world. So many people forget the physical world is a spiritual manifestation, but you get it. Your natural ability to bond with spirit reaches deep into the world. You can feel it. As the ocean is held by the earth, you are aware of the importance of the receptive qualities of life. Acceptance of others helps you bring your spirit forth. Love of humanity, and all life, is a blessing you can bestow to the world. Your emotions feel the influence of thoughts now. Meditation helps you realize the many ways to bring love to those who need it.

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