Weekly Astrology Horoscopes November 25-December 1, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. 

For all signs - pay attention to time this week, you may notice some important moments of synchronicity. Repeating numbers may give you clues. Money matters, especially debts, will do well to be logically addressed. Don't let your emotions cloud decision making. Being responsible, and addressing where you need to be more responsible, gives you the foundation to a magical life. Having that serious talk at the beginning of the week will help lift the weight off your shoulders. Once you deal with the necessities you make room to enjoy life more fully. 

Aries: The Sun has recently entered fellow fire sign Sagittarius and may bring you a few delightful surprises this week. You know you can also be feisty at times and get overheated. Anything that makes you feel stuck or restricted will likely trigger this need to burst forth and clear space around you. Your to-do list can be haunting when you procrastinate on getting things done. If you just put your nose to the grindstone and put your energy forward into tasks through refining, molding, shaping, and creating, you’ll feel accomplished, which will be invigorating. You’ll find comfort in your activities by tapping into the rhythm of predictable routine. Carefully choose your words to manifest what you want this week. Focus on achieving comfort in your body and mind with some exercise and eating well. Try not to pry into your romantic interest’s privacy too much. Your intuition has all the answers to make love an achievable goal.

Taurus: You’ve got a lucky streak, especially in career matters. If you can open your mind to the bigger picture, you’ll attract more abundance. What you say and how you communicate are important now to draw towards you what you want to have. You can also find yourself feeling especially loved in the broader, more philosophical sense. Your understanding of unity with the greater parts of life and the world opens you up and elevates your heart chakra. Focus on how you can make life feel pleasurable for yourself and others. Be careful not to overindulge. Comfort food can be excessively sweet for those addicted to the delights only taste buds can ignite.

Gemini: This week, your ruling planet Mercury, meets Saturn in the sky. Mercury also connects nicely with Venus and Jupiter, making for opportunities that can certainly be delightful. Someone with wisdom on the rules of life may give you a heads up that’s worth listening to. Keep your ears open. It’s also a good time to listen to those in the know about how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to get on track. It’s a good week to organize paperwork, bills and journal entries. You’ll also find value in contemplating and verbalizing what you love and who you love. Emotions and logic meet well when you color your day seeking out the happiest circumstances and focus on the best news.

Cancer: Friends may become more than just friends if there is someone in your circle that you feel a romantic interest in. If you can start your day by realizing your capacity to embody the wisdom of feeling abundant and prosperous, you’ll be able to make your workplace much more pleasurable. Changes in the workplace will be beneficial overall, even if you can’t possibly understand how yet. Doorways to your creativity will be opened. You may also find child’s-mind to be particularly useful in helping you get over any creative obstacles that have been on your shoulders. You will feel better about yourself as the week begins if you can get yourself more organized. Routine helps lift your emotions.

Leo: Well your ruling planet, the Sun, enjoys fellow fire sign Sagittarius. You’ll probably find that if you are able to focus on anything creative this week, you’ll feel the urge to complete the project, or at least an important stage of the project. So push forward and use that fire energy to get yourself motivated and going, and to push through so you feel satisfied with the progress. Have fun with it. This process alone will teach you about what it means to act purposefully. You’ll feel lucky to have the inspiration and motivation. Leisurely enjoying a good magazine, will help you regroup your energy in your downtime and get your mind thinking in new directions. You may also find yourself attracted to the energy gurus project. Be open and allow yourself to experience jovial moments. You’ll find the right mix.

Virgo: I think you could really enjoy dabbling in the arts this week. You could really create a masterpiece when you let go of worrying about the end result and just stay with it. Trust makes a huge difference. Look to others work for inspiration. Staying up late early in the week, if you can, will definitely inspire your creative thoughts to flow. Dreams may show up with a logical message. By identifying as someone who is capable and able to manifest by sheer willingness, you feel much more stable in your skin. You may need to have an important talk this week that deals with the past, but it will really help you clear a path and clear your mind. Open up the blinds to let the sunshine into your home. An image on your wall, or a statue of one who is spiritually wise will uplift the energy in your personal space. Dressing up will make you feel lovely.

Libra: You’re truly able to shift what was into what you want it be by saying the right thing. This doesn’t mean to be dishonest and just say what someone wants to hear so you get what you want, it has to be honest in order to make a meaningful impact. This could certainly be true for your career as well as for your love life. Being honest about your finances and what you can and can not afford also puts you in the frame of mind of getting real with what is instead of living in a hopeful delusion. Your honesty will actually make you feel more abundant, by giving you the understanding of the power of your choices and how they manifest your future. You could certainly have an enlightening interaction with someone that shifts your perspective giving you a lightbulb moment that feels wise.

Scorpio: You find resolution this week in understanding yourself better. What you’ve been thinking about for many weeks now comes to an important realization of who you are. Self-doubts are key areas that wake you up to stepping back and giving yourself a good talking to, knowing that you want to move forward with a better frame of mind because you deserve it. Any struggles you’ve been through have given you a few doorways to improving your self-worth. This week, optimism shines bright in your finances. Think of how fortunate you are. Think abundance. Think gifted. This is an important frame of mind to move towards to help you become more inspired to manifest. Bring light to the things that you have to boost your ego in a healthy way. Humor and belly laughs will bring you into the moment and light you up inside and make an important shift in your thinking patterns.

Sagittarius: The sun is now in your sign bringing emphasis of light in your life. A positive sense of self confidence is yours. By working through your hangups and doubts in a spiritual way this week you can clear away your karma. Your mind is a really powerful tool this week in helping you understand on a higher level why you’ve been through the things you have. It all brings you closer to your spirit. Now, with this being your birthday month, as the sun travels through Sagittarius, you get to feel back at home in yourself. Reflecting on what it all means, you being here, in this world, overcoming so many obstacles, brings you back to realizing that you are valued and important part of the evolution of consciousness on earth. You’ve learned a lot already and have so much to share and teach others just by being you and it’s liberating. A sudden realization may certainly dawn on you this week.

Capricorn: There is a sense of stability this week in how you come to understand loving yourself and how that translates into worthwhile relationships. The luckiest relationships are those that are honest. When you can be honest about who you are, you become so much more beautiful to others and especially to a significant other. If some people have hangups about who you are, when you’re at your most honest, that is their issue, not yours. You just consider yourself being the best version of yourself you know to be, and not worry about other peoples issues. That’s for them to work through on their own. It’s not your responsibility. Instead, you can surround yourself with those who you consider to be on your wavelength and those who celebrate you being as beautiful as you are.

Aquarius: Whatever you’ve been learning about career for the past few weeks will hit home this week. You get it. You get what all the obstacles and distractions have been for, and how they have formulated your ability to make better decisions that are on target. You know what you need to put in the past that has worked against your career progress and start moving forward from a more stable, more responsible frame of mind. You’ll have some pleasing burst of energy this week. Peers will likely stoke your fire and get the inspiration flowing. Realizations wake you up to possibilities that arrive when you’re having fantastic conversations. Be light, spontaneous and let yourself glow this week and you’ll raise your vibration. Love for you is becoming more spiritually oriented for you these days. You’ll also notice if you love your routine you’ll have lots of chances for lovely interactions.

Pisces: At the beginning of the week you may especially find a spiritually oriented, deeply emotional release happens through an interaction with someone. A yoga routine could release self-doubts you’ve had about your body and your looks, and wake you up to realizing what’s important is loving your body like the temple it is. You’ll also find that long held beliefs about yourself that have held you down in muddy karma, will be lifted. A clear mind will open you up to seeing the bigger picture of life. Life is short, and the older we get the faster time seems to go. Now is your chance to shift your vibration up a level. If you do, you’ll find your career feels lighter, your relationships feel warmer, and you’ll trust the spontaneous light bulb moments are carrying you somewhere good. If you can make sure to infuse fun and pleasure into your daily life this week you’ll attract the right situations and people that help you feel lovely. You also get a chance to realize how money can grow more, when you share common interests with others instead of going it alone.

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