Weekly Astrology Horoscopes November 4-10, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living.

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant sign for a more holistic picture.

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Aries: What has stood out to you as personally important over the last couple of weeks since the last full moon in your sign on October 18? As the week progresses a heartfelt transition in your philosophical understanding of the world moves you into a greater desire to achieve greater for your life. You’ll realize that to get there, you need to have a stronger willingness to change your habits. Your perceptions of life and death are getting a much needed makeover that will help you make internal shifts and realize that all the stuff you worry about usually isn’t worth it. A spiritual practice, like yoga, is an important step you need now to help you reorganize your body, mind and spirit connection.

Taurus: You do love your connection to the earth element and that feeling will only grow within you this week. Everything you love about feeling grounded, connected, rooted, sustained and supported in your journey gets extra emphasis this week. You get a chance to to feel empowered by living in the material world and it takes on a much deeper, philosophically relevant perspective you can appreciate. Your creativity gets a boost of energy. If you’re willing to infuse spirit in whatever you do that is creative, you’ll get a sense of self empowerment that only grows. It’s a week to feel pleasure in the wholesome and grounded.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is currently retrograde and will turn direct at the end of the week. So, this week, writing down all your ideas is a good method of ensuring you don’t forget the realizations that come up out of nowhere. They can disappear as fast as they arrive, so take note before they’re gone. Many of the ideas you have now may not be the official final verdict, but they are stepping stones to the next ideas you can build upon later. Let your spirit and emotions guide your hand to write your most inspired thoughts. Be a poetic freethinker to open your mind. Structure can come later.

Cancer: Jupiter starts retrograde in your sign on the 7th. You really do have the opportunity now to release your fears, especially about how you perceive yourself. Thinking highly of yourself now, and seeing your flaws as beautiful idiosyncrasies that create a unique individual is recommended. You’re able to release baggage now and re-envision yourself as a creative, capable person full of ideas that come through you from somewhere indescribable. With an open heart you can find joy in the presence of friends. Other people can show you the way to find what you really want to do in life, that thing you really love. Seek out role models who have done what they love and succeeded. Inspiration in the beautiful side of life will only get stronger as the week progresses.

Leo: You know how beautiful the sun looks sparkling on the surface of the ocean. Well now you get to go deeper within yourself as if you’re under the water looking up at the radiant rays of the sun. This is a time of understanding yourself better, below the surface. Your ego can be cleansed now, helping you see the world from more than one perspective. Meditation and introspection, will help you realize your sense of identity can be changed for the better according to your mode of thinking and your emotional state. You can release the ideas you’ve long attached to yourself and others. Let this week help you trust that change in perspective, and more points of view brings you closer to seeing the light in the world from many angles.

Virgo: Your willingness to connect with spirit is up to you. Watering plants is a good practice now to symbolize your reverence for your relationship with the calm side of nature. If at any time you feel like you’re not thinking clearly and getting hot headed with a short fuse and irritated by everyday matters, drink plenty of water to get centered. You don’t have to make firm decisions now. It’s actually better for you to go with the flow as best you can, instead of trying to get everything perfect. Let go of worry and replace it with spiritually tuned faith that everything will work out with patience. Letting go of any discouragement by finding a creative outlet that lets you be free and less structured.

Libra: You should surround yourself with the people and places you feel the most love from and the most comfortable with. If your mind is on your money matters, be patient and make lists of ideas to bring in better financial footing. You don’t have to act now, just ponder. You can refine your approach to money by considering the long term implications. Your decisions are karmic, so take your time. If you do like to shop, be careful of trying to get that good feeling with spontaneous purchases as the feeling will quickly fade and you’ll just want more. You also don’t want to make decisions now that will lead you to debt, that only makes you feel less stable. Instead, buy yourself a moderately priced piece of art or a plant for your home - something that is longer lasting and symbolizes how you are building a foundation that feels good.

Scorpio: You are able to reach great depths in personal understanding by going within. Personal study time does you well now at the university of you. Your inclination towards seeking out answers and asking questions brings you important understanding of the cycles of your life. The power you have to not only transform yourself but to impact the lives of others by what you think and say is strong but you may not say the right thing now. Be careful that you don’t put your foot in your mouth and negatively affect the outcome you desire. Instead, bite your tongue and keep secrets for a little longer until you really feel like you’ve had time to think things through. If you speak lovingly and from a spiritually inspired place you’ll tune into receiving personal blessings.

Sagittarius: As the week begins Venus, goddess of love, steps out of your sign and into Capricorn on the 5th. You have the opportunity making important shifts towards garnering greater stability in your love life. Love shared with those who have common aims and goals in life gets stronger. Money matters are an important focus as we move through the next few weeks. On the 7th, your ruling planet, Jupiter starts travelling in retrograde. In a way you get a type of internal blessing, like a baptism of sorts. You’ll have an awakening that broadens your view of life spanning from greater depths of intuition and spirit. This will emphasize how your spirit is aligned with the karma you create in the world. If you are willing, you are able to use your energy to improve your career, but you have to do something that is connected with your spiritual ideals, or you’ll feel conflicted.

Capricorn: You get a dose of love as the week begins. This isn’t just romance, although it certainly can be. The love on offer this week is a new look at a familiar force that resides within you. You’re also getting a lot of energy from Mars now which grants you willpower. Disorganized chaos won’t serve you well and you know it, so take the time to get yourself in order this week in mind and body health. Pushing yourself hard in your workouts will really improve your self esteem. You can do it. Whenever anything out of the blue pops up, your strong stance will be your saving grace. Tree huggers are often scoffed at for being “granola,” but they have felt the power of the earth, the strength of the great oak and know something internally that you have access to now. Loving yourself, without judgment, is an achievement.

Aquarius: Experience, and desires, brought to your life by others should have your spiritual interests in mind. Birth, death, sex, all have very potent energy surrounding them these days for you. Whether it be material possessions or carnal pleasures, you won’t truly feel good about them unless they are relating you to your higher self. You need to feel the connection of being grounded and being spirited at once. If you are feeling heated by passion or jealousy, remind yourself of what is truly in your spiritual interest to help you come back down to earth in the here and now to feel safe and secure. Love should be motivated by spiritual connections now. Brainstorming ideas for your career is great now. Your health and well being is blessed when you eat foods from a place of wisdom.

Pisces: Other people can get you hot under the collar when their too demanding and restrictive. Pushy people who demand you adhere to their standards is just annoying. But you’ve always got the ability to see the other side of the coin and add a dash of your gift of compassion and understanding to make the situation better. You should certainly take on a personal creative project this week which can open the floodgates of enjoying the pleasure of life. You don’t need to discuss your beliefs with others if they’re not sensitive to respecting diversity of thought. Your thoughts and feelings are personal and can stay that way. Your wisdom helps you refrain from saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Your emotions will be tuned into your spiritual ideals at the end of the week. Trying your hand at poetry writing will develop your trust in your personal creative process.

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