Full Moon in Gemini December 17, 2013 Astrology Horoscopes

It’s officially a Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 4:27 a.m. EST.

This New Moon is colored with the need for creative freedom. As Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This is a statement true to this Full Moon.

It’s a time to express your true self allowing your wisdom to come through with abandon to the brilliance within you. In ancient times, Chaldeans believed every word, every sound uttered was magical. What you say has the power to impact the world. What you think can lead to manifesting great transformation in the lives of others and yourself.

Now is a time to practice what you preach, and say what you mean with authenticity. To speak honestly can empower you.

Your worldview can take on all new meaning now. Sacred geometry, the power of words and numbers in numerology and gematria are fascinating areas of study that will peak the interest of many. These area’s of study speak to ancient philosophy where the flower of life and the golden mean infuse the cosmos, and thus our world, with meaningfulness of a higher, spiritual order.

Automatic writing is also an area that may be interesting to explore for some. Those of you who feel the urge of creativity will feel the power in both abstract and structured expressions in art and writing from improvised jazz, or abstract painting, to the more ordered geometric architectural design or poetry set to a chosen meter.

Body language is as important as the spoken word now. To stand like wonder woman or superman, take a wide stride like a cowboy or stand with pointed toes like a ballerina, each lend themselves to a shift in the mind. If you want to know how someone thinks and feels, try walking like them and recreating their body language, it will change your thinking patterns and give you some insight into their disposition. Just as yoga poses shift the mind, so do all our physical movements and postures reflect our mind.

This is also true for little rituals, like lighting candles, or sitting in cross-legged meditation pose. All these little things send a message out to the universe about your frame of mind. Life really is a theatre and you’re playing one of the parts.

Venus is now getting ready to go retrograde in Capricorn in a few days on the 21st, the same day the Sun moves into Capricorn, the shortest day of the year. The goddess of love will remain in the sign of Capricorn until March 2014. The concept and experience of love will become more internalized and more introspective. It’s a good time to think about what you love about yourself and how that is demonstrated in the world through the goals that you set for yourself.

An important goal for many will be to communicate to yourself as well as to others the willingness and desire to give and receive more love. How you experience love is a mystery not so easy to define, whether you consider it to be absolute or on a spectrum. True love should be delightful and is felt deep in the heart now.

Putting money in a secret spot now may get lost or be forgotten for a while. Try to make some sort of reminder that makes sense, and isn’t too cryptic so you can access it when you need it. Putting money into long term investments now isn’t a great idea. Make sure the money can be retrieved without penalty so if you change your mind you aren’t locked into a situation where hidden fees gouge you.

It’s a great idea to use your willpower to force yourself to be creative. Those of you who want and wish to be creative but always find there are obstacles, may find this week gives you a sudden opportunity and you should take it. If an opportunity doesn’t show up, you need to make it. When that spontaneous urge shows up, go with it. What exactly is it that you would like to create? Communicate what you want to create to the universe by making the space, in time and place, and do it.

For those of you who have an open mind and broad perspective of reality, you may find someone close to your heart that may have an older worldview, maybe even a dogmatic worldview, challenges you. But, it’s okay. It allows you to respectfully acknowledge the depth of world culture. It reminds you that knowledge is truly infinite and we’re all tapping into personal and unique ways to get to know the great mystery of reality. There’s always more to discover and nobody has all the answers. We’re always and forever students in this journey of life.

With Uranus going direct on the same day as the Full Moon in Gemini we have the chance to revolutionize our lives towards a future we envision. You can burn away false ideas and old hang-ups and shift towards a more liberated, true-to-self you. For some, this will actually be a rebellion if you feel the obstacles in your way make your blood boil, but for others it will be about expressing and experiences the inner passion and letting it out into the world. For many a newfound balance will emerge, one that is honest. Watch for a sudden, key shift to happen that gives you an all new perspective.

Happy Holidays!

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