New Moon in Sagittarius December 2, 2013 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2, 2013 at 7:22 pm EDT.

Well the holidays are just around the corner. Black Friday and Cyber Monday surround the energy of this New Moon in Sagittarius and some people are going nutty shopping. It’s better to take a step back though and figure out what you want and need rather than allowing others to push you into making fast decisions based on what they want you to buy. Even the most “holistic” stores can run like clockwork with the hard sell after they give you a free sample to lure you in then rush you through to hand over your hard earned money in a flash.

This is the quick, fiery, active energy of Sagittarius, with his aim on the target and going for it with self-assurance. Take a moment to step back and refocus your own aim on your terms.

The Moon meets the Sun in Sagittarius on Monday and a few days later Mercury draws closer as he leaves Scorpio and enters Sag. Do you remember Mercury’s long journey through Scorpio as he went retrograde? Well, now that he’s direct he’s ready to bring us to a new place of knowing ourselves better in the sign of philosophy.

Know Thyself is an ancient Greek aphorism which was inscribed on the temple of Apollo (the Greek Sun god). Where the sun shines in the zodiac, we get extra emphasis placed on the wisdom of that sign (currently Sagittarius) reaching to the source and shining a light on how we can express our core identity. Now, with the Moon snuggling up to the Sun, we get to nurture that part of ourselves and take care of ourselves.

For many this means starting new and fresh by caring for ourselves more authentically. This is a time to come back home to ourselves after we’ve been distracted by so many externalities asking for our attention. Now our mind and emotions are asked to turn towards what’s really more important, and particularly that means getting clearer on the meaning of your life - the real meaning.

Seeking answers can be a real joy now through long daydreams, through reading books and studying. It may also mean looking towards the wisdom of a sage, a yogi, a teacher, ancient philosophers or someone who has traveled and experienced many facets of life. Through our own voyages and journeys, whether it be literal travel or through the experiences we have through the processes we go through. For instance if you were to give someone a hug, that in itself is an experience that can lead you to journeys of the heart and interconnection with another living being and soul. That’s a journey. Even if only for a few seconds, it can lead you to know yourself and humanity more deeply.

Keep an open mind to receive messages that make you think about the bigger picture of life beyond your own personal biases and the dogma you may be attached to. Also, be respectful of others beliefs. If you do or don’t believe as others do, you can still be respectful and gently shift the conversation towards lighter subjects if there’s any discomfort. You don’t need to debate, just listen when it feels right. You never know what pearls of wisdom will shine through that teach you something truly great.

Royal purple is a good color choice to raise your vibration and get into a more magical and philosophical mindset.

For those of you who have been shoveling snow, or sitting for long hours, the pelvis, hips and thigh region need extra care and attention now. Stretch and do yoga poses to go on an inner journey of wisdom within yourself while treating your body like the temple it is. Hip opening exercises are good to practice now.

Many will also find that freedom brings a sense of optimism and enthusiasm that motivates you to live well. Being constrained by others, just doesn’t feel right now, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Step outside and take a breather when you need to.

It’s a good time to assess how you judge yourself and other and how that affects your outlook and experience of life. Nobody likes to be judged, so why do you judge yourself? With Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, standing across the sky from Venus, it’s a good time to give yourself freedom to love. Jupiter and Saturn have a nice connection now, as do Venus and Saturn. By letting go of fear and judgment and replacing it with a higher aim of love instead, you can clear away a lot of residual karma so you can feel free.

Mars and Venus are also having a nice connection now. Romantic relationships as well as money matters feel right when they are grounded in the here and now. A great way to work with this energy as well would be to draw energy from the earth through your roots and feel it rise in you to awaken and stimulate your personal energy and your heart chakra. Burning green candles is a good symbol for the connection of Venus and Mars now. Set your intention to raise your vibration. Fertility, creativity and the higher vibrations of passion in love and the arts feels nice now.

Just after the new moon, early in the week, gut instincts can color your words now and motivate you to get things done. Visualizing yourself exercising and pushing yourself to go the extra mile helps you feel capable and empowered to set your mind to accomplish tasks.

Later in the week, you may be feeling particularly drawn to explore philosophy that is surreal and dreamy. Whether it be Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Taoism, Hinduism or Buddhism, it’s a good time to explore more, think more, open yourself up to more and get to know yourself more authentically without restrictions of fear.

A lot of people will be able to see the truth more clearly now. When you hear a politician speaking it will be natural to wonder if what they are saying is really true, or if it’s just propaganda or dogma they cling to. What each person essentially wants is to know the truth now, and by being willing to acknowledge what is and isn’t true, we get to know ourselves better and more honestly.

It’s truly a good time to start new and fresh and inject a bit of passion into your choices and actions. Choose your focus and aim from a place of self-understanding. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish if you start the process.

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