Weekly Astrology Horoscopes December 16-22, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

Big movers this week: Uranus starts Direct in Aries and there's a Full Moon in Gemini on December 17th; the Sun moves into Capricorn and Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 21st.

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. Have a great week. 

Aries: You’re going to feel a shift of energy this week. It could feel revolutionary. It could be a wake up call to you realizing how your energy needs to find a balance so you can honor yourself. Perhaps you’re the type of person that does more than enough for others, and sometimes it leaves you feeling drained and overexerted. This week expect to recognize where you need to find the balance between what you give others and what you give yourself. This doesn’t mean become selfish, it’s more about self-awareness. Take a deep breath. You can communicate your feelings truthfully with others which will help brighten your day and provide you with clarity.

Taurus: You could certainly be feeling good about the support you receive from others to help you feel stable and on the right path especially in terms of finances. Communicating a common goal provides you with comfort. You may also find opportunities to enhance your worldview, especially by interactions with those close to you, those you love, perhaps a mother figure. You may find your understanding of religion and philosophy from a different or newer point of view where love trumps any external conditioning or dogma that others have long been attached to causes you to redefine what it means to reach higher levels of consciousness in your life. Unconditional love allows you to dissolve barriers and unite with a more heavenly vision of life’s purpose. Spiritual routines and rituals can shift your energy dramatically now.

Gemini: Being honest with yourself and with others now can go either way. It can build bonds or it can create a wedge. If you are able to unite your feelings with logic, and consider others’ points of view from their own logical standpoint you can turn conversations into magic. It’s a great time to explore numerology, astrology, philosophy, other cultures and religions too. To know yourself better, you may find looking out there to who and what the world has to offer you, provides you with a newfound clarity. A light bulb can turn on as the week begins that helps you feel good about yourself so be willing to look and listen to what is out there that shines and resonates with you. Watch for how your peers change their energy this week. You’ll be able to discern what feels right for you to be around by trusting your intuition. Welcome in positive shifts of energy that make you feel alive and creative.

Cancer: Your spirit gets lit up as the week begins. With a healthy, mindful approach to your daily activities you’ll feel comfortably connected to your spirit. You may also feel a shift in your career or other higher aims you wish to accomplish in life. If you’re not living the life you desire, or in the career you really want, you’ll likely find this week makes you feel like taking control and becoming choosier about how you expend your energy. Your instinctual desire to seek balance and freedom may make you feel like getting out of the house. Your ability to be independent and motivated of your own accord gives you a sense of purpose and strength. How you feel about other people changes this week as you become more internally aware of what love means and how that word is applied to the people you encounter in life. Are there different types of love? Can love be categorized? Is there a spectrum of love? Where do you hold back from giving and receiving love?

Leo: How you communicate, especially to peers is up for consideration this week. Do you surround yourself with like-minded people and share a common worldview? This week, whoever you have in your life, should be considered part of the fun of exploring life. Creative experience that stimulates your mind will do you well. As Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” If you find yourself having spontaneous shift in attitude, even a burst of anger or you find your foot in mouth, remember how lighthearted fun can turn things around. Joy with others is important now. Your body language says a lot about your internal world. You can change your energy by changing your posture. Physiologically changing your strides and how you walk from a poignant ballerina to a macho lumberjack, changes your state of mind. Try it. What do you want to convey and what state of mind do you want to instill?

Virgo: Your goals and achievements and your personal philosophy on life needs attention as the week begins. Clear your desk, open the blinds, and write down your goals for your home life and your career objectives. How do they compliment and oppose each other? You may feel that there is a bit of needed attention on your money matters as well. The desire to be more independent in your choices awakens with a bit of zest for Virgo’s this week. However, recognizing with gratitude, how others have helped you and can help you, gives you a boost of confidence that helps you feel supported and gives you a sense of balance and inner strength too. Your creativity gets reassessed this week. Set goals for artistic pursuits that reflect your internal passion. Focus on putting the love that is within you, onto the canvas, into the music, and into the dance - like nobody else is watching. How you feel in the moment is what matters.

Libra: What you believe about yourself can make you weak or make you strong. Your sense of self gets a shift this week. Quite possibly, a dramatic shift can occur with someone else as the catalyst to change. Regardless of what others demonstrate, it is up to you to choose your reaction. How you process external experiences says a lot about your internal standpoint. You have a chance now to show your strength by being honest with yourself. Look for the spark of life in others that is empowering. If you can draw your attention to others that are enthusiastic about life, you will be able to better recognize that quality within yourself. Look for others who are intentionally treading their own path that is not just about themselves, but is good for all those that encounter them as well. Your point of view reaches a lightbulb moment as the week begins, most likely through contemplation and conversation. Carry that intention throughout the week.

Scorpio: Self talk that is loving, kind and nurturing is important now. To bring your thoughts to a higher level of consciousness will open you up to higher realms of love. Being open to allowing relationships into your life that are honestly intended to help you become more spiritually aware is important to consider now. How you communicate the love you have within yourself to others can dramatically shift your life experience. Consider how you are able to change your karma by choice. You may find that the yogic practice of working with kundalini energy puts you on a grand spiritual journey that gives you strength, passion and awareness you had never known before. Even if it is mainly only on an intellectual level now, you will find yourself waking up, if you seek out higher states of consciousness. Your spirit will follow.

Sagittarius: Conversations are important now, especially the things that you say about yourself to others. Your body language reveals a lot about what you think and believe about yourself. You need to say the truth. Other peoples feelings can also significantly impact how you think this week. It’s a good time to consider your relationship to money now too. What’s in your wallet, whether it’s a lot or a little, can give you clues to what you believe about yourself and the world. You may also find that the love you give yourself and allow yourself to receive is directly reflected in how secure you feel. Whether you are supported by working with those around you that you love, or if you take solely care of yourself, consider what your security blanket means in relation to the concept of love in your life. This week you will get the chance to remember you are worthy of love. Allow yourself to give and receive generously.

Capricorn: The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st, bringing us the shortest day of the year and the promise that the days will begin to increase each day bringing more light into the world. Although Venus has been in your sign for quite some time already and is nearly at the end of your sign, this week, she goes retrograde in your sign. Because of her retrograde cycle, the goddess of love will be in your sign until March 2014. Now you get a chance to go deeper into this concept and experience of love within yourself. How do you identify with love? How much do you love yourself? The messenger of the gods, Mercury, is in your sector of the sky that rules higher consciousness and spirituality, along with the sun. It’s a good time to be honest with yourself now as it will bridge your ego and your thinking processes with your spirit. You may have a surprise this week that makes you reconsider how career and home life need to find new balance.

Aquarius: What you think and say can go through a shift this week that frees you of old beliefs. Words that come out of your mouth may surprise you. You may want to try automatic writing to see what comes of it. Dogma you may have held on to may get burned away and gives you a sense of balance you desire. What are you enthusiastic about understanding, experiencing and putting your energy towards in the world that allows you to feel free to communicate your truth? As the week begins you may feel emotional bonds are strongest when you are having fun, being creative and enjoying expressing yourself from an honest, heartfelt place. People that are like-minded, and hold a common vision can give you a healthy ego boost that makes you feel like you’re on the right track. Singing carols with a group would be lots of fun and would be great for your higher chakras and your smiling muscles.

Pisces: Starting your week off in a cozy spot in your house writing, praying, singing, or chanting would be really fantastic for your energy. Using your voice and your body language to express your internal feeling and emotions will really make some light bulb moments happen about your life and the world around you. It will let your mind expand. Carrying that energy into your goals and career would be great help in furthering your achievements. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and understanding who you are with a visceral awareness helps you live through the week with greater awareness.Even if surprises show up that may feel like you’re swept off your feet for a moment, remember that life is a dance and there are others that give you strength and support.

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