Weekly Astrology Horoscopes December 2-8, 2013

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Our New Moon in Sagittarius horoscope for December 2, 2013 is available here.

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. 

Aries: Partnerships inspire you to feel more empowered. What you see in others is also in yourself so keep an eye open for role model behavior that you would like to emulate to strengthen your own character. Pay attention to the people in your life and how they share their energy. Someone, possibly a love interest, may also show you that they need to receive energy as well, an energy that together you can mutually benefit from sharing. Don’t hesitate in hugging those that show you they need to share that connection. It feels good to share bonding energy with others this week. Shared words and philosophical concepts can also give you a boost of inspiration. Gabbing about the bigger picture of life is good for the soul.

Taurus: This week your body needs extra attention. Feeling connected and in your body is important to you. The body is an expression of information that is constantly being updated and your mind plays an important role in how that information is directed and translated. Exercise, stretching, breathing and eating well are so important for you to become more balanced in your body and health now. How you view your body needs a lot more love. Your energy gets an important shift this week. Cuddling is healing, it reduces stress and anxiety and boosts the immune system. You need that healthy exchange of energy to renew yourself and relieve yourself of worries stored in your body.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is still in Scorpio as the week starts off, but will move into Sagittarius a couple days later on the 4th. You’ll likely notice that you get more into a daydreaming zone as the week progresses. You may want to do a bit of studying a subject that brings you greater awareness in how to connect with other people more fully. Your gift of gab and gossip make you acutely aware of how you can share the good and the bad, which can cause you to reconsider how you judge others, and in turn, yourself. Sharing your ideas with enthusiasm can really draw other people into your world.

Cancer: How you feel becomes quite important as the week develops. You’re going to become aware of how tired or how invigorated you are and that will inspire you to make a shift. Your home environment may need a bit of feng shui and some energy clearing to boost your internal energy. Creating a space that allows you to exercise and meditate so you can restore and enlighten your energy is really important for you now. With your focus on how to clear up your energy you will set the stage to feel more abundance. With more flow of energy you naturally feel more prosperous and capable of making decisions that are in line with a higher vision.

Leo: You should feel uplifted this week by setting your mind on your ability to express yourself in creative ways. This creative spark translates from higher inspiration then settles into the level of the mind. If you set yourself plan of action for materializing your creative gifts, all will come together and you’ll enjoy the results. You may also be inspired by your childhood memories, when life had those creative moments. Consider how the rays of the sun are perceptively transformed into its many colors when shining through a prism. You are that prism and you get to direct your light. You may be driven by instinct as the week begins, then that translates into going for and letting yourself be creative.

Virgo: As the week rolls on, your energy begins shifting towards you getting more inspired to improve your concept of self worth. This can certainly have a lot to do with your money matters. Since it’s shopping season, make sure you don’t get sucked in by the sly salesman rushing you towards making a purchase he or she wants you to make. Finding your grounding and making your own decisions on how, when and where you spend your hard earned money will help you feel empowered and on track. If you don’t have a job or something set in place that draws in a sense of security for yourself, or if what you do have doesn’t feel up to par, you should find yourself having an easier time getting motivated to go for it now. Focus on your strengths to give you a boost of self confidence so that you can go after getting what you want.

Libra: You will gain a greater sense of self awareness through living with a more inspired outlook about yourself. Get yourself motivated to be your best. Exerting your energy through exercise will give you confidence and make you feel more empowered in your body. Feeling sexy can be a healthy feeling of self acceptance. Positive self talk is important now as Mercury joins the Sun in your third house this week. Affirmations that put you in a positive light will boost your confidence. Those of you who are naturally self-motivated, will find the urge to put your best foot forward with words and actions will make you glow inside now.

Scorpio: Your worries can get relief when you put yourself in a frame of mind of knowing your self-worth is so much greater than you give yourself credit for. It would be a good idea for you to reacquaint yourself with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Know that your best instincts are what can take you to a higher level of self empowerment. Your ability to support yourself can give you such a boost of confidence so you can attain the finer things in life you desire. But it’s not all about just what you desire, it’s also important that you know that your purpose and mission in life also has a lot to do with what you give to others. By being inspired to do and be your best, that karma affects the lives of others as well. Choosing to live your life giving and receiving light as the underlying motivation for your choices and actions, makes life better all around.

Sagittarius: It’s a time of renewal and you’ll notice this transformation, this new beginning for you, starts off on an emotionally relevant level and then moves into a more mindfully aware level. So start your week off feeling what you feel, without necessarily analyzing it or having to put it into words. The words will come, but for now as the week begins, the wisdom is in going with the flow and being honest with your feelings. By the end of the week you’re going to notice all the information the week has brought will settle in and start to feel more comfortable on a spiritual level. It’s important that you be compassionate with others and yourself now too. Read our New Moon in Sagittarius horoscope which will be available around 5 p.m. EDT on Monday for lots more details.

Capricorn: You are going through a very slow process of understanding yourself through the eyes of love. This opening of your heart chakra that is happening is truly blessing you on a soul level. By allowing others into your life to share with you their hearts, your life is enriched. As this week begins you will probably find that spiritual concepts about the meaning of life touch you emotionally. Your dreams will be meaningful, and have the potential to shift your outlook on life. Your spiritual sector of the sky is lit up these days, so do take time to mindfully acquaint yourself with your higher Self. What you want to achieve in life gets a real boost this week. Meditation will allow you to find your inner wisdom and clarify your mind. This will help you make better decisions and set goals that are truly worthwhile and fulfilling. Enlightened reasoning should color your choices now.

Aquarius: A lot of people live their life online these days, and for you, that is certainly a part of your reality. It would be good for you to get out in the real world a bit more now, where the real light shines - where the sun and the moon dance. The connection with real people, especially those that hold a common mission and vision for life, gives you a sense of belonging that feel more visceral and real. Conversations that happen now can shift your perspective. Be open to other people’s religions, philosophies and worldviews even if they contrast with yours. Respectful conversations that are light and fun, and not abrasive, are much more rewarding now. Just try to enjoy yourself instead of proving yourself. Be kind, compassionate and nice to others and you will find your own sense of self worth grows.

Pisces: You are going to be asking yourself profound questions about your purpose in life. Your goals and mission need to reflect your spiritual ideals and you may find yourself in conversations that bring up a lot of questions about why you want to climb certain mountains. In that vein, your career gets highlighted this week. Be careful that your emotions don’t take you away from making decisions that are best for you or for the company. There can be a bit of competitiveness, so ensure you bite your tongue if you feel like you’re not being your kindest in going after what you want. Everyone all around deserves compassion, including yourself, and that attitude gets noticed and allows for things to fall into place more nicely. If someone demonstrates anger or frustration, your energy of compassion can transform the vibe immensely.

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