Weekly Astrology Horoscopes December 30, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Happy New Year everyone! Make sure to also read the January 1, 2014 New Moon in Capricorn horoscope and our 2014 New Years Resolutions updated Daily

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant Sign for a more holistic picture.

Aries: This week brings intensity and asks for your intelligence to maneuver your way towards your goals. Being focused and achievement oriented brings light bulb moments. Write down wise words of inspiration that come your way. You will gain clarity when you are challenged to see your potential. You can do better than before, so give yourself credit. The potential for rising from what was to bring forth a new you is strong now. Keeping your mind clear, dedicated and focused will help you see the light of your ways. Your determination will take you places. Be cautious of overreactions now. The little things may get under your skin. Put them in perspective.

Taurus: Move your body, stretch, feel your tendons, ligaments, and bones, when you move and breathe. Stretch your body, stand up straight and dedicate yourself to increasing your range of motion to allow the energy to move in you more so that you can gain clarity of thought and direction. A healthy outlook and perspective is important for you now and New Year’s resolutions that are dedicated to honoring your physical body is important now. Your wellness sets the stage for profound insights that are broad minded and visionary. A love of philosophical inspiration will help guide you to knowing yourself in body, mind and spirit now.

Gemini: Magical thinking, the laws of attraction and creation are important for you this week as the new year begins. You will understand yourself with greater depth when considering the cycle of life. The life force energy, when channeled consciously, can bring you into a much deeper relationship with yourself, others and the natural world. Setting your mind to achieving abundance will provide you with a clarity in the direction you truly wish to go. Trust what feels right instinctually, it will help you climb higher and start your year off right.

Cancer: Being honest with yourself and others is necessary now. Overoptimism is possible now, but if it allows you to move forward with a positive attitude, allow yourself that space to revel in feeling abundant. It will help raise your energy. The caution with overoptimism though is setting yourself up for disappointment. Color your optimism with realism to get a healthy balance. Other people’s points of view can help you gain clarity and insight. Talking about your desires and goals will give you a wider perspective and thus will help you refine your decisions for a more conscious route to an intended outcome.

Leo: Getting in touch with your body and the earth will help you get grounded and put you in a better frame of mind. If you’ve never tried the theatrical approach to setting your intentions, you may find it helpful now. Rhythmic breathing with the intention of clarifying your mind can lead to greater self-awareness. Yoga poses and dancing can get your energy moving in a healthier direction. Self-love helps you start the new year right. Practice releasing critical self-analysis and judgment. Shine the light on yourself and purify your thoughts. Imagine all the negative energy of last year being burned away and being replaced by a refined light.

Virgo: If you want to see life as more joyful and fun, you’ll need to remember how creative you really can be. The creative force is burning inside you to be released, but so many of you have forgotten as it’s buried beneath so many distractions. By bringing your thoughts into alignment with what inspires you, the creative force works its way to the surface to be explored and expressed with greater ease. Although external experiences can inspire you, the real treasure is inside you. Finding ways to release your creative force should be one of your priorities this week to start the year off heading in a more satisfying direction.

Libra: Your vision is greeted by bursts of energy. Motivation to go your own way may suddenly show up. Some of you may feel the need to have your own space more strongly this week, as others may get under your skin. However, this allows you the opportunity to get clear with the kind of mentality you want in your life. You become your company, so choosing the people and surroundings that will cater to a higher vision for yourself sets the stage for new beginnings. The light comes on when you are challenged to look at your goals more consciously. Decluttering your home is an excellent practice for you to symbolically create space for more abundance to enter your life.

Scorpio: The importance of clarifying your thoughts is of great importance this week. As the year comes to a close and a new one begins, the challenges you’ve faced and obstacles you’ve overcome have made you stronger. You’re ready for the new year to begin. Self-talk that reflects a love of yourself will help you recognize your greater potential. To climb any mountain you must have forethought that is colored by clarity and optimism. Magical thinking is a practice that comes to you naturally. For some, doubts are present, but once they are released, the magic begins. Seeing the world with a stronger connection to spiritual ideals makes your life easier to manage and manifest what you desire. Think about it.

Sagittarius: The week feels personal to you. Considering how you are going to make the coming year better than the last is colored by your desire to have a stronger grounding. You can manifest what you set your mind to as long as you are clear on what you want. So many don’t know where to shoot their arrows, but if you can harness a focal point you will start the year off feeling more secure. This will make your choices feel more direct and potent. Where you plant a tree determines so much of its growth pattern. Give yourself enough light, water and nutrient dense soil to grow into the person you deserve to be this year.

Capricorn: As the year begins you may feel like the new you is ready to embrace a new age. With your birthday so close to the holidays and the new year, the buzz of important fresh starts can infuse you with self-esteem. There’s a lot of energy in your sign right now, and with Venus retrograde in your sign along with Pluto, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon standing across the sky from Jupiter, your vision of yourself and the world strongly manifests your experienced reality. Working on loving yourself more honestly and making clear statements about what you want and deserve starts your year off brightly. Be careful to not get caught up in drama. Separating home-life and work-life may not be easy but you do need to make sure you step back to ground your perspective and take care of your mind and body first and foremost.

Aquarius: Spiritual ideals are paramount for you now. There is so much energy prodding you to move forward in a higher vision for your life. Realizing and understanding the sacredness of your life and the power you have to connect your body, mind and spirit with your higher Self, is asking for your attention. You are capable of so much that is good and wise. Be careful with how you communicate your worldview now as individuality and instincts can clash with your higher truth. Pluto, Uranus and Mars implore change that is meant to reawaken you to your spirit. Being more conscious of your spiritual ideals and your climb towards your higher goals brings you into the new year with a fresh perspective. The light comes on when you are mindful.

Pisces: With your ruling planet having a pleasant connection with the Sun in Capricorn, your imagination plays a strong role in how you manifest how the year begins. New beginnings for you are set to be magical. You may find writing channels words and thoughts that seem to come from somewhere else. The message will be a higher truth that not only resonates with you, but also with the collective. Your inspired thoughts can infuse change in who you understand yourself to be and others will also find you to be particularly interesting. Starting your year off with a magical mindset can set the stage for you to create and manifest change that spreads like the butterfly effect. Moments with others will be enchanting. Your imagination is the start of a new you. You can achieve your dreams.

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