Weekly Astrology Horoscopes December 9-15, 2013

Written by Symbolic Living

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Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant for a more holistic picture. 

Aries: Even though it is holiday season and many people are getting together, for you especially, you’re going to have a few surprises. Visitors may show up unannounced or you may get a last minute notice that forces you to rebalance your life. At times you may feel overwhelmed, but take it all in stride and enjoy what is brought into your life. For some of you you’ve already gotten the surprise notice and now you have to ensure you get your house in order. Try not to spend too much to make things just right. Also, make sure you don’t put more than you can handle on credit. Whatever you’re offered, stay on budget. The due date will arrive eventually so make smart choices. Spend personal time with people this week and you’ll feel energized

Taurus: You may be feeling the pressure of getting a lot done. Getting yourself organized and planning your time is really essential now. Make lots of notes so you don’t forget. Keep your daily planner on hand. Try not to wait to the last minute to get your shopping done. Remember that the holidays is more about the love you share than the price tag on the gifts you give. Meaningful gifts that you know people will love because you put a lot of thought into them will be well received. The message you get across that comes from the heart is the most important thing. Also, take care of your nose, throat and ears. Colds settle in easily when you’re among crowds of shoppers. A hat and scarf may be your best friend before the holidays.

Gemini: With your ruler now in the early part of Sagittarius and Jupiter in your second house you would do well to focus on what you’re grateful for. Positive affirmations that reaffirm how blessed you really are matter now. Money matters are important for you too, so focus on maintaining a sense of self-assurance that you have enough. The risk now is that you may feel so abundant that you are willing to spend on frivolous things that really don’t matter. Be careful, having too much confidence in your wallet can cause you to forget that savings are important. You never know when something around the house suddenly needs to be fixed and digs into your financial reserves. Stay positive about your money, but also stay smart. Spontaneous laughter will bring your energy into balance, so don’t be afraid to let loose and have a fit of the giggles that leave your abs sore. Good conversations will bring you surprising insights.

Cancer: You may be drawn to lavish and luxurious items to make you feel good about yourself. Well, that can sometimes help, but don’t let your identity get wrapped up in externalities. Instead, now you will find feelings of warmth and comfort by sharing from the heart with those around you. Focusing on good friendships and positive relationships, romantic or otherwise, builds up your confidence. The beauty you see in others is actually also inside yourself, which is why you feel good to acknowledge other’s inherent charming goodness. It’s a good time to put some elbow grease into making your home feel more alive and balanced. Planning with the big picture in mind can be overwhelming. Your mind finds a sense of ease when you focus on the step by step approach instead of globalizing everything into one big task.

Leo: You’ll love to talk and listen this week, but surprises can make you feel nervous. If a surprise does show up, keep talking. You’ll find getting your thoughts out there helps you find your balance. Responsibilities and home bills can certainly be a drag if you let them be, but if you look at taking your responsibilities seriously so you can have a brighter future you’ll find you can make instinctive choices that free up your spirit. Talk about the fun stuff, and the big stuff like vacations and trips to exotic locales to keep your energy moving in a positive and inspired direction. Hot, sunny spots filling your daydream time will do you well and warm you up inside.

Virgo: Spontaneous conversations, especially those that hit close to home, could give you insight that helps you feel more self-empowered. You have an emphasis on finding strength and inner balance when you can be self-reliant and stable. Your money matters will be in focus, so like many, don’t let the holidays burn a hole in your pocket. Someone may even ask you to put your money where your mouth is and take on a bet. You may have a powerful urge to give in and take the bait, but you’d do better to use your brain and think it out first logically. Your competitive side may overpower your logic for a moment but you can get it back. Take a breather and regroup your sense of self-empowerment. Use your inner strength to overcome the temptations and knee-jerk reactions so you can have stronger balance.

Libra: Home is a much more comfortable place for you when you make it appealing to your motivations and instincts. Color coding your environment can have a great impact on your emotions. If you haven’t had a chance to beautify your home, or at least a part of your home you frequent, you should at least spruce it up a bit. Your environment impacts how you feel about yourself. Passionate colors are a great choice now, so the reds of the holiday season will surely delight your senses. Colors communicate feelings, so wear the color that you want to express and enhance in yourself. Warm colors are a good choice for you overall now to show people how you’re feeling and swiftly convey a message about your personal energy. People will notice.

Scorpio: The week starts off with a possibly serious, spiritually oriented tone. So many get overwhelmed at this time of year with all the big plans that are taking place around them. You may feel a glass of red wine with dinner may give you an easing of perspective. If fermented grapes aren’t your thing, you would probably find soothing baths or showers to be a good way to give you the emotional composure you need to deal with responsibilities. With your ruling planet Pluto, staring long and hard at Jupiter in the heavens, you may notice your need to figure out and talk about the concept of wealth and achievement to be a mainstay now. Keep the conversation going. It’s a long process to figure out what we really want in life and how to get there. Emotions long hidden can do well to come up to the surface and be considered now. Spontaneous conversations may change your plans and give you a new, spiritually balanced perspective.

Sagittarius: You should really focus on having lighthearted, witty, funny conversations. Being a comedian is something you are good at when you let your natural knack for humour do the talking. Cracking jokes, that are tasteful of course, can be charming. Those who are likeminded and have your common goals and aspirations can certainly turn on your laugh-factor. If your money situation has been getting your attention, you’ll likely find the most return on your investment of energy will come through your attention to how you’re designing your life. It’s a craft to refine yourself, and thus your life, to manifest what you want. You get support from others when you are perceived as being capable of creating. You, being an artist of your own path to achievement, is what garners attention. Smile from within as you work towards your dreams and you will draw abundance towards you.

Capricorn: It’s not uncommon for Capricorns to be a bit obsessive with how they look now. All the little details that make you feel good about yourself matter. It’s not just physical beauty from primping and wearing your most flattering outfit, but it’s also how you are perceived by others according to your body language and charm. Those who have been there and done that over the years and have developed a strong sense of self confidence without having to show it, you’ll feel a deeper connection to your physical body now. Being more meticulous about your health and nutrition inevitably makes you feel a deeper sense of inner beauty and care for your temple. Peers that reflect your personal relationship with your body will inspire you now. Visiting a Scandinavian style spa would be really fantastic for you this week as would a yoga class.

Aquarius: You may find your dreams bring up spiritual and philosophical considerations that can challenge your perspective of reality. You may also find yourself surprisingly more passionate about the meaning of your life. If you are in tune with your responsibilities at the beginning of the week you’ll feel emotionally blessed and abundant. This will carry you forward through the week with a sense of accomplishment. Spontaneous interactions with people, especially those that you feel attracted can feel awkward, but it makes it that much more interesting. You’ll likely feel like you’re learning a lot from new people that show up and overall it can be a real delight. As the week closes you’ll feel really comfortable at home where your able to regroup and settle into your body. Eat gorgeous greens to regain your connection to the earth.

Pisces: A sudden purchase could make you feel energized. Talk it out first and make sure that the money you make in your chosen field can support the purchase though. It’s best for you to get something meaningful that illuminates you. If you’re mind is on career you may be inspired write a lot of your ideas down to figure out the best route for you. Look to people that are creating visually stunning works of art to inspire you to feel confident and creative in yourself. Join a group that is into photography, painting or sculpture depending on your preference of creative arts. If your career ideas seem foggy now, speaking with a career counselor could help you see clearer and give you paperwork you can look later when you feel more focused. Your sense of identity is tied closely with your emotions as the week begins. Focus on the things about yourself that are good. Karma yoga would be excellent to try as the week begins. As the week comes to an end, talking about your feelings helps you feel more grounded and present to how you can live your life according to positive intentions.

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