Insights and Reminders to Start Your New Year.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014. 

Here we're sharing a growing collection of inspiration for self-awareness and a more conscious year.

In ancient Rome, people appeased the god Janus, symbolizing transitions - beginnings and endings. The month January is named in his honor.

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The following are intended as suggestions only. We believe becoming more conscious in the world of everyday life, including the little things, can only help to transform life in some way for the better. We hope you find something that resonates with you and acts as a reminder, inspiration or motivation to live life with more presence and awareness.

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Written by Symbolic Living

To grow as a person you must take responsibility in life instead of blaming others. 

Each posture is an expression of consciousness. Your body is the temple. You are the architect. 
It is easy to forget about the importance of connecting to the physical body. Dance, stretch, breathe, move. Connect to the present moment.
If you have love at the foundation of what you bring to the world, you are helping to raise consciousness for all life.

Pay less attention to the news that you know is negative for your mind. Focus on more positive ways of thinking. 
The Sun will exist every moment you are alive. Be grateful for its existence. Acknowledge what it does for you, so you can exist. Sun salutations are are series of yoga poses that connect you to the rising sun. 
Many people live largely in their minds and become unconscious to the body, especially in today's work environments which rely heavily on the thinking process. In order to become more conscious and connected to your body to improve your well being and to improve your posture, focus on the breath and your various postures you are accustomed to having in various settings. Slow it down and experience, with awareness, the areas that hold habitual patterns. How has that area of your body developed it's routine pattern over time? This is an important part of becoming more aware of improving your presence in, and connection to, your body more consciously. Breathing and attention to posture can make a world of difference. Take a deep breath now.
What small thing can you do to take suffering out of the world and contribute to joy? 
Hug people and pets more. With social media people are becoming more disconnected in physical presence. You never know when your last chance to connect with someone in the real world will be. Be present and share your love with others while you can. 
Whenever something good happens in your life write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a jar. At the end of the year, or each month, take a look at those slips of paper to remind yourself of the joy that is in your life.  
Set personal goals for yourself that you know deserve rewards. Smaller goals along the path to larger goals deserve their own rewards. Have fun with each achievement along the way.
Feng Shui your space for better energy flow. Make your home environment symbolize your intentions and support a clear frame of mind. 
Feed yourself more fruits and vegetables, choosing non-GMO and organic whenever possible to honor your body and nature.  
Put your money towards what you believe in. How you use your money is your vote for what you support and want more of in the world. 
Practice greater compassion by choosing alternatives to fur and leather when possible to help alleviate suffering for defenseless animals. 
Live true to your potential. Set goals according to what You want to achieve.  
Become more aware of the movement of the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars and how you are connected to the cosmos. 
Aspire to become more conscious of your reactions, for they reveal more about you than they do those you interact with.  
Read at least a few pages on a subject you want to learn about, every day.  
Your body is a temple. Breathe deeply and stretch every day. Listen to your body and honor it with reverence. 
Take care of your plants more often and more consciously. Connect to the plant kingdom and the earth. 
Do not envy others, be grateful and happy for all who succeed in achieving their goals.
Stop judging, yourself and others and start loving yourself and others instead.
Laugh More. Laughter is healing to the body, mind and spirit, releasing feel-good bio-chemicals.

Let us know yours in the comments section below.  

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