Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for January 20-26, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant Sign for a more holistic picture.

The Sun is now in Aquarius. Read more of our Astrology Horoscopes here. 

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Aries: As the week progresses you’ll likely notice yourself feeling the urge to consider your future with more drive and passion. Your mind will be lit up with possibilities giving you wit, charm and enthusiasm. It is quite an empowered time for you to feel the need to move towards positive shifts in your career and your love life. The obstacles in these areas of your life are reminders of how your determination and focus bring you the gains you desire so the energy you expend feels more true to what you really want. The shifts peers are making impact your life, and your reactions determine where you land.

Taurus: You will feel your career to be on your mind this week and it can liberate you. If you put a healthy frame of mind and explore practical means that inspire you to move forward with greater determination, you’ll thrive this week. Be mindful, smart, and forward thinking and you’ll light up inside. Others will notice you’re on the ball and ready to take action with more precision. Infusing your routines with passion will energize you. Your love life gets more philosophical and meaningful. Consider how you can paint the picture you want using your brilliance.

Gemini: Money is like a form of magic. Working with it can be an art. If you approach your finances in a more esoteric manner, and understand that the resources that come into your life are gifts, you shift the energy to manifest more. You deserve what you want, as long as what you want is rooted in a holistic, honest, meaningful truth. It’s all about your frame of mind. Think about that more this week. Assess how you view money and what you deserve with a more philosophical approach. Later in the week, reward yourself with a little bit of fun that gets your engine going and stimulates your mind.

Cancer: Do you love it? What do you love? The material world is calling for your attention in a new way. Whatever you think you deserve to have, receive and to be, is going through a shift. It comes down to you asking yourself honest questions about your place in the world and how you relate to all that is manifest around you - from people, to things, to experiences. Life is certainly a mystery, but you do get the chance to figure out how to make it more magical. You may find yourself surrounded by a new environment this week that kicks of a shift in your lifestyle that you’ll love. The more you talk about your future this week, the more you’ll feel comfortable about your direction.

Leo: You may feel the urge to gab with anyone willing to have a conversation this week. Exploring ideas about technology, sciences, inventions and even astrology will stimulate your enthusiasm for life’s possibilities. Watching a futuristic play, movie or television program will put your mind on a new tangent. You’ll also feel a deeper connection to the earth through observing the beauty around you in natural scenery and the arts which will inspire you to pay more attention to your creative gifts. Getting your instruments or tools in order, for whatever creative endeavor that you desire, will help you leap forward into manifesting your talents in the real world.

Virgo: Money is probably going to be on your mind near the end of the week with more focus. You’ll likely feel the drive to set your sights on feeling more secure and balanced in your finances. What do you deserve? Write down all the things you want and all the things you deserve to have. How are you going to manifest what you know you deserve? Why do you deserve it? Analyze the facts and be honest about where you stand. You should also consider how you’re going to bring more joy into your life. It’s your birthright to be creative in some way and to honor the creativity of others. Surround yourself with beautiful inspiration this week and you’ll awaken to a new you that is open to greater prosperity.

Libra: In order to use your energy that honors the true you this week you need to accept that fun and joy are worth your time. If you’re too critical of yourself and that stops you from going forth to do and be who you know you can be at your best, then a bit of fun will do you good. With your mind lit up this week, you should use it to your best advantage by infusing your thoughts with positive, creative, joyous energy that you deserve. Your future gets brighter when you have a greater sense of self that is excited about life. The true you comes forward when you are passionate about living your truth. Affirm yourself in the world as someone who deserves joy.

Scorpio: You’ll start off your week well by tuning into your intuition. A bit of evening moonlight on your skin and shining on your eyes will heal you within. You will do well this week to surround yourself with beauty. It will change your perspective of life. From the darkest recesses of existence, to the highest consciousness, all of it is ultimately working towards bringing us all closer to realizing love. Sharing your honest thoughts with those close to you will bring you comfort. Pondering how to make the future more balanced and holistic will raise your consciousness giving you enthusiasm and purpose that will raise you above your obstacles.

Sagittarius: Do you feel secure? Do you have a comfortable nest? Your finances have been going through a long term shift. This week you get closer to understanding how your subconscious influences what you have in the material world. Others may reflect to you your beliefs and values this week that you may often forget. What comes up now will help you reimagine what greater prosperity really would look like for you. What others can teach you, through conversations or by their example, can shift your attitude greatly, opening you up to realizing how much you really deserve. Talk to your peers openly and you’ll see the truth.

Capricorn: Your lessons about loving yourself are ready to hit home with great acuity. How much you love yourself, will be revealed to you by how much love you give and receive to others. You’re going through a period now where you need to affirm to yourself that you have purpose and you can achieve your best. Your inner beauty, that creative being within should come forward more naturally now. Living true to your highest vision of yourself by recognizing the wealth of love that you embody, will shift the consciousness of everyone around you. This will branch out to how you talk and act with more enthusiasm and zest for life. Your goals benefit from your stronger sense of self.

Aquarius: With your birthday energy in the air these days you’re deserving the bright reminders of how you are valued and cherished in this lifetime. Having an enthusiastic approach to your life in the here and now, and anticipation for the big picture of your life’s future, brings the magic. Looking at the details of how far you’ve come helps you to find greater wisdom in the grand scheme of things. It’s a good time to decide how you’re going to educate yourself to improve how you play the game of life. Talking about the meaning of your life will provide you with clarity about why you are on the path you are. Loving the journey, and understanding how your goals in life are ultimately spiritual, gives you a wealth of insight into your next steps. Love and support from others helps you see the beauty of life.

Pisces: You are on a path of destiny now that draws you towards deeper wisdom. Visualizing and discussing magical, futuristic, sci-fi ideas now instigates a new way of thinking about what is true. You may find solitary reflection is of great use to you as well now, others will like the concepts about spiritual matters that are brought up in a group of peers. A greater desire to understand humanity can arise this week, especially when you observe how young people are finding new ways to express themselves bringing new creative directions to the world. You can learn a lot by how the worldview of the younger generation is leading us towards a new way of living.

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