Weekly Astrology Horoscopes January 13-19, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant Sign for a more holistic picture.

Mercury is now in Aquarius. We'll also have a Full Moon in Cancer in the middle of the week on the 15th, which we'll have posted by Tuesday afternoon.

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Aries: The beginning of the week may start with you having to deal with a seemingly sensitive situation with another person, or a few people. It’s good practice to approach subjects with an objective perspective while also demonstrating that you understanding their point of view and have the intention to be of assistance in whatever way you can. With practice in dealing with others in this way, you become more experienced and knowledgeable, which will help you feel more comfortable in dealing with such things in the future. In the middle of the week to later in the week, you may turn your attention to relationships, especially those at work. At the end of the week you’ll have a more honest perspective manifested from what you had to deal with earlier in the week making you feel more secure and capable.

Taurus: Of course you’re feeling philosophical and introspective these days. If you are one of the Taureans that do love art, your desire to learn about, and create, your own artwork will only grow this week. What you communicate through your work matters. Alluring messages that speak volumes of your understanding of the world attract interest in others. You’re also likely to feel like you’re ready to let something go this week and move on to actively pursuing newer, better, perspectives. You may even want to sign up to a course this week to further your skills and knowledge in an area of interest. Inventive ideas grab your attention. You can make your work more interesting this week. Whether you have a career or you’re retired or currently not working, what matters is what you consider to be your work as a human being that shares your talents, gifts and ideas for the betterment of yourself as well as others. If you often have anxiety, you’ll find this week’s approach to shifting your thoughts towards the positive relaxes you so you can do what matters without a cloud hanging over your head. Seek your real interests, and avoid the less important distractions, and you’ll shine.

Gemini: The week begins in favor of you having an awakening. That insight that stands out, whatever it may be and uniquely yours, is meant to be honored and pondered further. You should explore it objectively and let the string of thoughts continue to build upon one another. This idea could blossom and not only shift your life, but also shift the lives of others. Trust your ability to be innovative. Having an open mind and allowing yourself to move forward into greener pastures because you are allowing yourself to explore your better possibilities, can change everything. Be willing to have a conversation that allows for logical discussion with someone near the middle and end of this week. The ideas will flourish if you don’t take things personally or get defensive. Make sure you aren’t stubborn in your point of view, that will just hinder the process of exploring the bigger picture. All of this connect with the Full Moon in the middle of the week which brings your feelings of being secure in yourself to the forefront. With the right mode of thinking you’ll feel very comfortable in your ideas. You may also find others are willing to share their resources to help your ideas become manifest in the real world.

Cancer: With the Full Moon in your sign you’ve got the spotlight shining on your inner world of thoughts and feelings. Your worldview is important, and you know that what resonates with you a lot these days is the whole truth. It’s commonplace for those internalizing the world a lot, to become disillusioned by how everything going on out there in the world is out of tune with vision we have in our inner world. Some refuse to accept the world and create a small bubble. Others may not make the most rational choices in their reactions. Luckily, with Mercury now in Aquarius, you will likely find that if you put your thinking cap on and ignite your logical side, you can make some really fantastic discoveries about yourself now, that shifts your consciousness into a new way of thinking. Your consciousness, as part of the collective, can, and does, make a shift in the overall picture. Objectively looking at yourself and the world will head you in the right direction, which in turn will awaken you to new ideas. It’s important for you to know that your thoughts and feelings change the vibration of the planet. You’re asked to bring more empathy, understanding and compassion to the world now.

Leo: The week starts off with moonlight shining on your soul. What thoughts and feelings does the light of the full moon bring to you? Taking a moment to visualize and ponder the moon and all that you associate with it will do your spirit well. A little ritual, whether it’s burning incense, doing some yoga poses, or simply meditating in the moonlight, will help you remember your connection to your body and your health. You need to shine light on your daily and nightly routines now. How you give yourself some much needed “me time” is really important for your well being now. Conversations with peers now that light up your mind with new ideas will likely instigate your better understanding of how to approach your connection to yourself and to others. Mental stimulation is important for you now, so visualize, dream, talk and listen this week with greater attention to the details and ponder futuristic concepts. This approach to the week, will awaken you to something personal that makes you feel like you’ve grown and ready for the next step on your journey into the future.

Virgo: Are you going to reinvent yourself this week? There’s always a chance to start again. After you feel like you’ve completed one stage, the door opens for another. With your ruling planet, Mercury, having just stepped into Aquarius, you’re going to feel the need to figure out your action plan for the future. That action plan requires you to let go of worry, and to focus your mind on how to be happy and healthy. Diets are despised by many for their hard lined approach and narrow-minded idea of how people are supposed to live and look, so if you know from the get-go that’s simply just not going to work, devise a plan that makes you feel comfortable, confident and willing. Feeling secure is important for you now, so if you use that as the foundation to your actions, you’ll be on the right track to achieving your goals. A healthy approach to making shifts in your routine starts with a positive attitude. So, reward yourself whenever you know you’ve done something worthwhile that is leading you to a healthier, happier version of yourself. Positive rewards are those that won’t make you feel guilty or worry about them once received. Figure them out. What would be a truly positive reward for you?

Libra: Creative acts come in many manifestations. What exactly would you consider to be a thrilling creation? What could you make or do that would be a creative outlet for you that you’d consider to be totally satisfying? Look to others who have used their passions and gone for it. It could be getting creative with your clothes, your hairstyle, painting, drawing, playing an instrument . . . . The best creative acts now are those that stimulate your mind, using your logic and having fun during the process. If you had the ability to focus on being inventive, what direction would you head into? Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? You don’t have to, just one thing that you know would make you feel great is enough to get your juices flowing. Make sure that it’s fun! Creativity is your birthright, but often people feel pressure and judge themselves, stifling the process before it even starts. Well, now, letting go off all the baggage is the right thing to do so you can just feel good about doing what you like. Confidence can also come from observation. So if you’re not ready yet to be creative, at least learn about others that are or have been. It’s time to reconnect with knowing you are born to be a co-creator. Think about it.

Scorpio: This Full Moon connects sweetly with Saturn in your sign. Any personal doubts, insecurity, jealousy and those harder to deal with aspects of life that get in the way, now get a dose of feel good cleansing. With compassion and understanding at the forefront and spirituality being highlighted by the Moons position, you can become more whole in yourself. The light is shining on the darker, deeper recesses of your psyche now, reminding you about the power of the light to change how we see and experience the world. Emotions may run high as you work through the process of shedding the old self. It could take a couple of weeks to get through the stages of transformation, but you’ve got a good kickstart on your side now. Spending time at home pondering your higher truth could do you well. Whether you share with those close to you, or feel like being independent now, either way the shift in your mind takes place when you are feeling comforted by your surroundings. Look to peers for objective points of view to help you think in a more open minded way.

Sagittarius: Money matters are still a strong factor in your chart. Reassessing your finances continues to be an area you would do well to focus on now. Perhaps a change in career is on your mind, but concrete decision shouldn’t be made now, only pondered as part of the bigger picture of your life. This week, continue to focus on getting yourself organized, shining a light on the techniques you’d like to master in your chosen domain. Resources will come in handy, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Research that thing that you know would be valuable to know in the overall scheme of things, and you will feel more emotionally balanced and whole. How high you aim determines how bright you shine. Many of the details that come up now are necessary to get you to raise up and overcome. Waiting around and procrastinating will make you feel heavy, but again, make sure you take your time before making decisions especially regarding money. Think things through and talk it out.

Capricorn: With the Full Moon in your opposite sign, Cancer, you’ll likely feel this Full Moon to be emotionally potent. Pay attention to other people, especially those that have climbed the mountain you’d like to tackle. With the Sun in the latter degrees of your sign, you may feel a bit of worry about small details that are becoming noticeable, perhaps those you didn’t realize or forgot about. But, the good thing is, when you’re aware of the finer points, you get to see the steps to getting to that place you want to go with more acute awareness. That is definitely a good thing. The little details will help you see the bigger picture with more realism and clarity. A mindful approach to money matters is really important now too. Your bank account, bills and leisure spending would do well to consider from a very logical, rather than emotional, standpoint. Numbers are numbers. They can be crunched. It just takes a bit of focus. In the process you’ll realize how much you value certain things and how much you feel like you deserve. You’re worth more than you give yourself credit for sometimes. This week, make sure you remind yourself how valuable you really are.

Aquarius: Conversations and contemplations are a good thing for you now, including those conversations you have with yourself. The thoughts and ideas that wander through your mind, and all the self talk you state are important to helping you getting clearer on who you really are. It’s a good time for you to also be in a mode of logic. Put on your thinking cap and welcome an inventive streak. Your consciousness rises as you infuse your skills with your brilliance. What you think has a universal flare and will ring true for many. Being alert, present and outgoing will make you feel alive and in tune with the cosmos now. Your emotions could be tied to your sense of wellness now, so be sure to eat well, not emotionally. If you find yourself slipping into any habits that don’t do your emotional state any favors, you can redirect that awareness for the better in an instant. Choosing good habits, especially those that light up your spirit, will do you well this week.

Pisces: This Full Moon can bring out the best in you. Your ability to feel other people on a heart and soul level brings meaning to your life and theirs. So, emphasize that quality you have been gifted in this lifetime. You’ll also find that if you share your thoughts with enthusiasm, you can touch people’s lives this week in deeply profound ways. Your points of view will be able to merge logic with spirit, so people get what you’re saying on higher levels of awareness. You may also find value in spending time alone in meditation. Discussing your finances and ideas around money will give you a new perspective on how you choose to put your money and energy towards what you value. Spending a little on a creative endeavor, or going out to have a little fun can certainly be worth it and help remind you of how life’s plethora of options can feed different parts of our bodies, minds and spirits. You’ll likely find yourself wanting to finish up some details in the area of work, or goal setting before the week is out which will help you feel well rounded and happily accomplished.

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