Weekly Astrology Horoscopes January 27-February 2, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

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The Sun is now in Aquarius. Read our New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope for January 30, 2014.

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Aries: Now is a great time for you to find a greater balance and awareness in your interactions with others, especially those you care about. Do you interpret what others do and say with sudden, impulsive reaction, or do you take a moment to ponder the bigger picture and multiple possibilities as to why they are doing and saying the things they are? Push aside your impulsive biases for a moment so you can understand where your friends, family and coworkers are coming from. To get to where you want to go you have a lot of work to do. All the responsibilities on your plate means you’re worth it and you’re valued for what you have to give. Accept what is and do your very best in return. Your presence is rewarded. At the end of the week you’ll feel like you’re reinventing yourself from a deeper place of self-love.

Taurus: You are a creative being. It’s easy to forget that when you’re caught up in all the to-do’s of daily life and all the guilt you may have for not doing the things you know you’re capable of. It’s easy to stop yourself before you even begin because of doubts. This week the urge to do something you love will reawaken in you, especially if it is creative or in some way makes you feel like you’re doing something meaningful with your life. Don’t worry about it and don’t procrastinate - just do. Experience leads to wisdom. If there has been something in the back of your mind you’ve been wanting to do, this week, especially near the end of the week, you should just go for it. The start of something fresh and new for you will take you on a new path to feeling more successful and in your element than you’ve felt for a while. Wealth is not always measured in dollars and cents. How you live your life and how you spend your time is where you’ll find greater satisfaction in life now.

Gemini: A reminder of self-worth shows up for you this week. Someone may say the right words that hit you in the right way, leading you to a realization about yourself you always knew but have simply forgotten. Your memory may be rekindled leaving you feeling like you’ve traveled through time and space back to knowing yourself more deeply once again. Confidence and feeling good in your own skin can show up out of the blue. The energy it gives you is valuable to every cell in your body. Your mind lights up and feels balanced. Group meditation would be a good practice for you this week as will conversations with people that are generally well balanced and fun-loving. Give yourself the opportunity to start knowing yourself again and accept support as you climb the tree of life.

Cancer: There really is nothing more important than to give and receive love. That is the highest mountain one can climb in life. It is the biggest gift you will ever receive and ever give to someone else. Love is shared in many forms, from a hug to a warm blanket, to a donation to someone in need, it all has the same source. There is no limit to love, it is eternally abundant and through it the world and the purpose of one’s life can change. This week you get a reminder about how everything that really matters in your life gets better and better when you open the gates and let love flourish in all that you do. Accept it into your life and share it and everything changes.

Leo: This week, what matters most is how you can reignite the desire for a brighter future. Your courage to lead the way to a better life burns bright. Talk to others about what you want to see more of in the world. Share your ideas with passion and intensity. An eye on your health and wellness this week wakes you up to seeing yourself with a refreshed outlook on your potential. Research what you love and focus on why it matters to you. You really don’t have to prove or explain yourself to anyone who doesn’t get you this week. Create dialogue with those who understand you and are on the same wavelength to keep the positive energy going. Write down ideas that others share with you. It’s a great time to start a personal journal, especially one that focuses on living well.

Virgo: Skiing and skating with friends will do you well. If you’re not the sporty type, at least get outside and go for a walk, even if the weather is not your favorite. Conversations with other people that are motivated to take care of themselves will inspire you and could kick off a new routine by association. If you’re a loner, and like hibernating in the winter, at least reach out and do research online about how to have fun transforming your life for the better. The little effort to make positive changes goes far this week. Young people could certainly be catalysts to motivate you to enjoy yourself more. Aunts, uncles and grandparents will do well to enjoy an outing with nieces, nephews or grandkids this weekend. Starting a new art project or creative hobby will help Virgos get out of your heads and enjoying the many opportunities of experience the physical world has to offer. Enjoy being down to earth and real this week.

Libra: Sometimes our brains don’t really feel like concentrating and doing much at all. Everyone gets lazy. That’s no reason to feel guilty though. It’s natural to just want to veg-out. Sometimes we feel so inspired, on-the-ball and ready to go. Everything in life is a cycle. So this week honor the cycles. You may feel particularly enthusiastic and talkative with like-minded people one minute, then the next you feel like having your own space where you can focus on yourself in a more contemplative and meditative mood. It’s all good. You get the most out of your energy now when you can find the right balance and not beating yourself up about what you think you should be doing vs. what you are doing. Let yourself move with the cycles and you’ll enjoy the overall results with a much better frame of mind and attitude about how life is working out for you.

Scorpio: One of the biggest lessons for you these days is about honoring the material world with reverence and respect. It’s also important for you to tap into the realm of the unknown with greater curiosity and push beyond your biases that limit your concept of reality. This week knowledge takes on greater importance for you. The more you know the more you realize you don’t know and that’s the perfect catalyst to get you to ask more and more questions. You would do well to start a journey this week in getting to know a subject of your choosing with greater appreciation. Choose something that you love to talk about and something you feel would help you grow into a better person. At the end of the week you could have some fantastic realizations that raise your level of thinking a notch higher in wisdom.

Sagittarius: You are as rich as you think you are, and that’s not just about money. What area of life are you truly rich in? What area of life would you like to feel more abundant? As we progress through this week, you get a chance to start fresh. Your self-concept and how you speak of yourself and think of yourself in terms of having what you need and want in life can be redesigned. Envision your life in its most pristine state. How would you manifest that? How would you have to think and believe to achieve that? More importantly, is how you envision your life really what would make you feel most happy and fulfilled? Imagining your life to be at its best doesn’t always have to be about the big things. Often those are just ego issues that need to be worked out. Instead, consider how your life would be most fulfilled if you were to operate from a soulful place as the foundation. Love makes all the difference in what you achieve, focus on bringing that into the world.

Capricorn: When you love yourself everything changes. How you act and react to people changes. What you accept into your life changes. What you give changes. Loving yourself is a major turning point for everyone in life, but the emphasis of this life transformation is with you more than anyone now. It is a long journey, one that keeps growing. Love is intimately connected with communication. What you say to others and how you behave is a reflection of what you believe you and they are worth. So start practicing sharing with others what you have to give as a way to bring yourself back down to earth. Once your mind is able to grow out of ego and into harmony with the collective, you raise yourself up to a higher state of consciousness that shifts your experience of the world. Through this you will be able to recognize how valuable you are so you can, in turn, accept what you are given knowing you deserve it. This time for you is like the ancient myths of those who have descended and risen anew, from darkness into light.

Aquarius: The sun shines in the sky where it was when you were born this month. How magical is that really? How often do we forget about how very magical it is to have the ability to be conscious of this universe? What a gift it is to be conscious of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. As the universe evolves, and we evolve along with it; what a blessing. It’s so easy to forget about the profound, cosmic reality we exist within. Now you get a reminder to realize how very spiritual it is to be here on earth, granted the ability to grow, create, know and love. It’s enough. It really is. It is so much. Remember that your birthday signifies the greatest achievement… life. And you get to experience it to its fullest. So live, love, be happy and know that you are loved.

Pisces: You get a visit from Mercury this week when he enters your sign on the 31st. He brings with him spiritual wisdom that you will be able to put to use right away. The wisdom may show up in cryptic and ephemeral ways in dreams and daydreams. Writing down the words of wisdom that show up for you could lead you to self realizations that give you self-confidence. Watch for sychronicities. You may feel like your life is running like clockwork with all the numbers that may show up with a perceived hidden meaning. Take note of them. Learning a bit more about numerology, sacred geometry and gematria will connect you to ancient wisdom passed down through the ages. Through it you may reawaken a part of yourself long dormant. The kindness of other people touches your heart and could start an all new path for you, giving your life more purpose.

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