Weekly Astrology Horoscopes January 6-12, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant Sign for a more holistic picture.

Aries: This week there is a build up to understanding your own power and strength better. In a literal way, for those of you starting off the year resolving to exercise more, you should go at your own pace. You don’t need to impress others by trying to overexert yourself to meet any false expectations. It may be a good idea for you to try exercise in the privacy of your own home so you give yourself the room to know your body better. It’s not about the numbers. It’s about how you can find comfort in your own body and willpower. This type of approach harnessed in other areas of life that require your willpower and personal strength will do you well overall this week. Others see you as more balanced now when you honor your strengths for what they are, and use them with honesty.

Taurus: As Venus continues retrograde in fellow earth sign Capricorn, Mercury gets comfortable with her love and grace. This brings your mind close to your heart and gets you more in touch with your physical body. Yoga with a partner, a massage or more intimate encounters will do you well and free your mind to be surrounded by magnetism. Outside of personal romantic relationships, writing poetry and reading feel-good stories will be nice. Pets need love as well. Money matters and what you want to achieve in your financial picture would do well to receive your attention now. Reading about investing, financial planning and considering saving for the bigger picture would be great for you this week. Keep love at the foundation of what you do, and you will be able to climb mountains.

Gemini: As the week begins you would do well to think about your responsibilities with more focus. Your health and wellness need your attention. Think about how you feed and treat your body. It is your temple and deserves great respect for all that it allows you to experience. How you acknowledge and treat your body says a lot about the karma you are creating for yourself and how you care about the gifts you are given from the world. By getting yourself in order, with clarity and focus you are able to move higher towards your goals. If necessary, accepting a modest loan would work well for you to get further on your journey towards your goals. Ensure the interest rate makes sense and won’t lead you to be in an uncomfortable debt situation. Make a long term plan that considers the details that make up the big picture.

Cancer: Looking to other people who have achieved what you aim for, can shine a light on how you perceive yourself. Look towards how their confidence has turned a light on for them. You can emulate that same energy in yourself. Believing in yourself can be a magical act. It will open your mind to bigger and brighter possibilities beyond confines you’ve held onto before. As you look to others as role models, take into account how their journey transformed over the years. Know that all journeys are not only unique, but also have their ups and downs. With a realistic perspective colored with belief in yourself, you can move up the ladder of personal achievement. By starting off your week with magical thinking, you will turn on a part of your spirit that knows you deserve great things which will help motivate you. Be inspired this week.

Leo: Loving and respecting your body this week will really affect how you identify with the physical world. Being comfortable nude, in front of the mirror, really acknowledging your physical body as a temple of light, shifts your mentality for the better. Within your body is the golden ratio, expressed in all its glory, just as it is expressed throughout the plant and animal kingdom with such beauty. Exercise, dance, shake your body and feel the energy of all those atoms that make up your physical temple you are blessed to live in. Acknowledge yourself for what you are and know that the cosmos has designed you from love.

Virgo: This week you will do well to watch and read creative works that stimulate your mind and inspire your heart. Conversations with children, or thinking with a childs mind, puts you in a state of thinking that opens up your heart to the world around you. Ultimately, what you are here on earth to do is to be a part of the creative impulse of the universe. You are naturally creative, but can sometimes stop yourself by overthinking things, and analyzing the details. So, this week, try to supercede that tendency, and instead think from the heart. Where there is love, there is no fear. Let go of worry. Shift your mind toward being free to create.

Libra: You know how to turn any situation around by addressing it with an honest, balanced approach. If you find yourself, or others, getting hot under the collar, try to look at things from a third, neutral perspective to help cool the flames. If you are highly inspired these days, other people may give you sudden flashes of inspiration. Keep your eyes open and allow yourself to be the final decision maker in your affairs, but be fair and grateful that others have contributed in their own way to the overall picture. Spending time at home with a good book, perhaps a romantic novel, will help you feel light and relaxed. Have some me-time for your mind and body in your most comforting environment this week.

Scorpio: Getting real with yourself this week hits home. How and why you say and feel the things you do is in the spotlight. You may also feel like your environment, your home or your bedroom, needs adjusting to better reflect your frame of mind and your worldview. Spiritual or religious items may be the key to feeling like you’re communicating your inner world with your immediate surroundings so they can remind and reflect to you the purpose of your life. Your higher aims in life may be colored by hope and big dreams. Writing about them in your journal or creating a vision board will help you clarify with greater intention.

Sagittarius: Knowing where you stand is important for you now. These days the focus on your material world, including the possessions you have, and those you want, have your attention. After the holidays, it’s natural to second guess how we’ve spent our money just to fulfill the expectations of society, and to wonder if we could have made better choices. That gives you motivation now to get more choosy about how you use money in wise ways that truly supports your goals and aims in life. How you build your foundation so you can feel more financially stable and more capable of creating the life you want in the bigger picture, is an important focus for you this week. Spend some time brainstorming, and writing out your thoughts. Other people’s input and suggestions will help you see the grand scheme of things from another perspective, so listen and ponder.

Capricorn: Other people have their ideas that hit home now. Other people know you deserve more and are capable of great things. Those people that you know support you, and help you to believe in yourself are the type of people you want around now. By giving you their subjective opinions, you can turn their ideas into objectives that suit you. It’s all about your approach that pours out of you like light, shining in all directions. “Do what you love and the rest will follow” is a popular saying. For you now, it is more along the lines of, “Be who you love and the rest will follow.” Loving yourself is the greatest step in transforming life. If you love yourself, you’ll be able to love others to an equal degree.

Aquarius: These days you are in the midst of a strong period of acknowledging that your higher goals in life are ultimately spiritual ones. When you live your life and your career from that perspective, you not only transform yourself, but you transform the world. Love of a higher order, and being mindful of how your light shines in the world raises the vibration for everyone. Ascending up a hill or mountain now and standing at the top as the sun shines on you is the perfect symbol of you rising to meet your truth. Following your intuition and communicating your passion and inspiration to the world gives you energy that brings you the balance that gives your life meaning.

Pisces: Your ruling planet, Neptune, was discovered over 160 years ago, and since that time it has only gone around the Sun once. You are in a very special time of life as Neptune is currently in your sign. Once it leaves, it will never return in your lifetime, unless of course you live for more than another 165 years, if technology allows. All Pisces’ now have a special gift of feeling at home connecting with your higher Self. This is a time of understanding your souls calling and your destiny. Sharing that part of yourself with others is important this week. You may find your peers help you refine and gain clarity into your life’s mission this week. Seek out those who you intuitively feel are aiming for bringing what you want more of into the world. Your heart knows who the people are that are in tune with your spirit.

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