New Moon in Pisces March 1, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 2:59 a.m. EST.

Over the past week you may have notice some feelings arose that came on quite by surprise. With Jupiter retrograde in Cancer in a challenging position to Uranus in Aries on February 26th, sensitivities could certainly have prodded you to reexamine how and why you pick your battles with others. With Jupiter retrograde, our inner world of feelings and perceptions greatly colors the outer perception of the bigger picture and our world view. It’s a good time to reexamine your philosophy of life.

This configuration also points to the potential of sudden moments being initiated with passionate, fiery outbursts likely caused by little things that get under people’s skin. With Jupiter standing across the sky from Pluto, adding the element of transformation to the mix, the issues that caused feelings of anger and irritation to boil over could eventually lead to important changes that help you reassess your personal goals and intentions.

With irritability having been turned up this past week and Mercury finishing his retrograde phase this past week as well, arguments with siblings, cousins, in-laws, could certainly have come up to teach you something about your relationships and your approach to dealing with such things.

For many of you those feelings of anger and irritability could certainly have felt foreign. Like they arose out of nowhere and were difficult to control because you just don’t recognize yourself as feeling that way very often. But now that we have moved past those feelings that arose we can learn from them.

Don’t feel guilty about that feeling of tension, allow that experience to be what it was so you could learn about who you are with greater awareness as you now move beyond that into a brighter future. Your worldview expands and shifts because of the experiences from this past week.

Instead of feeling guilty and running over and over in your mind your mistakes from the past, focus on how you can do your best now that you know better. Everybody makes mistakes. We’re all growing. We’re all changing. Be grateful that you had that opportunity to make those mistakes and now you are able to make better decision because of them.

We can intentionally put that experience behind us, learn who we want to be in the big picture, and move in that direction by tapping into our will power.

Now, with Jupiter getting ready to go direct on March 6, be aware that the tense experience that likely happened for many of you a few days ago around February 26th, when Jupiter had it’s greatest tension with Uranus, may come to mind again when they meet exact again around April 20th. Then you will be able to gain greater understanding as to why those feelings came up, and what the purpose of that experience of tension really meant for your emotional growth. Once Jupiter is direct on March 6, you’ll notice the awareness continues to grow and give you greater meaning into the bigger picture of what you want to initiate and put out into the world. Your philosophy of life is changing and this is a time that kickstarts that shift.

Although Jupiter is in a tense position to Uranus, Jupiter is in an auspicious connection with this New Moon in Pisces, giving us the extra positive boost to find personal growth and understanding that we can attract abundance into our lives by living a more honest, conscious life. Positive feelings change the way we experience the world.

With the current astrological climate, this is a new starting point. This is a seed that was planted for you to gain clarity into who you are, now that Mercury is heading direct in Aquarius. All of those thoughts and feelings you had over the past few week, now you get to clarify them with a logical standpoint and move your energy into a higher vibration as you move forward. With Saturn in a tough position to Mercury, there could certainly be some karmic lessons being worked through here that are worth going through so you can learn to become more grown up and develop self respect. Who do we choose to become because of what you've learned in the past?

With this New Moon in Pisces we are given more emphasis on having another chance to start new and fresh so we can move forward with greater awareness. This is an opportunity for us all to become more compassionate, to move away from divisiveness and anger and move towards being more conscious and caring for ourselves and others. This is a great opportunity to release doubt and realize there is a higher wisdom going on behind the scenes.

All the positive and not so positive experiences, all the wisdom that arose, all the ideas and musings you considered, now you get to utilize that wisdom to invent a new reality with your new-found, wiser vision.

Many of you will notice that you are realizing a greater truth about yourself, as if you’ve been awakened to a higher purpose. Your world view is changing because your beliefs you hold within that you project out onto the world are changing.

Embrace the clarity that starts to arise in your mind now that Mercury is direct. With the New Moon in Pisces, the higher wisdom that arises now affirms your identity as being lighter. You have the ability to choose to move into a more trusting, guided direction with your life.

This is a time of being more conscious of what you’re doing in your daily life. It is a time to allow compassion and understanding supersede any feelings of anger or resentment you have had. Ask yourself, “How can I think better, in order to do better in the world?”

Mars is also starting a retrograde cycle on March the 1st in Libra. He is accompanied by the North Node which just entered Libra a couple of weeks ago on February 18th. All of us are finding greater enthusiasm and passion towards discovering and reaching towards our destiny with the intention of truth and balance in our lives. On that same day a couple of weeks ago, the South Node moved into Aries, the sign ruled by Mars creating a strong connection between our will and our destiny. This is a fresh start to understand who you are and where you are coming from so you can choose a more balanced, honest, trusting way forward towards your destiny.

It’s really important to not allow yourself to succumb to lower vibration of Aries and Mars, the planet of war. Choose to tap into this more compassionate, higher vibration, spiritual New Moon to overcome the lower self and reach towards creating and manifesting from a place of higher wisdom, imagination, visualization with the intention of bringing more light and love into the world.

Journaling is a great opportunity to wake up to the truth of your life. It is a safe, conscious way of becoming more attuned to your feelings and perceptions and allows you to track your personal growth. Mark the dates so you can compare notes in the future.

Take note of how you are becoming more aware in an intuitive way and gaining the ability to trust with greater gratitude. Tune into this New Moon’s water element by taking showers to cleanse and clear your energy. Light candles at night to harness that energy of the sun as well as relax in the sunlight.

One of the best combinations for clearing away the old energy and renewing your energy into a higher vibration is to start with white sage to clear away the negative energy, and then use sweetgrass after to draw in more of the positive.

Start something new that allows you to combine logic with creativity. Painting while listening to classical music such as Vivaldi, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart… any of the greats, will put you in a new frame of mind.

Some people who may have addictions will find that a new era is beginning. A light bulb goes on, allowing you to be free from your hurts and living in a new higher consciousness, realizing your very existence within the cosmos as something divine.

The truth of who we are is easily forgotten. People forget all the time about how to live their life in tune with their higher, wiser self. Actively pursue remembering who you really are, that you have great potential if only you would let go of the fear that holds you back from living it.

It’s very common for people to go about their daily lives and forget about their potential to live in a higher state of consciousness, where we make decisions based on love, greater awareness, compassion and caring for all of life as a whole.

Take this energy with you throughout the weekend and into the coming weeks. You are awakening. Spring is coming as another reminder that the light is growing. Each day, night and day, is like a blink of an eye. What are you doing about your time here?

In career and business, there is no need to rush. That part of you that felt the need to rush, was part of the confusion and tension of last week. Trust that taking your time to make decisions after you have pondered the options, is actually a good thing. However, now that Mercury is direct, it's a better time to consider contracts and agreements with greater clarity than you've had the past few weeks.

What you start new now should be more about how you are creating a life that is more spiritual, more attuned, more intentional and on purpose with a higher vibration, a higher vision, and higher understanding of what your purpose is.

Since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Venus is moving into Aquarius on March 5, you will start to notice that love, self-worth, valuing yourself and your connection to others and the world take on a quality of wanting to envision a brighter future. Many of you will find that the tension of last week was a pivotal catalyst in how you choose to shift for the better. Use that, along with the compassionate understanding of the New Moon, so you can you become a force for greater love and understanding in the world.

This New Moon asks us to move beyond our petty differences and to look higher, towards the cosmic, spiritual unity underlying all existence.

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