Weekly Astrology Horoscopes February 10-16, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

This Week we have Mercury retrograde moving back into Aquarius on February 12th, then on Valentines' Day we get a Full Moon in Leo.

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Aries: Concerns of other people can certainly build as the week progresses. This week you are working towards doing your best to lead an ethical life and to live up to your principles. Though you may feel the urge to speak up about something, it could be best to open your ears and close your mouth. You don’t have to say everything that is on your mind, but listening will do you well to help you make decisions to act. More information is better. Your assumptions could be wrong so waiting is a smart choice. Your willpower needs to be harnessed this week to ensure you don’t blurt out something you would later regret. Be patient and think about future results before you decide. Your individual interests are as important as the group’s. Make sure you have some fun downtime later in the week. You deserve it.

Taurus: Your emotions could influence your words as the week begins. This emotional energy builds as the week progresses but you have to take a step back and realize that there is no rush to say or do anything right away. Take your time to absorb the information that comes in. Bringing an element of fun to your work and career is a good idea now. It will help shift the energy for the better. Reflecting on the positive things that have happened over the past few weeks helps improve your mood and helps influence your work environment. It will help keep things light among coworkers. Though you may have to revisit a concern or issue that has been happening in your career sector, it’s not a great time to make final decisions. Instead do a bit more research and reflection to help you make better sense of the overall picture. If at times you are feeling distracted, not thinking clearly, or all over the place, practicing getting grounded will help you get yourself on track for better productivity. Yoga, writing, observing, organizing your space, and drawing will bring you back to your roots. Gently influencing the direction of any group or activity you are a part of towards greater calm is the better choice now.

Gemini: The week will likely start off with you feeling concerns of finance and security are important to address. If you share this responsibility with a partner, working together with honesty and loving support of one another helps the relationship grow. It’s a good time to turn inwards and reflect on your future. Revisiting journal entries from the past few weeks could bring light bulb ideas worth noting and expanding on. Internalizing your philosophy of life is likely now. Your interest in learning more about astrology could certainly be heightened, revealing more about the personal world views you value. Looking up to the stars and the heavens, pondering your place in the cosmos, will enhance your concept of reality. If you feel like you’re surrounded by dramatic energy at the end of the week, you may have a wake-up moment reminding you of how life is so much better when you focus on what’s fun.

Cancer: Relationships are based on energy. Whether they are romantic, family, friends, pets, acquaintances or strangers, the energy of resonance between you and others determines how your heart and mind does, or does, not bond with another. The week begins with your intuition and emotions tapping into this energy consciously or unconsciously, depending on how self-aware and tuned in you are. Love will come up this week in this regard, and as the week progresses you’ll notice matters of money (another form of energy), influences your energy and thus your relationships. Someone may owe you money or vice versa, or in some way, what you are building towards is greeted by someone elses perspective. If there is a misunderstanding you may notice drama piquing, or you could turn it around and try to have a lighter, more creative attitude towards resolution. Your best bet is to think about your future first and foremost by stepping back and considering all the possible results of your how your words and actions impact the longer term.

Leo: The Full Moon in Leo near the end of the week has you in a reflective mood. If you’re not feeling terribly under the weather due to combating seasonal allergies, a cold, flu or an illness, you’ll likely feel a surge of energy that uplifts you. Conversations with other people could be vague or unclear in their meaning. At least do your best to read between the lines and pick out the parts that make some sense to you. Bright and witty people will be interesting to listen to, whether in person, online or on the radio. Keep your journal handy to write down anything that stands out. You can mull it over and make more sense of it in a few weeks. Pay close attention to the synchronicities, especially at the beginning of the week. Repeating words and numbers just might have more significance for you than you first suspect. Mind challenges at the end of the week are worth working out. It may be difficult to put your finger on clear answers through the fogginess this week, but the work you put in to the attempt does bring light bulb moments. The journey is worth it and can shed the light on some important inner truth.

Virgo: Dogs are very earth element oriented. Obviously, very present in the earthly delights of the here and now, especially when it comes to their obsession with food and the pleasure of flavor. Pets can teach us a lot about what it means to live in the world. You can learn a lot by observing a dog about the baser earth element qualities. Generally, dogs just want to be present and enjoy being in the moment. Though most of us do end up living much longer than dogs, life still is short in the grand scheme of things. This week you’ll find greater appreciation in life by living in the here and now and just enjoying it. You don’t have to analyze life so much, you can just be here, observe and experience. Rethink how you’ve been planning your life. Plans don’t always work out. You need some time to just go with the flow and accept that you are here now. Everything will get done. This doesn’t mean procrastinate though. Instead, just enjoy what you’re doing and who you’re being while you’re here and the future will work out in time.

Libra: Breathe. The pranic energy is a force that people have attuned to for thousands of years. When your mind is foggy this week and you just can’t seem to get clear focus, just breathe to help yourself regain composure. Centering your energy could be challenging this week, especially if there is a lot of drama in your life. But, with practice on the foundational act of breathing, you will be able to find your spot amidst the fog a little easier. When you’re unable to concentrate, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens to everyone. It’s more important that you are gentle with yourself now. Through the process of connecting your inner and outer world through the breath you will settle more easily into your days and sleep better at night. The unconscious and conscious will connect this week, bringing you greater self awareness. It’s a good week to look at past creative projects and just sit with them until inspiration bubbles to the surface.

Scorpio: Your personal space is important now, and unexpected happenings can get under your skin. If you’re literally doing housecleaning or renovations of some sort you may find the challenges annoying. Regardless of what’s going on around you now, it’s the energy in the air that needs to change. Opening a window and letting the sun shine in is helpful now. Your mental state could do with some extra light. For much of the end of the week you may notice your need to achieve brings up emotions that linger on your mind. If you’re in a romantic relationship, or interested in that area of life, your words and body language impact reactions greatly now. Some Scorpios will feel the test of self-confidence. Focusing on regrets will not help your future. Affirmations that are conducive to a brighter future will get you further. Just be honest about what you believe and you will draw yourself closer to your heart.

Sagittarius: As the week begins you may not be so sure of yourself. Your thoughts and feelings may feel a bit claustrophobic, dampening your energy. You may find the beginning of the week asks you to tap into a spiritual ideology to help you make sense of your feelings. But as we get into the middle of the week, you may find your reflection on your life and how your mind is working gets a bit more energized. Sure, you may not be thinking so clearly, but at least the ideas and insights you’re having will feel lighter. You can help this along by going outside on the sunny days and breathing the fresh air deep into your core. A brisk walk will do you well to help you improve your circulation and clear your thoughts a little. Enjoy laughter and surrounding yourself will humor will lift your spirits this week making you feel stronger and lighter.

Capricorn: Depending too much on other people’s ideas, words, and thoughts can feel heavy now. People don’t always have the right words to convey what you need to hear, and that’s okay. People can often be in a fuzzy head space and unable to communicate with clarity. This is quite likely now, so just take things with a grain of salt when it comes to other’s points of view. Instead, your own thoughts and feelings should take precedence this week. Trusting the wisdom is within yourself is a good way to manifest a lighter bubble that will help you enjoy your week with greater ease. If other people are being drama queens, it’s best to just tune them out now. However, if people are genuinely having fun and are willing to extend that fun to you, enjoy it. Strong roots in yourself with an eye on greater inner abundance is key for you now. You don’t need external validation when you know that the changes you are making within are based on your own core values.

Aquarius: The ideas and insights you have now are personal and worthwhile. Focusing on the light that is within yourself and extending that outwards, and sharing it, makes your life feel so much more pleasurable. You may not have all the answers now to how your current place leads to your future, but that’s fine. You don’t have to know it all now. Just enjoy the process. Writing in your journal is an excellent practice towards increased self awareness now. Reading what you wrote over the past few weeks would also give you some fresh personal insights worth reviewing again in a few weeks. Have fun with friends and the important people in your life this week. You may have had a flash of insight recently that altered your internal world view. Keep that dialogue going with yourself and it will lead you to realizing greater abundance. Trusting your feelings through the routines you have set up for yourself will teach you a lot about how to give yourself even more of what is valuable and rewarding.

Pisces: As the week begins Mercury is retrograde in your sign then leaves you for a couple of weeks as he enters Aquarius on the 12th. Where your mind is right now is not so easy to pinpoint. You may be all over the place with trying to decide what’s worth your attention and what’s not. Dreams will be quite interesting and may hearken back to dreams you’ve had before or experiences you’ve had when you were younger. Early in the week you could definitely boost your spirits by enjoying some jovial laughter and act like a kid again. Seeing the world through the lens of a child, pondering the wonders of the universe and staring up into the heavens will do your spirit good. As the week ends we have the Full Moon in Leo. That will be a good time to ponder how you’re living your daily life in tune with your spiritual concept of reality. What you want to see in the world starts with you expressing what you feel in your heart.

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