Weekly Astrology Horoscopes February 17-23, 2014

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This Week we have Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. The Sun moves into Pisces on February 18 to finalize the journey through the zodiac before the Spring equinox next month. Apollo meets with Neptune (Poseidon) in Pisces on February 23rd. The North Node retrograde enters Libra (from Scorpio) on the 18th as well and the South Node retrograde slides into Aries from Taurus. Also read the Full Moon in Leo.

Aries: It’s so easy to start a fight if we access our lower selves. Everyone is different and it’s easy to note those differences when the ego is involved, leading to divisiveness. But, in many instances, we can be smarter than that. Many of the differences we see in the world are a sign of freedom: freedom to be and think as we choose, as individuals. That’s the tapestry that makes life interesting, and yes, sometimes complicated too. However, if we were all the same life would be oh, so boring and predictable. Now is a time where alternative viewpoints help you know yourself better. It may be challenging, but that’s where some of your greatest growth and self awareness arises from. Don’t expect others to suddenly be what you want them to be and how you want them to be. Instead, find out more about who you are, as you relate to the complexities of life.

Taurus: Plants will wilt if you don’t water them once in a while. Your body and mind get stronger when you exercise them. As the week begins, it’s a good time to practice better self-care. Going within to find resources of intelligence will connect your body, mind and emotions. Throw in a few yoga poses in the evening to reorganize your energy. In the middle to later parts of the week you’ll do well to access your inner world of gratitude. What do you value? A good work ethic this week will remind you of what’s important. Count your blessings.

Gemini: Counting on winning the lottery often leads to disappointment. With better luck being struck by lightning, it’s a much better idea to make a financial plan that makes logical sense. You’ll have a much better chance of accessing little rewards that add up, when you do the work. This week is a good time to ask yourself the realistic questions about your bigger plan in life. How you get there starts with who you are. With an open and honest mind, you’ll be able to refine your inner world of thoughts and beliefs about what you are capable of. Visualizing your life full of reasons to smile will help build your energy and motivate you to start making a plan. You can refine your ideas a lot this week and for the rest of the month. Make sure joy is the starting point of the process.

Cancer: You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself all the time. Expecting yourself to be perfect is actually impossible. Give yourself credit for all that you are. It’s important these days to love yourself instead of judging yourself. Luckily, there are a good portion of you that have been refining your self concept, slowly but surely, and developing a stronger sense of purpose in who you are. With all your quirks and unique personality traits you’re really an important part of the design of life. This week you’ll likely find some fantastic realizations about yourself that have been there all along, just below the surface. You don’t need to bury your true self behind any limited beliefs. Go within and dance with the qualities that you so uniquely have and be glad for them. The recipe the cosmos made you with is magic.

Leo: As the week begins you may feel like you need to say something honest and from the heart to clear the air. If it must be said, be patient and wait for the right moment as it may need to be contemplated a bit more. Your opinions may change so listen and reflect before making a statement. In the middle of the week you may really feel a strong urge to release your emotions, but also the need to practice honoring your willpower. Are your instincts telling you to say it or keep a tight lip? Later in the week you may find that a more compassionate energy surrounds you where you understand yourself and feel like others will understand you better. You can say whatever needs to be said, but be aware that the right moment and the right frame of mind makes a world of difference. By the end of the week your emotions and instincts will have taught you a valuable lesson.

Virgo: Setting your intention on being grounded in your emotions is a healthy start to the week. So, when you feel overwhelmed, give yourself the permission to have personal space to step back in and take a breather. This will help you maintain composure and regain focus. Also, be sure to look closely at the fine details before you make any personal decisions. Trying out new note-taking apps and methods of tracking your thoughts will help you figure out what works best to boost your productivity. You may not be able to settle on one method yet, but at least trying out a few options will help you get closer to the right approach to being organized. The simpler the better. You don’t need bells and whistles now. It’s also a good time to revisit what’s important to you. What greater causes do you feel need more attention? By looking at how the external world operates you will reawaken an important part within yourself that drives you toward realizing greater purpose and intention in your daily life.

Libra: The week starts off feeling personal. You may find the evenings to be a fine time to regain the balance you desire. Theatrical movies, plays, videos and the like will energize and inspire you now. Smalltalk of bygone eras can bring you a warm, nostalgic feeling. High expectations of a big break now may put a damper on your energy if fate has other plans for you. Instead, focus more on what you have rather than what you want. By realizing how many gifts you’ve been granted already, you lift your perspective and put yourself into a higher state of awareness. The abundance that you have is greater than you often recognize. Seeing your life as a play, and you as the star character empowers you to write the script. Every word matters now.

Scorpio: Your destiny matters, but it’s not all about the future. It’s about the now. Is where you are now, where you were destined to be? Contemplating the depths of the past, present and future, and the complexities of free will and destiny can really help you define who you are with greater meaning. Looking around at where you come from, your roots, your family, and your immediate surroundings are circumstances that mold your direction to a degree. These days you are certainly finding out a lot about yourself and how karma plays its role in your life. You can enjoy life more and not feel guilty about it. Responsible fun, is when you temper freedom with caring. You are destined to bring more pleasure into your life and the world. Now, define what authentic pleasure means to you as you step into your future.

Sagittarius: You need to ensure that you enjoy life. Don’t attach baggage to it. The fun you have now should be light. Your humor is needed in the world. Exploring your talents just for the fun of it wakes you up. Your smile means a lot. It frees you and it frees others. Go out this week and listen to and explore whatever your heart desires: spoken poetry, a symphony, a play, a movie, a band at a bar, dance at a club, the howling wind, birds chirping. There are so many possibilities for you to receive information from the world. It’s up to you what you’re open to acknowledging. The resources available are endless. When you start seeing the world for all it offers you, your ability to experience how abundant you are becomes real. You have so much more than you may realize. It’s time to be grateful.

Capricorn: Rationing food makes it taste so much better. When you’re hungry the flavors pop and seduce your tastebuds into ecstatic delight. When you overdo it and eat everything in sight in large portions the delight fades and loses its allure. Less can certainly be more. By appreciating the little things, you open yourself up to a world of greater beauty. This is a lesson that continues to develop for you. In turn, appreciating what you have shows that you have respect and gratitude that you have the option. Some people have nothing, and are literally starving to death. When people waste they are sending a message to the universe that they are ungrateful and are taking for granted what they have. Now is a time for you to honor how much you have and make a clear declaration to the universe, through your thoughts and actions, that you are grateful and respectful.

Aquarius: This is a time when your insight into who you are at your core grants you wisdom that awakens your personality and inspires you to thrive. At the beginning of the week you will feel intuitively connected to the bigger purpose of your life which leads to increased motivation as the week progresses. As you become more aware of how much you have, your gratitude grows and gives you a stronger sense of security and purpose. Talking about your vision leads to the desire to get better organized. Plans don’t always turn out to exact perfection, but putting your ideas down on paper ensures you have a roadmap to work with helping you to develop over time as you progress down your path. There is an abundance of contemplation to be done now that redefines you internally which will lead to tangible growth as we move into the future.

Pisces: The Sun comes back to your sign this week, it will be your birthday soon enough. It’s possible that drama in your life now can shake your foundations a bit and distract you, so turn it around and be grateful for the experience as wake up call to work on bringing more pleasure into your life. Faith in yourself and in life becomes an important part of your life as the week progresses. With your ruling planet in your sign, Pisces, this is going to be a special year for you, and decade. Who you are brings a significant impact to not only those around you, but to the world as a whole. Your gifts and talents are needed in the world now. Do the work necessary to peel away the layers that block you from shining your light in the world. Discover your gifts. What do you love? Bring more of that into your life and share it with the world. It’s a great week to go within and ask your higher, spiritual self to become more present.

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