Weekly Astrology Horoscopes February 24-March 2, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

As the week begins, Venus connects with Saturn. Then, a couple of days into the week on the 26th, Jupiter connects with Uranus. At the end of the week we have the Moon meeting up with the Sun in Pisces for the New Moon on March 1. Mars also begins his retrograde phase on the same day, carrying his passionate energy retrograde until May 19th.

Aries: It’s easy to feel emotions arise at work at the beginning of the week with the moon in your career sector. However, it is an important time to tap into the more logical side of things to help you move forward with the intention of gaining more clarity. When dealing with people, especially peers and those who have a common vision, it’s important to look at all the angles and the finer details by stepping back, listening and assessing how people are communicating. Even though it may be easy to fall into gossip and curiosity now, it’s best to wait. You will gain more composure and confidence if you are simply honest about your point of view from a logical standpoint. You’ll notice that the actions and reactions of people are taking their natural course. Give people their space. Your points of view and your responsible way of handling them are important now. People realize the value of your patience, honesty, reasoning and positive attitude by the end of the week.

Taurus: Some Taureans can let the bull out and tempers flare when faced with opposing mindsets. Everyone gets irritated at some point or another for various reasons. It’s natural. But, it is best to step away for a breather and ground your emotions with a more compassionate stance now. With Mercury retrograde in your career sector, you need to be especially sensitive to miscommunication and gossip. It’s easy to get caught up in such things, especially when you feel like you’re not in the know, but now it’s best to exercise responsibility when dealing with others. It’s a good time to listen more than talk. Your input is valued when it is coming from a place that is well thought out and knowledgable. Exercising for authentic, healthy reasons will positively affect your thinking process. If you exercise just for external validation and looks, you’ll find it more difficult to feel motivated in your pursuit.

Gemini: In order to get yourself on track you have to be motivated, of course, and sometimes that motivation is certainly elusive. When things feel heavy it’s just that much more difficult. It’s a good idea to do some inner work now of self reflection to find out what your personal philosophy of life is. You’re likely finding yourself feeling a shift in your thinking process that asks you to become more attentive to where you’re coming from and where you’re going. What has held you back and how to correct your approach to life so you can live on purpose is important to work through now. By taking a step back for that important self-reflection you’ll be able to get real about what you’re capable of. By looking at how you are or are not organizing your time wisely enough to be at the level of efficiency you know you could be, you start to let go of the weight and step into a more intentional direction. Give yourself time and be patient as you wake up to your greater potential.

Cancer: As the week begins other people may bring up feelings that lead you to make a conscious choice to transform your relationships. You’ll start to realize how your relationships, which may include romance for some of you, are important for you to enjoy life more fully. You become your company, so wisely choose those that you know bring more fun and laughter to your life. It’s a great time to work on a creative endeavor with someone else, romantic or otherwise. Taking a class in painting would be great for many of you to open up your creative side while instilling structure as well as the freedom of fluidity. It’s important that you don’t get caught up in gossip. Being nosy could get you into a bit of a mix up and misunderstanding, so it’s better to be responsible by speaking and asking questions only when it feels wise to do so. Being cryptic to family may lead to a bit of a misunderstanding of intentions. Talk openly to smooth things over nicely. Lively conversations can happen when you’re among those closest to you.

Leo: What people say about others usually says more about themselves than it says about those they are talking about. Keep this in mind when you’re in social situations now. It may be difficult for you to think before you speak, especially when your energy is high and you feel enthusiastic about the subject. How you communicate is certainly going to be a growing trend for you now. Ensuring you are able to be truthful and balanced while acknowledging some of your biases may need to be fairly addressed will improve your relationships. You’ll also find yourself being naturally curious now. If you can give people the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions you’ll be able to be more authentic in your attitude and projections onto others with more fairness and compassion. This will help you get access to resources you desire more easily as well.

Virgo: Reassessing the way you approach the routines of your daily life is really important for you now. The way you organize your day so that you can have more freedom will help you make better plans. If you intend on realizing the vision you have for your life and really sit down to consider the steps to get there, your self confidence will grow immensely. Your perspective of yourself and your capabilities needs your attention. Go within regularly this week. Take the time to meditate, even if it’s only for a few minutes. That sense of routine will start to make a shift that helps you get aligned with yourself with greater intention. If you take this approach, you should start seeing the changes you’re putting into place within, start to influence the world around you. Your internal vision becomes a stronger force in creating the way you live your life. Watch for signs that show up now that point you towards finding greater enthusiasm in getting yourself on track to your destiny.

Libra: With a strong will, and confidence in yourself and your position, you can say what needs to be said. But if your ego is lit up, others will notice from your words and actions. Be aware that it can be easy for miscommunication to happen for most of the week. It’s best to say and do what needs to be done with tact and fairness. Turn any anger you have into enthusiasm by focusing on getting things done with a goal oriented approach. By intentionally keeping your thoughts light and joyous, you get to share camaraderie with your peers that feels honest and pleasurable. It’s a good time to be understanding and compassionate of yourself and others. Everyone has their own process and not everyone agrees, but you can shine the light on any confusion and burn through the fog. Putting responsible attention on money matters at home you will feel more grounded. It’s a good time to research the resources you need if you’re planning on home renovations or making updates to your interior design.

Scorpio: When you know who you are, you can do just about anything. The realm of your circumstances can always change. With greater self-awareness, you get to change your direction at will, but of course it takes work; work that is worth it. People spend a lot of time building self-confidence over a lifetime. Who you are and what you want in life, including who you want, gets attention as the week begins. Nobody said being honest with yourself was easy. We all have areas to work on and improve. In order to move towards what you’re aiming for, you need to face reality and know where you stand. It’s a good time to reflect on these things in the privacy and comfort of your home while you have downtime. You will also find conversations with those close to you, those you trust and who are good listeners, can help you see alternative perspectives, giving you an opportunity to refine your choices.

Sagittarius: The words you speak allow others to interpret you, but the unspoken words, those thoughts you keep to yourself, define your interpretation of the world. Your humor is a gateway to enjoying life, for you and for those around you. You may find yourself getting a sudden inspiration this week that awakens you to the desire for a more passionate experience of life that has pleasure and fun at the core. You deserve to have a lighter, spontaneous, joyous life. If you’re witty, you may want to spend some time writing down the inspiring thoughts that arise. The comedian in you deserves your attention. The laughing Buddha inside you deserves to giggle. Life is not always meant to be so serious. Let your mantra for the week be one that can’t help but put a smile on your face and your perspective of life will get that much better.

Capricorn: If you feel an abundance of emotions arise as the week begins, don’t be surprised. Whatever you feel now is meant to help you feel a closer connection to realizing your self worth. You may find yourself being more attentive to the needs of the environment and your body as a reflection of the importance of honoring yourself more. Though money matters and career are possibly feeling a bit strained now and on your mind this is all part of your growth in realizing how you value yourself. Becoming more mindful of the foundations you build around you to provide yourself with a sense of security helps you realize the power of your choices. What you spend money on reflects your values and is an external demonstration of your identity. Listen to those who are knowledgeable in the areas of finance and manifesting a sense of stability. Keeping track of your finances and paying attention to how you use and accept money, will help you feel more on track. You should also welcome advice on how to pay off debts.

Aquarius: With Mercury continuing retrograde in your sign for most of the week, this is certainly a time of honest self reflection which helps you to tune into yourself better. This week has the potential for breakthroughs that raise your enthusiasm and hold the potential for initiating a new plan. At the beginning of the week you may feel an emotion that moves you deeply. You could feel like the water works are turned on stemming from a realization of gratitude. It’s all part of your spiritual growth, so welcome the experience and the changes it brings. Your progress in work related activities looks like it is opening up. There could be instances where this area of your life feels like it improves suddenly as you take initiative and steps towards doing the work with more integrity. A greater sense of abundance colors your week. Affirmations that reflect a stronger identity brings you to knowing yourself better.

Pisces: The New Moon in your sign this week certainly brings the attention to you being in tune to the creative and spiritual energy of the cosmos. It really is a magical time for you as this New Moon connects closely to Neptune as well, your ruling planet. There is such positive energy surrounding this New Moon, you really should just enjoy it. Focus on the pleasures of your week and connecting to the abundance that is within you. You’ll find yourself being able to attract a lot of wishes and dreams. Keep a dream journal and step outside on the night of the New Moon and look up to the starry sky. Let your mind journey to the far reaches of space and within yourself, and that connection will be the beginning of a very special time for you to start fresh. Become more attuned to your natural, spiritual qualities, will help you realize your higher self. Your peers will start to notice a shift in your energy as the week begins. Have fun this week.

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