Weekly Astrology Horoscopes February 3-9, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant Sign for a more holistic picture.
Mercury and Neptune get very close in Pisces this week.
Then, Mercury starts retrograde in Pisces on the 6th.

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The Sun is now in Aquarius. Read our New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope for January 30, 2014.

Mercury is now in Pisces having entered on January 31st. He goes retrograde this week on the 6th, after getting quite close to where Neptune resides in Pisces. Mercury, traveling backwards in the sky during his retrograde phase, will then reenter Aquarius next week.

Altered states of consciousness will be likely this week. Those of you that have a tendency to lean towards escapism through drugs or alcohol may find this temptation increase now. Refraining from that for healthier choices will do your mind better. Others will favor staying up late to the point of being overtired stepping into slight delirium. Take the opportunity to get your rest and enter dreamland. You may want to try lucid dreaming techniques. A dream catcher beside your bed is a great tool to use now.

Poetry, painting and exploring the arts will be good for the soul this week. Clouds, rain, oceans, streams and water features are great subjects to explore. It's a good time to think more magically. Gratitude for what you have now will also become a stronger interest for many. Keep a dream journal this week, you may have some really epic adventures. Amethyst is a great stone to carry now. Baths are a great way to relax the mind and daydream now.

Venus is now slowly working her way forward through the zodiac, now that she is traveling direct again, she is stepping away from her close encounter with Pluto in Capricorn which she made at the end of January after having been traveling retrograde for many weeks.

With Jupiter in close connection with Chiron, in trine on February 5, a positive outlook and an open mind are healing. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Learning to be compassionate expands your worldview and raises your consciousness, so you can connect to the healing potential of your spirit.

Aries: It is a time of honest, personal reflection for you. Writing down your thoughts and feelings now is a great practice for self-awareness and inner growth. You may very well start off the week with some flashes of insight that motivate and inspire you. Then as we get to the middle and later part of the week, you may notice you have some deja vu experiences, or reminders, that grab your attention. Look for repeating patterns and numbers now. Continue to write down the brainstorms and daydreams of branching ideas and reread them at the end of the week. Concrete, logical answers will be more elusive now, so go with the flow and be patient for what feels right. Feeling the need to tune into your higher purpose is heightened now.

Taurus: Exploring philosophy, art and the concept and experience of beauty in the world, including looking at images of travel and exotic locations will do you well this week. It will help you to feel in your element and ground you. Through exploring these areas you will be able to tap into a new worldview that transforms how you relate to others so you can find your own voice. You also have your career sector lit up now, so whatever mountain you want to climb towards achievement, the sun will shine on you each step of the way. Talks with peers about the future will inspire you to dream big, then when the end of the week arrives you can go within to explore those dreams with more reflection so you can refine your goals. Writers block can be a sticky issue this week off and on, but be grateful for the lessons the block can intuitively teach you about the process.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is now in Pisces and will start retrograde on February 6. He gets quite close to Neptune as the week begins and their energies blend together making this an especially interesting time where you can feel like your thoughts and feelings can make magic happen. It’s a good time to meditate, that’s for sure. Newfound wisdom will come from the deep as will reminders worth reflecting on. It won’t be a good time to make important decisions though, especially in business this week. Things are too foggy. If you have been thinking of bringing something up to a boss or colleague you would do well to think about it a lot more over the next few weeks as your mind might change. This also goes for contracts. Instead it’s better to reflect on your personal goals and aims and why you want them. You may find emotional healing happens this week relating to your finances, or your sense of security, due to you better understanding the foundation to your desires.

Cancer: Other people who embody refined characteristics of love and friendship can inspire you to create changes in your life. Those who exemplify valuing themselves and appreciating what they have are models for your personal growth now. There is great healing available to you this week that is of a higher order that helps you to understand yourself better within a bigger vision for your life. Who you are, and how you relate to and see others is going through a transformation now that is spiritual and philosophical. Working with and understanding your chakras, especially your heart and higher chakras will open you up to the subtle wisdom in your body, mind and spirit bringing you greater meaning to your life. Visualization, eating deep purple colored fruits or vegetables and wearing lavenders and purples raises your vibration this week. Later in the week could be an interesting time to reunite with people you love and reminisce about the good old days.

Leo: You love the sun, and when you’re feeling good people see you shine. The moon will be asking for more of your attention as the week begins as well, creating a healthy, healing balance. You may suddenly wake up at night with a flash of insight, or your dreams may bring you ideas that could influence your future. Keep a pen and paper handy, or your note taking app on your phone. This week, meditation will free your mind to journey to higher realms of consciousness. By tapping into the source, you can create some really fantastic, wise, even magical shifts in your thinking patterns. Reading and writing poetic lines will draw the magic towards you, and you towards the magic. Doing what you love as the foundation to creating plans that lead toward a higher vision is the right approach now.

Virgo: You may not fully understand exactly what other people are thinking or feeling, and your interpretation may be a little foggy, but you will get a chance to reflect on your guesses later in the week. Listening and writing more in your journal will do you well over the next few weeks. Choose your time to react wisely, as initial misinterpretation can lead to one’s foot in their mouth. Your health gets a positive boost this week, inspired by your desire to look and feel better. Thinking about your longer term vision of yourself for the future can instigate a better, healthier way to treat your body. Your appreciation for yourself leads to greater well being and others notice. Resting with the natural cycles when it feels right will do you well. Listen to your body. Get your beauty sleep and have sweet dreams for a better week.

Libra: It may not be so easy for you to concentrate this week. You may be easily distracted and daydream a lot. To remedy this to a degree, try to create a simple plan, jot down a quick schedule to help you stay organized as much as possible so you have something to check in on and make sure you’re on track. Later in the week you may feel like you need to reassess your methods and approach. Even though you're likely to be hit with waves of distraction this week you have the ability to calm the waters. Meditation will be a good practice to find some balance, and it should also open you up to greater self learning. You should try to be lighthearted this week and not take things too seriously though. Remember that having fun and being creative brightens your perspective in the now and thus can positively impact your future.

Scorpio: You’ll probably have the most fun this week during those times when you really don’t have to think much at all. Instead you are just present and enjoying the moment without putting too much stock in all the details. Some time laying in bed with the sun shining on your face will be comforting, calming and rejuvenating. Such time will allow you to daydream and drift off to distant realms. Talking the philosophical talk and expanding your perceptions in a broader sense can ground you. You’d do well to talk to your plants and look into the symbolism of flowers which will help you to value the abundance of love that you get to enjoy in this life. You’ll find greater meaning in life with appreciating the simple things this week you may often overlook.

Sagittarius: You’ll likely find you feel a bit discombobulated at times this week. Singing in the shower will help you feel more comfortable and a bit more collected in your thoughts. It may not be words that are so important now, but the subtle tones behind the words that mean the most. Reminiscing over your bright ideas could be quite pleasing this week, even if they are mostly broad and visionary ideas lacking precise details. Money matters and resources can find you if you’re building something of value that you love. Knowing that what you do is worthwhile and is a reflection of you personal values, makes it so much easier to feel confident in standing behind what you do, and thus more comfortable in asking for resources you may need from others.

Capricorn: It’s important that you not place too many expectations on others now. Expectations can affect your emotions if you don't get what you thought you would. Instead, focus on realizing and understanding what is really of value to you. By knowing that, you can follow through with intention and purpose which will give you confidence in manifesting your future. But it’s not all about the future. The now, is the ultimate key to your life. Appreciating what you have and feeling abundant with what you have changes everything. From the now, you get to create what is and strengthen your foundation so you can enjoy life today. Talking more about spirituality, intuition, learning about divination, meditating and raising your mind to a higher realm of consciousness will do you well now. Your money matters may have the light shined on them so think of them lightly and with confidence.

Aquarius: Your ability to think positive helps you immensely this week. Positive affirmations, watching and listening to positive life-hacks, reminds you of the power and light within yourself. Your money matters and feelings of security take on a spiritual tone this week, and you get to reflect more deeply at the end of the week on how your spiritual perspective impacts your finances. You also reawaken to how your frame of mind significantly influences your feelings of security. Watch for synchronicities this week. Numbers that repeat themselves may have a message for you. You may be tempted to return to a previous way of thinking to remind yourself of who you are and what you have. You will start to create a shift in your thinking patterns this week. Keep it light and you’ll enjoy it.

Pisces: Well the big move of Pisces going retrograde on the 6th this week is in your sign. Mercury snuggles up close to your ruling planet, Neptune, as well before heading backwards and eventually ending up back in Aquarius next week. So much energy here could either make you feel right at home in your element, or for some will actually leave you feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. This is a time of self understanding that may not be so clear on the level of logic, but in dreamland you may find deeper meaning arises. You'll feel like you experience your presence more fully now in an embodied, emotional way. You will get insights that you may not be able to clearly define in words, but you will feel the shift in energy, especially regarding your concept of self. Although you are certainly a spiritually oriented sign, you may find your self-purpose takes on an even more spiritual tone than usual and you feel like your messages are being heard by the heavens. Writing your useful and positive thoughts down as reminders will enhance your perception of yourself. You may feel a bit more talkative and a bit more interested in being mindful of your words, but because you may be forgetful, keeping a journal will be very useful. Revisiting it over the next few weeks will do you well to remind yourself of any special insights that arise now.

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