Astrology March 11, 2014. Mercury and Saturn.

Written by Symbolic Living

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Mercury and Saturn connect today with a bit of a challenge as they square one another.

Mercury is now in the realm of future thought of Aquarius. Mercury also heads towards the realm of Pisces next week, where dreamland is emphasized (which we’ll talk more about then). As Mercury connects with Saturn today expect the past and future to be on your mind. Your thoughts have a strong influence over what you materialize. Responsible choices based on what your mistakes in the past have taught you, prepare you to make better choices for the future. It’s a good idea to be cautious with your plans to make sure you are fully aware of the pros and cons.

With Saturn is Scorpio, the thoughts (including your dreams) you have these days may have a bit of a taboo quality to them too. Your fears may arise, where your shadow side comes forth so your subconscious can teach you and remind you about yourself. The parts of yourself, or society, that you often push under the rug and try to ignore may surface having you ask yourself difficult questions about what you accept or deny, and why. Denying reality, doesn’t really make it go away. However, accepting what is allows you to intentionally make influential changes for the better.

Be careful you don't get caught saying something inappropriate around the wrong person. Some people may have a desire to eavesdrop today.

Dreams may also have a sexual connotation to them that seem somewhat odd to you. You may also notice that your dreams have you in a situation where you are being pursued by an investigator and you’re worried about being found wrongly accused of something. Murder mysteries and vampire films, if either is one of your cups of tea, are a good choice of entertainment today to let your inner sleuth get its fix of figuring out the finer details and looking behind hidden walls. Don’t accuse anyone in the real world of anything though without the cold, hard facts.

For those of you having difficulty sleeping, do you really want to toss and turn all night getting all hot and irritable? Not being able to sleep can be a sign you either have too much repetitive thoughts going through your mind, or you are being given the opportunity to use that night time for learning about yourself. So, instead, get up and eat, watch something interesting on TV, read a good book or just sit and ponder the wonders of the universe. Many creative people do their best work in the wee hours.

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