Astrology March 13, 2014. Sun and Saturn.

Written by Symbolic Living.

Welcome to another regular installment of our Astrology Extras.

Isn't that extra hour of sunlight in the evening wonderful? The promise of spring is on its way.

The Sun in Pisces has a harmonious connection with Saturn in Scorpio today. This configuration brings us the light of compassion and self awareness of a higher order.

We'll all get a boost of positive energy today, especially if you're lucky enough to have clear skies and to soak up a few of those rays and vitamin D.

For those of you who are a Scorpio sun sign, or if you have your ascendant in Scorpio, you may gain some welcomed self-confidence. Doubts can be burned away by the rays of light that are bestowed upon our lives. Open your eyes and pay attention to the light in your life.

Regarding wealth and money, you may also have a realization around this time that, although debt is a part of mundane reality for so many, money and your access to resources do have a spiritual element to them. By tapping into a spiritual perspective on your finances you will be able to see a way towards realizing how much prosperity you do, or can, have in your life through making better, more inspired choices. Be honest about your karma regarding money and debt. By realizing your higher goals and their relationship to money, you can increase your abundance by doing what is meaningful.

Many of you will have a moment of realization that money doesn't have to be such a heavy issue. By opening yourself up to be grateful to receive and doing the work in the real world, positive, affirming wealth can find you. What you put out comes back to you, and so the law of attraction has it's importance emphasized at this time.

Some of you could feel like you're reborn at this time. Self-help practices and learning would be great to begin today that leads you to have a more spiritual realization about your life.

You can feel lighter today by intending to live for a higher purpose. A lifetime is just the blink of an eye. Time is short. You are capable of making a positive impact in the world with your life. Use this time well and you'll feel good about the karma you're creating.

It's a great day to meditate, especially seated with the sun shining on you.

Self honesty can impart an emotional revelation of divinely inspired, spiritual insight that helps you release some fear you've held on to and wakes you up to a better life you deserve.

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