Full Moon in Virgo March 16, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Virgo on March 16, 2014 at 1:08 pm EDT.

Clocks have gone ahead, the sun is shining and spring is just around the corner. It will officially be spring when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20 at 12:56 pm marking the Spring Equniox. (Read about it here)

Full Moon's symbolize our growth, completion of a phase, fulfillment and fruition.

A couple of weeks ago we had the Pisces New Moon, now, as the Moon has grown, it reaches it’s full glory with this Full Moon in Virgo.

Our creative, inspired, intuitive selves and dreams have played an integral part in leading us towards appreciating our logical side. Our need to assess our routine way of living in the real world arises now.

The day after this Full Moon in Pisces, on March 17th, we have the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury, moving into Pisces. This ties together the Virgo-Pisces energy spectrum of this time nicely. The Earth, Air and Fire elements dominate now.

Our personal thoughts and feelings dance between logic and imagination. Since there is a conflict between air and earth elements, this Full Moon encourages us to bring our minds back down to earth through grounding exercises. Hatha yoga is a great practice now as it balances yin and yang energy, sun and moon energy, and grounds us back into the body. When thoughts are connected to the material realm we can make a difference in the world, from ideas to practical manifestation...

Such grounding practices will help you to make sense of your intuition and emotions so that you aren’t just lost in the realm of thoughts and feelings but are brought more consciously into the realm of material reality so they can be assessed, accessed and used.

A personal ritual on this Full Moon whether it is spiritual or mundane is a pleasant way to affirm to the universe what you know and where you stand. Let your spiritual practices be a part of your intention to shine fully as a living, breathing, spiritual being.

Everyone wants happiness. It is universal, but people often forget how to be happy and how to share happiness. This Full Moon is an opportunity to assess yourself and remember who you are at your best, your most aware, conscious and illuminated.
Consciously choose to connect to the truth of yourself and your reality in logical and imaginative ways by speaking affirmations that support your truth. Meditation is a key practice now that reunites you to the center of yourself where your true wisdom resides.

Breathing exercises are also great methods of self awareness that unite you with honoring your body and well being. Counting breaths also organizes the mind into a repetitive pattern which relates very well to Virgo.

Is there anything that you have found that has stood out as significant or symbolic in your day to day environment? Keep your eye out for items that seem to have an important message for you. As an example, finding a cat whisker at this time could symbolize astral travel, and point one in the direction of learning more about altered states, trances and imaginative lucid dreaming. Use your active imagination to merge the reality of an item in the physical world, with a more spiritual connotation and you’ll enter the realm of magical thinking.

With Mercury entering Pisces, some may feel the desire to enter altered states of mind. Some reach for an escape from reality, but there are healthier ways to tap into higher states of consciousness such as meditation, sacred sound, chanting and percussive instruments and ritual dance to enter the realm behind the veil.

Coming back down to earth, it’s a good time to get very organized and drawn into the more mundane acts such as spring cleaning mode. With the Virgo energy it’s important to tune into the higher vibration of organizing your life so you can let go of the lower vibration of Virgo, which is to worry about things going undone. A great time for hoarders to clear their mind, body and spirit of what has been a heavy burden. By putting your thoughts and behaviors in check you can be smart about your decisions and actions that stem from them.

It’s a fantastic time to get to work putting your paperwork and files in order. By being organized you’re able to use your energy in a smarter more confident manner.

For some, cleaning, organizing, and the everyday rituals you find to be important now could be deemed as a bit obsessive compulsive because people may not understand where you’re coming from. “Why is keeping things so bloody organized so important to you now?” one might be wondering. But the key is that having the structure it allows you to feel more on the ball, on top of your game and in control which induces a feeling of confidence and surety. Try to find the balance though, so you don’t drive others mad with your insistence and expectations that they are up to your level of organization.

With Mercury in Pisces, you will likely get an intuitive feeling from others that helps you recognize where you may not have been as compassionate and understanding. Increased sensitivity to others' feelings can reveal where you may be a bit too analytical and judgmental.

Some of you may feel very distracted and in your own bubble when Mercury enters Pisces. The routine practices that are affirmed and set in place now will help to keep you on track without getting too displaced in la-la land of dreams and imagination. Imagination is good, but there is a need for balance when the real world is calling for your attention. Flow with it but be aware of it so you can be present in the here and now when necessary.

Spending a late night up with the Moon is conducive to creative thinking. Artistic types and writers will feel an abundance of ideas arise now. Stay up as late as you want and connect with the power of the Moon.

With this Full Moon it is practicality that is emphasized. Consider how you have been building a frame of mind over the past couple of weeks that has been nudging you towards being more practical and organized in your life so you can be at your best.

Everything is preparing you look towards your future. Spring is on the horizon, just a few days away. Consider where all that is happening in your life these days is pulling you towards a future vision. Everything is pulling you there and will coalesce and come together at the right time.

With keen observation and analysis of your reactions and emotions, along with a tranquil attitude, you can bring yourself back down to earth, into a calm state so you can be efficient and effective in your work.

Ask questions, daydream, ponder, imagine, write down your night time dreams, and create.

Poetry is a great practice to engage in now. If you’re a creative person you should find the coming few weeks wonderfully inspiring, whether you’re into music, writing, visual arts or the like, the end of March will be fantastic for you to explore your talents and interests.

We’ll be posting more about what’s to come in our Weekly Horoscopes and in our Astrology Extras as well regarding transits, the Spring Equinox and more. You can follow along here.

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