New Moon in Aries March 30, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a New Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014 at 2:44 pm EDT.

With this New Moon in Aries it signifies an all new enthusiastic energy that allows you to start fresh with more energy to put towards the direction you’d like to go in.

The weekend of this New Moon is a great time to clear away any residual energy that you want to be rid of so you can move onward and upward. Spring cleaning in any area that needs your attention is a great idea to get you started with a more open space. Get rid of the distractions and mess that clutter up your life and hold you back so your energy can have more options.

From now and into the month of April the planetary energy is building towards the Grand Cardinal Cross that reaches it’s most precise configurations around the 20th of April. Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are coming closer together in their aspects and are joining forces. This early part of spring is certainly a time when transformation is happening that can feel like sudden changes open up everything to bigger possibilities in our lives.

This New Moon in Aries starts off this period and places emphasis on our growth through action and willpower. The energy of initiation is strengthening.

As we head through this month there is a bit of a building tension, but it is a tension that gives us strength and demands our courage to start fresh and change our life for the better. It will take courage and determination to push ourselves towards new heights. It is a time that makes us face challenges that are exhilarating and can help us thrive and prove ourselves. The warrior energy is strong.

Other people’s circumstances will also play an important role in how everything develops. Now we get to see more evidence of how we are interconnected with others. The choices and actions of others can help shape and mold our direction significantly. You are not an island. Pay closer attention to how your interactions and reactions with others play out as they will impact and create more of your overall experience than you usually notice.

For those of you interested in how this New Moon period affects your relationships Venus in Aquarius has a pleasant connection with Mars in Libra. Conversations and discussions of common interests and future plans can certainly bring you closer together and start a fresh chapter. Intelligence is attractive and magnetic now. With Venus in aspect to Saturn in Scorpio now, karma plays an important role in relationships. You’ll need to work on improving what you give and receive. Although the law of attraction certainly has it’s place, you will have to ensure you aren’t wishy-washy and waiting around for things to happen as you hope. Being down to earth matters now. What you do on the practical level is important. If any jealousy arises be sure to think it through from the heart instead of jumping to conclusions. With Mercury in aspect to Saturn, put your dreaminess into words. Poetic affairs bring the magic.

In financial affairs be real and make adult choices. Loans, resources and debt situations affect your future. If you’re going to make a purchase step back and think about all the consequences, pros and cons first. Some of you will feel the urge for independence calling you. Don’t splurge on purchases that are meant to feed the rebel in you as you’ll likely regret it after.

As this New Moon instigates our personal power, we will all feel the desire to be more assertive, but do be cautious and fair with others so you don’t create any unjust battles. Own your personal power, but be sure that you aren’t making choices that are coming too strongly from your ego. The ego can bring up our weaknesses and fears, so instead tap into the stronger power of this Aries New Moon and use your willpower to direct your life in a mutually empowering way. Sharing in the power of this time, giving and receiving, helps everyone around you raise their energy.

Utilize the energy of the Sun at this time to help you build your confidence. Rise above and shine as you climb to new heights.

Some of you will feel wealth is important now. If you’ve done the work you will be rewarded for your efforts. They will be recognized, especially if you point out that you are worth it. We all are climbing mountains and the challenges lead us to open up new vistas that wouldn’t be possible had those challenges not been there to push us to explore new paths.

Keep your eye open for synchronicities. Significant numbers will show up at the right time for you to decipher and interpret their message.

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