Sun in Aries. Spring Equinox March 20, 2014. Happy Spring!

It's officially spring as of March 20, 2014 at 12:56 pm EDT in the northern hemisphere when the Sun enters Aries.

In the southern hemisphere it's the first day of autumn - another beautiful season to enjoy. For autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower, as existentialist author and philosopher Albert Camus so aptly put.

Well we made it through winter here in the northern hemisphere, and now we get to enjoy the delights of spring. This is the astrological New Year when the Sun travels through the zodiac cycle once again from our perspective here on earth.

When the snow melts and the rain falls new seeds begin to grow preparing us for the lusciousness of earthy Taurus next month. April showers then May flowers...

It's a time for enthusiasm for life. Whatever projects you've been putting off during the winter will get a chance to have your renewed energy brought forth to grow and bloom into inspired creations. When the new moon in Aries arrives at the end of the month, the inspiration you feel now will get an extra boost.

We all get a chance to bring more of our light into the world as we get excited about the prospects of a freer experience of life enjoying the outdoors and connecting with others more. Singing birds symbolize our renewal of life force energy bringing the music of life back to the world.

If you haven't started spring cleaning, this weekend will be a great time to restore a positive energy flow to your environment so there is less in the way of you to start new projects.

Have a blessed week and bring your enthusiasm forward by taking action to affirm who you are in the world. Set your intention to have a new beginning. It's such a great time to intentionally create new balance in your life and to enjoy working with others to enthusiastically grow your opportunities and reach towards a brighter future.

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