Weekly Astrology Horoscopes March 24-30, 2014

This week we continue the path of new beginnings as spring begins. Now that the Sun is in Aries we are given more light that will just keep bringing us more abundance.

At the end of the week we will be graced by a New Moon in Aries. Your determination to start fresh will lead you to inspired new beginnings that are destined to grow. We'll talk more about that at the end of the week too. 

The buds and seedlings starting in the natural world are a symbol for what we are to experience in life.

This week, make sure you keep thinking and dreaming about what you want to start fresh when the New Moon arrives on the 30th. Get rid of anything that could get in your way. Spring cleaning is the perfect practice to work on this week to help you make space for clarity.

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Aries: As the week begins getting things started will be tied to your emotional state. What needs to be done is an area that has lots of questions and lacks clarity. Center yourself before you speak. Be understanding and compassionate in your words. Try to share your thoughts from a place that is calm and wise. You are the center of your emotions, choices, and actions. You’ll feel a new cycle begins in your life at the end of the week.

Taurus: Your work and career, or your goals, will benefit from your attention this week. What you’re most interested in doing will pull you in like a magnet. Thinking about your romantic life and the future it holds will also be an area to look at. Intelligence attracts you. Nature will teach you about the magic of life this week. The buds on lilacs symbolize a new spiritual beginning for you.

Gemini: Work may not be so thrilling as your dreamlike quality will dominate your daily life. Use your ability to visualize and the power of gratitude to raise your emotional vibration to feel more abundant. Your financial picture can benefit from your ability to daydream about greater possibilities. You can help alleviate worry by making your daily routine feel purposeful.

Cancer: Your dreams are important this week. The meaning of life matters to you now. As the week begins looking to other people that have climbed the metaphorical mountain can certainly inspire you. A vision board is a great practice. The visual cues for a broader worldview will help you know yourself better. Consider what new goals would exhilarate you. Make them happen.

Leo: There is a lot of great, new energy surrounding you now. If you give yourself a few moments of sunshine, meaningful inspirations will dawn on you. Bask like the lion in the rays of light. You’ll also feel really good if you organize yourself and set goals. With the new moon at the end of the week, it’s the perfect time to expand your worldview. Travel brochures could inspire new horizons.

Virgo: Conversations with people about mysterious and mystical subjects would provoke the most interesting ideas. You may also have an empathetic point of view this week. Your sensitivities to the suffering of others could awaken a new way of thinking about life. Your compassionate stance can lead you to new realizations about the importance of healing. What others say has multiple interpretations and meanings.

Libra: You may feel empowered this week, even sexy, sensual or alluring in your magnetism. Have fun with it. Give yourself a makeover that feels like you’re moving into the future with a better grasp of your own desires and identity. A little bit of a rebellion against the old you will put new sizzle in your step. Other people who are strong willed and highly conscious will inspire you.

Scorpio: Whether you are in a relationship, want one, or are observing other couples behavior towards one another, you learn your best lessons about yourself now by being aware of how your magnetism attracts and repels. Being creative this week is paramount to your emotional state. Get organized so you can start a new, inspiring project when the new moon arrives.

Sagittarius: You may find you’re just not as clear on things as you’d like to be so ask more questions than usual this week. Money matters could be foggy too, especially regarding borrowing and loans. Your emotional state impacts your sense of stability as the week begins. Make sure you spare time for laughter. Humor makes your week lighter, helping you feel more confident. Life is like the theater.

Capricorn: You’ll feel self-confident as the week begins by intentionally sending the message to the universe that you are abundant. Affirmations work wonders for your emotions now, so use them. Make time for daydreaming this week. Bounce the most strangely wondrous ideas off those closest to you. Big dreams and ideas are an excellent way for you to start the spring season.

Aquarius: You gain self-respect and understand how much you love yourself this week. All the effort and hard work you’ve put into your goals and achievements remind you that loving who you are is worth it all. Toss a coin into a water fountain this week and just dream about life’s possibilities. Your efforts reap rewards and grant you that feeling of abundance you deserve.

Pisces: It has been said that television is the most addictive drug. It can be a most passive escape from reality. However, your life is like a movie that you are directing and producing. You get to write the script and play the roles. Devote yourself to your best characteristics of abundance now. At the end of the week you can start bringing forward ideas that lead to growing prosperity.

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