Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for March 3-9, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

There is a lot happening in the sky these days.

At the end of last week, on February 28th, Mercury went direct in Aquarius after having been retrograde for a few weeks.

Then we had the New Moon in Pisces on March 1 which will bring its energy to the astrological atmosphere over the next couple of weeks as it grows towards the Full Moon.

This new moon is an important part of fresh starts that will continue to grow this week, so you may want to read more about the New Moon in Pisces here.

Mars started his retrograde phase in Libra on the same day as the New Moon on March 1st and on the 2nd, Saturn started his retrograde phase in Scorpio.

As we progress through the week we have Venus entering Aquarius on March 5. The next day, Jupiter shifts gears after having been retrograde in Cancer for many moons, he will start direct at the end of this week. So, as the week begins, Jupiter is standing still in Cancer as he prepares to go direct on March 6.

That’s a lot of changes over a week long period. Can you feel the energy of change coming on in your life these days? How your sign will feel all these changes is written below.

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Aries: Your ruling planet, Mars, is now starting a retrograde phase until late May, 2014. You will notice that your drive and willpower will take on a more internalized approach. There will be a fiery, energetic shift within that makes you feel inspired about you and your life. The competition is only within yourself. You will start to own, with greater clarity, that your quest in life and your creative energy are driving forces that come from a much deeper place within yourself. All of this is motivated by your desire to find greater truth about who you are. When relating to others from an inspired place you find greater balance in life. You’ll notice over the week that you will think more frequently about what inspires you to work on yourself so you can have a brighter future. Other people who have tread the path before and done the work that inspires you are good role models to pay attention to now. It’s a great time to exercise to build up your internal reserves of energy. It’s not about the superficialities of a beach body, it’s about harnessing your core energy that brings the greatest, most meaningful shifts now.

Taurus: If you’re in a relationship, it’s a good time to talk with your partner about how you balance your finances so you can have a good understanding of where each of you are coming from. In the material world, climbing the mountain of a meaningful life takes work, patience and effort. Venus, your ruling planet, will be moving into Aquarius this week bringing an all new energy to your goals. Your career and material life-matters start to focus more on manifesting a greater vision for the future. You’ll also be able to realize, and thus share, how blessed you are in an important area of life. Writers and journalists will feel renewal in their efforts, and doing the work to impact the bigger picture will feel more pronounced. The new moon last weekend kickstarts you to identifying what others are doing that reflects the type of energy you want to bring into the world from a compassionate standpoint. Feeling abundant gives you the right state of mind to positively impact the goals you set this week.

Gemini: Lots of interesting ideas will arise this week for you that are philosophical and futuristic. In order to create a life that is worthwhile and feels like it is meaningful, you would do well to take a look at what gives you a boost of energy and makes you feel invigorated. Playing strategic games on your own, or with others are a great way to stimulate inventive ideas. Games like chess, that require you to think a few moves in advance, will give you good practice in improving that quality of planning within yourself, while also having fun. It will also put you in a space where you are in a type of thinking mode that is not rushed. Having time to sit back and think and have conversations is really good for your state of mind now. Your relationship to others improves when you are easygoing and open to philosophically inclined conversations. This week is also a good time to sit down and organize your debt plan. Looking at the fine details helps you plan a way forward that is grounded and realistic.

Cancer: After such a long time in retrograde in your sign, Jupiter is going to start heading in direct motion. This is great news. Well, having Jupiter in your sign in the first place is great anyway, but now that he’s going direct, you’ll start to feel more comfortable expressing your personality with an air of abundance. Not ego; but abundance. All that you have realized the past few months about yourself, and all that gratitude for being who you are and knowing yourself with greater wisdom, makes you glow with a greater air of truth. Now, as we move forward you can share who you have become with greater confidence, knowing that you are an honest person with a lot to offer. You’ve been doing the work to get to know yourself more honestly and you deserve the best. It is a time of giving as a statement to the universe that you are overflowing with the intention of serving life. It’s such a good time for you to start whatever your heart believes is worth your attention.

Leo: You’re in a transformative phase. With the Sun in Pisces, reaching for higher awareness brings you to a newfound experience of life. With Jupiter going direct this week, and positively connecting with the Sun, your spiritual growth gets even more emphasis. It’s a dreamy time for you, and daydreams that arise when you’re relaxing in the Sun can have profoundly insightful revelations for you. When you’re communicating with others, whether it be in person, online or on the phone, the right words and messages are conveyed when you’re thinking with a bit more of a strategic perspective than usual. Be careful and conservative if you’re thinking about renovations, hidden costs could come up, so plan with a bumper in your budget. Someone that you fancy could show up this week, someone you may see a future with. Flirty conversations will don you fine. In money matters, take a look at what others do to plan for their future for ideas. Investing could do you well, but listen to someone who gives smart advice before you go ahead.

Virgo: The future of your health starts now. It may be tempting to get the latest, scientifically tested device or plan hyped up in an infomercial for toning your abs and shaping your thighs, but don’t bother, really. Instead of making it all about external gadgets and external looks, make it about the feeling you get in the process. How you feel about yourself, how you perceive yourself is going through a time of clarity and development. Take advantage of the current phase of your life and starting fresh, by giving yourself a routine that unites body and mind in a healthy, integrated way. It’s important that you don’t judge yourself, but instead you are compassionate and caring for your mind and body now. You may have moments of doubts, but to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts that hold you back from living better, post positive reminders up on your mirrors. Wherever you know you’ll see a positive statement regularly, like by your computer, post a note to yourself that reminds you of how you love and value yourself. It will make a difference.

Libra: Mars has been in your sign for some time now. On March 2, he started his retrograde phase and will continue this path in your sign for a couple more months. You will start to notice changes happening that are more internalized and reflective. It’s a good time to actively pursue whatever inspires you and makes you feel more authentic in your identity. Surround yourself with people that are motivated to become better versions of themselves and it will rub off on you. You’ll get a number of clues and wake up calls as we head towards spring, that remind you to like yourself and honor your personality. You’ll understand what drives you, prompts you, inspires you and motivates you to be who you are in the world. All of this is part of you getting much more clear on your internal world so you can get closer to travelling your destined path with greater purpose. If money matters feel heavy, just remember that the responsible work you do to create a strong foundation is what gives you the power to spring forward with confidence.

Scorpio: Self doubt is a part of life. It gives you an opportunity to get to know yourself and accept yourself. Your flaws can be a part of your perfection. Uniqueness is valued in the universe. As Saturn will be retrograde, now until July, it’s a time of becoming responsible for who you are. Take greater pride in knowing who you are. Your self-awareness helps you to shift your karma for the better. The shadow side of oneself is often buried, hidden and ignored because many people don’t like facing the reality that not everything in life is all roses and rainbows. We all have the complexity of light and darkness within us, and we work through all these aspects of ourselves to become fully human. This is an opportunity for you to become more conscious. As you acknowledge that work needs to be done and that you need to take ownership for your path and karma in life, you become aware of how you hold yourself back from the greater truth of your human qualities. Your self worth grows, and you become more comfortable with your whole self over time. Reflect on your potential to give and receive more love to yourself. You and your future is worth it.

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Jupiter, starts direct in Cancer later this week and he’s really comfortable there. He’s been retrograde in Cancer since November, and this shift in energy is welcome. A positive, expansive mood will arise for many of us, but for you especially. Many of you will get a welcome tax return this year. Focus on managing your finances, investments and resources now will do you well. If you were considering a bank loan or getting a cosigner for the past couple of months, this would be a good time to go ahead and ensure your future plans are in line with your financial strategy. Though it is a positive time for you to attract resources, patience will serve you better than having excessively high expectations. Many Sagittarians will feel the changes that happen now in the financial sector will help open up possibilities and create a stronger foundation and sense of self-worth. It’s a good time to talk about future plans with a partner.

Capricorn: You’ll have a much clearer picture of where you stand this week in terms of finances or at least feel a stronger dedication to getting on top of things. You’ll also be able to make better decisions about what is worth your attention. As the week progresses the pleasures of foods, flavors and romantic rendezvous will bring you back down to earth. All that is beautiful will help you feel settled and present in your body. If you focus on what makes you feel strong, secure and prosperous this week you’ll set yourself up for a future that honors your sense of self worth more fully. Be open to advice from others that have been there and done that. What you believe the future deserves to become will be on your mind. How your choices affect the collective human condition is important for you to consider now. Karma gets real. You have the power to transform your life and fill the lives of others with abundance. Be happy for others and your gratitude for what you have will grow.

Aquarius: This week you are capable of being on top of your game. Making smart, effective decisions with an eye to the future puts you on the road to greater wealth. Your self esteem gets a boost when you recognize how beautiful you are inside and out. It’s not egoism, but more about self-love and honoring your personality that matters. Getting down to the nitty gritty and doing the work is good for your career and goals. This is a turning point in your career where you take more responsibility for the outcomes you desire. You’ll also notice that the meaning of your life gets extra emphasis now, asking you to honor the inspiration that arises, bringing you to a place of honesty. You are willing to grow and take initiative that spurs you to actively pursue the big picture of your life. Put your ideas on paper and watch them grow.

Pisces: You could have a lot of fun this week by letting go of your self-doubts and inhibitions a bit. Be creative and release yourself into the unknown exploratory world of joy and artistry. Be big, bold and theatrical in your expression. Dress up in a symbolic manner for the fun of it. Put meaning behind the colors you choose, and the way the materials flow. Let your attire represent the energy you want to put forth. With the Sun in your sign and the Moon having started off a two week period of growth with the New Moon in Pisces you can really shine now. You are able to actively engage in self transformation this week. Yoga poses that require attention and stamina are a perfect way for you to develop inner strength and willpower. Self-discovery comes from the serious inner work you do when in your down-time as much as it comes from the fun, spontaneous moments where you embellish your eccentricities.

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