Weekly Astrology Horoscopes March 10-16, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

This week Mercury, Mars, Saturn and the Sun take center stage. These planets make connections that bring us back to the present moment so we can assess our lives honestly. After all is said and done, we get to move forward with a stronger grasp on reality.

This week the questions get real to help you take ownership for your actions so you can acknowledge and accept the reality you are creating. What does it really mean to be responsible? Are you being responsible in your life? This is a week to be present in what you do in the physical realm. Lessons will arise for all of us that will require our attention and presence in the here and now so we can become wiser to our life’s situations and overcome our limitations and obstacles.

If your head has been in the clouds, this week will bring you back to reality of the practical, down to earth requirements of living. If you’re usually an escapist, preferring to put your head in the sand and deny what’s really going on in your life and the world, you will get a reality check this week.

This week requires you to acknowledge the value of being patient. Having a slow, steady pace towards your goals is essential. Saying no to the things you don’t need so that you can save money and energy to put towards what you really want in the longer term vision for your life is a fundamental lesson offered this week.

All of us, as a collective, need to honestly assess where we are so that we can know why we are where we are. Your actions have consequences. It is a law of the universe. Karma is what we manifest according to what we do.  We each get the chance to gain clarity this week regarding how we have manifested the situations in our lives that we are faced with. Debt is the perfect example. Your choices and actions matter to your future.

Pay attention to what is, and deal with the important concerns, so you can move ahead and beyond them towards a better future.

Aries: Other people may get on your nerves, or they may positively excite you. You may certainly have an independent streak happening this week. If people around you are not bringing you the type of energy you want to be around, it’s best to take the lead and seek out those who will. Conversations with like minded people will help you feel the internal motivation and inspiration that heads you towards the destiny you want to create. You may also feel a greater cause calls for your attention and lights you up inside.

Taurus: Being responsible, organized and resourceful gives you a boost and infuses you with a goal oriented mindset. This week, take an honest assessment of where you are going in career or other mountains you wish to climb. Getting the work done gives you personal satisfaction and reminds you of how the work makes you feel abundant, purposeful, and fortunate. You are capable of manifesting the destiny you desire by harnessing a tactical approach and going for it.

Gemini: As an air sign, you may certainly live in your mind more than in the physical realm. Whether your mind is embedded in a book, online playing games, chatting or texting, you’ve got to come back to earth once in a while and take a deep breath. Take care of your body and bring your attention to healthy food, self-care and exercise. Take an honest assessment of how you care for yourself and treat your body. Your body-mind connection will give you a new outlook on life this week. Have fun bringing yourself into greater balance.

Cancer: Are you happy with your life? How can you live happily each day? Taking responsibility for yourself brings you closer to owning your life, and thus, your happiness. Don’t be afraid to ask for resources that will help your future, but you will have to prove that you’re worth the investment. Showing a genuine interest in creating a better life for yourself gives you, and others, more confidence in where you’re headed. 

Leo: It’s natural to disagree and argue with people. Everyone is different. It’s normal. People simply don’t agree on everything. Maintain healthy boundaries that feel comfortable now. Knowing that everyone has something private they’d like to keep to themselves, be compassionate and understanding if a secret comes out. Your curiosity may get the best of you, but if you can talk to others with a balanced approach you’ll receive the information in a more open, friendlier manner.

Virgo: Sometimes things need to be said. Life can become messy when things are not said. This is a time to take your power back instead of pushing things under the rug. But you need to be sure that what you say is heard, and that requires you to use your brain before speaking so you don’t push people away. Make sure you find a respectful way to get your message across, so that the future is better because of it. Say it right and you’ll feel good by the end of the week.

Libra: Patience and hard work will help you become debt free. Most people are stuck at the lower end of the system, constantly giving away their money to the bank. Most people want everything now, but just look at the mess it puts people in for things they really don’t need. Marketing convinces people to want so much that they go into an endless cycle of debt. Is that how you want to live your life? Start making smarter choices using your willpower and you’ll be happier.

Scorpio: A certain part of society teaches us to be self-conscious and ashamed about ourselves for various aspects of our human qualities, including the way we look and act. If there are things about yourself that you are uncomfortable with, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “Where does that belief come from?” This week you get a chance to talk yourself into liking yourself better because you know the truth of who you are and you’re worthy of care and respect.

Sagittarius: People are social animals. People gossip. It’ natural to talk about what’s going on in your life and often times that involves other people and situations. Everyone has an opinion. There’s nothing wrong with talking, but be fair and try to be objective so you don’t fall into an overly judgmental attitude. Make responsible, compassionate assessments and try to be honest and fair with the information you have and you’ll feel a lot lighter and comfortable being real.

Capricorn: Time to yourself is good for you now. Your money matters benefit from your attention. Your willingness to do the work helps your career and finances which in turn helps you feel more balanced and on track. Expectations from others may arise. Be willing to talk about where you are coming from so they understand your frame of mind better. Be easy on yourself. You’ll learn a lot about yourself this week by making important, responsible decisions. It’s a good time to do the work necessary to pay down debts and think about the future.

Aquarius: To liberate yourself, you must free your mind. If there is lack of confidence or doubts in terms of your career or goals, there is no rush. Take your time and ponder the potential outcomes of your actions. It’s a time of karmic awareness. What you do matters and why you do it matters. If you can look at your intentions with honesty and with gratitude, you’ll feel lighter knowing that you’re creating a foundation in your life that is meaningful and prosperous.

Pisces: Our society continues to run on the idea of unlimited capacity, but that is not the truth of reality. The world does not have infinite resources. Without boundaries we perpetuate the destructive imbalance excess consumerism creates. You know deep down that you do not need a constant supply of more meaningless stuff in an attempt to find fulfilment. Shift your actions to reflect a more conscious worldview this week. You’ll feel good about yourself when you identify with the benefits of responsible choices.

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  1. thanks this time it's been straight to the mind/heart kind of prediction. please keep all your predictions like tis present week so that focusing on essentials of sun/moon and ascendant is easier and apply to our life. Please keep up the good work thanks once again. god bless

  2. Thanks for these. I'm an Aquarius. I feel like I'm in the matrix.


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