Weekly Astrology Horoscopes March 17-23, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

As the week begins Mercury moves into Pisces on March 17, bringing us closer to our dreams.

Venus and Uranus have a cordial affair, imploring us to enjoy lovely surprises.

Then, a couple of days later, the excitement happens when the Sun moves into Aries on the 20th to start an all new cycle.

This is the beginning of the Astrological New Year and the first day of spring. We all anticipate good things when the Sun brings more light into our lives and life starts to flourish all around us.

Mercury plays an important role this week in Pisces, where he pleasantly connects with Neptune. We enjoy the universe as the place of great wonder it truly is. We are also implored, as a collective, to think with a more compassionate point of view.

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Aries: You get a boost this week. Hopes of having a fresh start will makes you feel alive and well. A frame of mind that is growth oriented and inspired taps you into a vision that is so lovely and exciting. It is your birthday month. You have reason to celebrate. Spend time outside. Let the sun shine on your skin. It’s a great time for you to look up to the heavens and dream.

Taurus: Setting your sights on achieving your goals this week will be a delightful way to ring in the spring season. Your soul gets lit up when you bring your appreciation of how new beginnings are a spiritual process. “Know Thyself” is a famous axiom inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. You get a chance to do just that this week. A higher place of consciousness calls you. Get closer to nature.

Gemini: Your ruling planet enters the mystical realm of Pisces this week and gets a double-whammy by meeting up with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. It will feel natural to dream and ponder the cosmic origins of existence this week, and will open you up to new ways of interpreting your life. Synchronicities, especially in your work, are worth your contemplation.

Cancer: You may have a surprise at home that insists you find your emotional balance as the week begins. It’s a very dreamy week. Reading and writing anything philosophical and spiritual will open up an all new world of meaning for you. Don’t hesitate to try your hand at something creative or artistic. Daydreams of travel will do you well. Bring new spring energy to your work.

Leo: The law of attraction is worth exploring this week. You know how to have fun in life, and part of that is having a bit of fantasy thrown into the mix of reality. Your interest in learning will light up. With the energy of the sun bringing us the pleasures of new energy in spring, you will find your life to feel renewed with meaning. It’s a time for you to philosophize about life and become wiser.

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters the dreamy atmosphere of Pisces as the week begins. Other people can inspire you to think and be more creatively inspired. Look up to the heavens and let your mind wander. Watch for synchronicities. You can attract what you need to feel lighter. Listen to other people’s words. They can open you up to grand, new, magical ideas.

Libra: Everyone wants happiness and part of that is ensuring you make time for fun. Feeling good about what you are creating and manifesting will be more exciting when you put it in context to the broader picture of your future. A vision board will help you dream in an organized way. Let other people show you their light. Let go of judgment and allow truth prevail and you’ll be happy.

Scorpio: You’ll be at your best this week when you’re being creative and letting yourself feel amused. Laugh heartily and let go of any underlying distrust about life. Instead, favor enjoying each day and its larger mysteries. You create better karma for yourself when you make the time you do have here well intentioned. The magic of life often arrives in synchronistic ways. Be open.

Sagittarius: Your home environment symbolizes an extension of you. Spring cleaning can be a magical act. It clears out stagnant, old energy and lets the chi flow with your intentions, as Feng Shui practitioners are well aware. Step outside for fresh air later in the week. Spring will renew your energy. Get a few more houseplants. You’ll find pleasure in growing nature in your home.

Capricorn: The way you think and talk may take a much dreamier quality. Taking short trips, especially near bodies of water, will enhance your creative mind and cleanse your spirit. Open up your blind and curtains to let the light shine into your home environment. Spring is going to bring more enthusiasm into your life. You don’t need to hibernate anymore. Renovate your life.

Aquarius: Your ability to dream your existence into reality is not just a concept. Thoughts become things. The way you love yourself and admire who you are is best when it is shared. You get a sudden realization about who you are that inspires you to grow even more fully into your identity as a beautiful soul. Let yourself embody light that exudes from your core.

Pisces: You will notice a lot of synchronicities this week. Not all will make sense, but you will certainly be in wonderment of how the coincidences are too obvious to deny. When spring begins you feel like the extra boost of light provides you with hope that feels real and tangible. Remember your blessings this week. It’s a special time where you can enjoy the magic of life.

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