Weekly Astrology Horoscope March 31-April 6, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Well it’s April this week. Hearing the birds singing and feeling the warm sun is delightful and promising. Blue Jays and Cardinals chirping and lilac trees budding reminds us that new life is emerging. Inspiration to get out and live is here.

As April begins the Sun and Jupiter have a connection that may make us feel excessively confident, which could work out well if you can keep your ego in check and share that abundant feeling without being boastful. The Sun also reaches out to Uranus in harmony which can help us to suddenly feel like we’re glowing and are moving towards a future full of promise.

Mercury in Pisces connects with Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio this week as well and brings us to that magical state of mind where the law of attraction gets our attention. How we think and act in the world affects our karmic paths and draws to us the results - what you sow you shall reap. Venus also brings her beauty to the realm of Pisces on the 5th. Next week, Mercury leaves Pisces and joins the Sun and Uranus in Aries. Prepare for the new.

For just about everyone it’s going to feel like a very busy week overall. Do find some me-time in the middle of the week if possible to keep yourself feeling healthy and not run-down. Use the new spring energy to do what empowers you. Don’t wait around for others to choose what you want.

Aries: It’s going to be a busy week for you. As the week begins you may feel overwhelmed with what’s on your plate. But, as the week progresses you feel more empowered and thrive on the tension that is pushing you forward. It’s essential that you find ways to balance your energy. Exercise can certainly re-calibrate your system. Prepare for a fresh state of mind for next week.

Taurus: You should be busy tidying up loose ends with work this week. Use this week as a period to consider your destiny. Your health and well being need your attention. Stretch and move. Contemplation is required, then action. Learn from other people’s past and their mistakes. How you can make what you really want become a part of reality, not just remain an idea?

Gemini: Even if you don’t feel all that practical as the week begins, you will get a dose of reality that feels like you have been living in the land of dreams for a while. Try a little yoga and stretching to bring yourself to the present. Your body influences your mind and vice-versa. Your thought patterns mold your choices. Your imagination provides the seeds to your direction.

Cancer: Your self-confidence comes from doing your best in your goals. Don’t expect things to fall into your lap. You are capable of reaching the top of mountains, but the expectations you set for yourself, and the heights you wish to achieve depend on you doing the work. Self-awareness may suddenly dawn on you this week, leading you to set goals that allow you to truly know thyself.

Leo: Now is a time of blessing for you. With the Sun in the middle of fellow fire sign Aries, getting so close to Uranus, keep your eyes open for the universe to bestow on you an awakening. It’s a time where you can become truly wise and move far beyond your limitations. By expressing happiness this week, you will open up the doors for new learning that leads you somewhere good.

Virgo: Your internal drive to balance your life and to feel secure is important this week. Spending money wisely helps you feel more energized and focused. By having a practical plan that is rooted in financial wisdom you set yourself up for a future that relieves tension. Communication with a financial advisor would do you well. Get your debt under control and you’ll feel lighter.

Libra: Trust your power.Trust your destiny. Your free will is a force that merges with your fate. It’s not about power tripping to get what you want, it’s more about being comfortable and confident in yourself so you can enjoy life and have fun. Your future starts with now. You are the one who creates the path towards the joy you seek. Be spontaneous and the light bulb turns on.

Scorpio: The depths of the ocean are not well understood by most but only dreamed of. Like the story of Atlantis, life is a mystery. The past and the future are what they are, and now is the only moment you can make. How you feel about yourself this week will be greatly influenced by your creativity. Choose something that allows you to express your subconscious, then you’ll know.

Sagittarius: Jupiter, your ruling planet, is in Cancer, and reaches out to the Sun in Aries this week. A bit of spontaneous fun will help you switch up your energy and clear your emotional state relieving any daily tension or irritation. Keep your energy fresh and curious this week. You could have a bit of a psychic awakening that energizes you. Fine Arts can be magical.

Capricorn: If you have a lot of debt, or financial challenges, you obviously will not experience that sense of freedom and security you want. It’s a transformational time for you, one that gets you to consider how you can rise like a phoenix. Talking about your options and your dreams for your future with your peers will change your perspective. You’ll attract the right synchronicities.

Aquarius: It’s a great week to get in touch with your body. You may be feeling energized, with a dynamic spectrum from tension to sensuality. You deserve to remind yourself of your greatness. Loving yourself helps you feel your personal power this week. It gives you freedom. Technological communications could be a bit challenging this week. Money matters get more attention at the end of the week.

Pisces: This is the final week Mercury is in your sign, so enjoy it. This is a time to dream up fascinating concepts. Allow your fantasies to distant lands inspire your creativity. You may also find the middle of the week brings you an insight into your money matters that has you reevaluate your expectations. Be careful having fun doesn’t have you overspending on friends and colleagues.

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