Weekly Astrology Horoscopes April 14-20, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

With the Full Moon in Libra on Tuesday and the Lunar Eclipse, and the Grand Cardinal Cross, the introduction to this week's astrological happenings has its own post - you can read more here for the bigger picture. 

Aries: Mercury, Uranus and the Sun are in your sign and your ruling planet, Mars, continues retrograde in Libra. Others may ask you to be more considerate of how your words and actions, or lack thereof, impacts how they think about themselves. Walks or jogging after a long day is good for you and helps you release pent up energy. Spend quality time with a companion.

Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, is now in Pisces and reaches out to Jupiter and Pluto. This is a great configuration for you to bring more love and appreciation of what you have into the world. You create great shifts in the overall pattern of your life and the lives of others when you put love first and foremost when making important decisions. Music that touches your soul will change you.

Gemini: Having your freedom would be wonderful this week, but you’ll likely find that it may not be so easy to have your own space and sense of independence. You need it though, so when other people may require of you more than you honestly wish to give, step back. You don’t have to shout or create drama for your own space, you just need to speak up. At the end of the week commune with nature and you’ll feel lighter.

Cancer: You continue to be asked to grow. Transforming your life isn’t alway easy, it doesn’t happen overnight, but with focus and a goal towards a more abundant life, you can get there. For those of you looking for work, keep sending out resumes this week. You may be required to do more around the house than usual too. Be willing and you’ll start to feel more empowered.

Leo: You’re granted enthusiasm for life when you head in the direction of your life’s purpose. What is your life’s purpose? Think about that this week. Watch for synchronicities. Read more, talk more, learn more, go out more. Explore life. Keep the lines of communication open whenever you feel there is a blockage and you’ll gain greater confidence and willpower.

Virgo: Your energy gets a boost when you are not afraid to stand your ground and take ownership for your life. Putting your energy towards making money and being able to take care of yourself and work with others to improve your circumstances is a necessary part of life. Paying your debts and setting the stage for a better future through responsibility gives you confidence.

Libra: The material world is actually a very magical world. Once you can grasp the concept of energy and matter being one, you get to make great shifts in your world. By connecting with the heart you feel like you’re on track. Even though there is a lot going on in and around you, your ability to balance your internal energy is a demonstration that affects everyone around you. Make a difference by being real, down to earth, while also being spiritually aware.

Scorpio: The weight of the world is one you can overcome simply by changing your attitude and philosophy of life. Everyone has situations and circumstances to work through, and those very things gives life meaning. They are catalysts to you knowing yourself, others and the world better. Your thoughts make a major shift this week that impacts life all around. Watch the changes within slowly reveal themselves. You are asked to trust. Going within, changes everything.

Sagittarius: Your relationship with others is going to get an eye opener this week. Money matters, banking and the concept of wealth should get your attention and cause you to reflect on how you can change your circumstances. Your wit comes in handy, especially when others push your buttons. Use charm and humor wisely as tools to disarm any situation. You may find gossip about drama has a certain pleasure that allows you to release pent up emotions.

Capricorn: Lately you've been aware that your life is going through a great shift. This week you will feel that it hits home directly and has you needing your own time for you. Pluto stations retrograde this week in your sign. There is a lot of potential for growth and much of it is from facing your relationship with someone else. You will see the path to your higher goals by taking the time to weigh the pros and cons.

Aquarius: Trying to find the meaning of your life has a lot to do with gut instinct now. By tapping right into the source and accessing the yin and yang energy within yourself, you will know what’s right. Awareness shows up suddenly and by surprise once you start thinking about the new and fresh start you desire. Speaking your mind will put you in situations that make you learn a lot.

Pisces: With Venus nearing the center-point of your sign you should start to feel and appreciate how beautiful you really are at your core. Take the time to take off the mask and enter that space in yourself that feels loved. Realizing the higher goal of humanity hits home this week. You realize that although life requires a lot of work, it is also full of beauty and growth to be enjoyed. Talking brings you down to earth and draws inspiration.

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