Weekly Astrology Horoscopes April 28-May 4, 2014 and a New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse

Weekly Overview 
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The Sun and Moon will officially meet for the New Moon in Taurus on April 29, 2014 at 2:14 am EDT.

We also have the partial Solar Eclipse happening which will be visible for those on the other side of the planet in Australia.

Mercury is also in close orb to this New Moon where the mind meets matter.

This week is a time where we are moving towards letting go of what was, especially the recent tense situations relating to the Grand Cardinal Cross, so we can move towards what we truly value. Any residual anger can be lifted for a brighter view of life by gratefully honoring what we have to be thankful for.

It’s a time to get reacquainted with your body, the earth and to renew your outlook on how you live from a practical sense in the world. Money matters get talked about more and taken more seriously as well. How you use your money reflects your values.

Healthy food choices especially natural, organic, non-gmo foods are the better choice now. What you choose to put into your body reflects how much you care for yourself. Many people are also finding themselves to be having health issues now that are purging the body of what is not needed and moving towards renewed wellness.

It’s also a good time to be talking about your values in a more philosophical sense as well. With Mercury in Taurus connecting with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn, it’s a good time to consider how your goals are a part of your intention to find meaning and purpose in your life. Be willing to wake-up to a new you.

As the week progresses talking about what matters counts. You may also find arrangements with others, especially regarding resources and financial agreements, needs to be practical, realistic and fair. Know your worth. It’s a time of prosperity, so plant the seeds so abundance can follow.

The birds are singing in the early morning reminding us about the music of life. The buds are arriving on trees and flowers are emerging. We’re all being reacquainted with the power and abundance of the earth now and how the world is full of the life force and such immense beauty. Get in touch with that power this week.

Find time this week to go outside for a walk and get in touch with the earth element for a renewed sense of purpose, wellness and awareness of your life and the life around you.

Trust in your worth in the grand scheme of things.

Your Weekly Horoscopes for each sign - April 28-May 3, 2014

Aries: Now that tax season is coming to a close, you get to move forward with new financial plans. It would be a good time for you to take a closer look at your money matters and investments to make sure everything is in order. Take an overview of your material possessions and consider how that reflects your state of mind. By being clear on what you have and what you want, you can make new choices that better reflect your values. It’s also a potent time for you to pop the question, renew your vows, or tell your significant other how much you love them. Long-term partnerships get serious.

Taurus: Knowing what you have to offer because of what you have accomplished and who you have become reminds you of how important you are to yourself and to others. Focus on being abundant and feeling prosperous. This is also your week to wake up and smell the coffee, the earth, the flowers and savoring your food. Get reaquainted with your earthly self and bring your attention closer to the material world and you’ll feel renewed.

Gemini: If you can get outside for a while this week and enjoy nature, you’ll start to feel more at ease with the grand scheme of things. Your place in the world will take on a more spiritual connotation as you realize how the foundation of the world is imbued with the life force energy. Your intentions matter a lot this week. Consider money as a form of energy that you get to use to make a difference and reflect your higher values.

Cancer: Your home, career and how you relate to other people continues to be important aspects of your life now. This New Moon can bring you into alignment with others of like-mind so you can work towards making practical changes that positively impact your life. Focus on making life better. Plant the seeds and water them well. How much abundance you attract is directly related to how much you value yourself and consider yourself to be worth. So, think big.

Leo: What you think about your career changes this week. A light goes on revealing a new way of looking at things. At times you may feel like you want to let go of any heavy burdens. Some of you may have to consider relocating, or changing your commute from home to work. Others will want to start working from home more and try to find the balance. Stay open and consider the best ways to make your daily routine more effective and worthwhile.

Virgo: You’re probably going to have a wake up call this week. With the New Moon and eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus, you’re going to have an all new way of looking at what really matters to you. You could also use a change of pace that involves injecting more humor into your practical, everyday way of life too. If you really want to travel, think about the pros, cons and money concerns and get yourself in order and you just might be booking a road trip sooner than later. Enjoy the scenery.

Libra: You’ve been managing. Balancing the needs and wants around you isn’t always easy, but your courage to brave the changes has been with you. With a stronger sense of self you know you’re worth it. So ask for help when you need to and build that bridge. You can take new steps now. The law of attraction works in your favor now, so project your authentic strength and dedication and you’ll gain favor and support.

Scorpio: Sure, you’ve had some tough times, but now you know much more about other people than you did before. Now you know who you can trust and relate to more authentically. Who you talk to goes through some important changes this week that matter. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and now look to those who can be a part of your life for the better. You can realize how valued you are to others now. It’s like night and day.

Sagittarius: Your everyday, practical approach to life is going to change. The spontaneous approach takes a back seat temporarily. Having a steady routine will be good for you now. You’ll see the value in getting what needs to be done in order. Focus on what is really worth your attention now and a stronger sense of security helps ground you. Finances improve when you have a steady, reliable approach to doing your best work.

Capricorn: You gain clarity this week that comes from marrying practicality with creativity. In that frame of mind you set the stage to wake up and realize how important using your talents and skills are to bring you greater abundance and prosperity. Work hard, but have fun too. That will open the door to new realizations that give you confidence to be yourself and attract what you deserve in life.

Aquarius: You may love your home space right now but you’d also do well have little road trips and excursions. Being outside, in the sunshine and in areas with trees and other botanicals will be delightfully awakening to your senses. Make sure that whatever space you’re in, that it encourages clear thinking. Don’t rush things, take a laid back approach and think things through for best results. If you feel like relocating to a new place now, think about the pros and cons for a while.

Pisces: Being a whole person means embracing who you are fully, faults and all. Trying to attain perfection is impossible for anyone and everyone. Accepting yourself for who you are allows you to share yourself with others more honestly. During this New Moon you will realize the importance of communicating that authentic self to others. Being real and down to earth really matters and will change your outlook on the meaning of your life. Show people you value yourself by talking nicely about yourself and others.

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