Weekly Astrology Horoscopes April 7-13, 2014. Grand Cardinal Cross

Mars retrograde -
part of the Grand Cardinal Cross
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Weekly Overview 
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Mercury moves into Aries on Monday this week kicking off all new thought processes. What your mind focuses on impacts what you become. It is a time to initiate new ideas for your life.

The Sun and Uranus are also in Aries now, signifying breakthroughs and becoming refreshingly more conscious in who you are.

On Tuesday, the 8th, the Sun in Aries stands across the sky from Mars in Libra. Self-reflection is needed now, and we’ll certainly get to know ourselves better when dealing with others.

With Venus having entered Pisces a few days ago on the 5th, she will join Neptune in Pisces on the 11th. Love, money and material world matters take on a more mystical, dreamy quality.

The Cardinal Cross is a major configuration coming together in the sky over the next few weeks where the planets in the Cardinal signs - the Sun and Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn - speak strongly to one another. The themes relating to this configuration touches all of our lives with an intensity that allows us to grow and transform immensely.

Balancing the warrior energy with identity, the perception of self, and the ego is needed now. Trust is also an area of life that needs many people's attention now.

Issues of anger and power struggles will certainly be a part of your growth now. You'll feel a growing sense of tension and resistance within yourself (if you haven't started to already lately) that can be a response to how others may push your buttons. Or, if you don't recognized this in yourself, you will notice others around you will be working on such issues.

It is likely that people’s behavior will be challenging and bring up personal issues from your past that need to be worked through. We’ll each likely feel an uncomfortable energy and become aware enough of its presence that we realize that we need to do something to create change. Overall, there is internal tension that needs to be addressed.

Same actions, same results. Now we intentionally choose to make necessary changes. Through the process, as we learn, we can transform and evolve. A rational approach to life’s concerns will bring best results.

This is where you get to start a new energy by using your willpower and initiating transformation within yourself so you can transform what happens around you. Your actions and reactions can really mold how others act and react.

Anger can sometimes be what we need to get us to use our willpower to change. Anger can be a gift in disguise. It really does come down to giving us the opportunity to become more self aware of how we are acting, reacting and projecting our thoughts and feelings.

When you’re aware of the opportunity that anger can bring, you can turn the energy around and flip the energy like a coin. Instead of getting stuck in the heat of the battle, we can step back a moment and assess ourselves and think strategically to improve ourselves so we can improve the situation.

With Mars retrograde in Libra opposing the Sun, it is a time to work through what we project onto others and how we deal with other people. Your approach reflects your energy. With Mercury in Aries it’s a good time to use your mental power and figure out how you can turn the energy around and use it for a higher purpose.

Libra has a lot to do with choice. Some people would bring fear to this Grand Cardinal Cross configuration, but this energy can be flipped. It is always possible. There's always a solution. You just have to find it.

With Mercury in Aries, it’s a good time to think rationally in new ways. We’re all able to become more conscious and intellectually aware of the situations that are prompting us to start fresh. Writing will be good for you.

It is such a good time to refocus, with Mercury now in Aries and Mars in Libra. Ask yourself, “Where do I feel anger in relation to other people and what does that say about who I am, and how can I change that to transform it into its higher vibration?”

Through this Grand Cardinal Cross people are seeking freedom, awakening and personal evolution. We are being given the chance to become lighter by becoming more conscious of how we can transform our lower selves into a higher vibration.

Don't give in to the lower vibration of anger, jealousy, revenge and related feelings now as it will have a ripple effect. Let others know that you are aware that a lot of people are feeling the tension now and that there is a better way to deal with it than to give into it. Allow it to be the catalyst to share and grow by raising awareness so people become more conscious that this is a collective experience that we can all change for the better if we choose to.

Rather than casting judgment on others, look at yourself and how you can create change within yourself first instead of expecting others to conform or obey to what you want of them. Start with you and the rest will follow. Instead of blaming others for what is, work on what is happening within you to create the change you desire.

Now is about how you transform the energy of what you're faced with. Becoming more conscious to how you react and interpret that which is coming to you will allow you to change what you project. By changing who you are being and who you are becoming you directly transform the experience.

This is all part of the package of the Cardinal Cross. Jupiter opposes Pluto as part of this configuration also connecting with the Sun and Mars. There is an opportunity for abundant positive growth from all that is happening. Be a part of shifting it towards the higher vibration available now instead of succumbing to the lower level of consciousness.

There will certainly be the urge to act and react quickly and spontaneously, but a step back to think first will serve you well.

This is a time where order and orderliness help. A thoughtful approach to bringing in a new energy where you can help everyone involved take the best action. Bringing your inner wisdom to your life’s situations will help initiate new growth where you and those around you can flourish.

It is a time of great change and starting new. With the Moon transiting from Cancer to Virgo this week, we get to move from a place of feeling the need to change to a place where we can create a plan. Work on that.

Astrology for the Signs this Week

With all the signs for this week the above information applies to all of us.

Aries: How other people act has a lot to do with what’s going on within them, and does not necessarily reflect who you are. Know that by observation of others you can learn a lot about your own motivations. Attitudes say a lot about how people are, or are not, willing to move towards the opportunity to make the best of what’s happening. Rather than judging others, figure out how you can be better for the experience and communicate that wisdom freely.

Taurus: With Mercury entering Aries, you will find your dreams get a lot of attention. The battles within you can play out in epic tales while you sleep. You may feel like getting something off your chest which plays out in an intense dream. You will notice you become much more conscious of your higher purpose this week. Write down your most fantastic thoughts. Walks in nature with peers will bring you down to earth and draw your mind into the magic of the material world.

Gemini: The week starts off with a search for freedom. The quest to own your creativity can become almost obsessional. You may feel the drama gets fired up this week. Friendships could bring a lot of spontaneous fun or drama. It’s up to you to choose which way the wind blows. With an open mind and a look on the bright side you can be the pivot that gets everyone around you to find their balance.

Cancer: Achievement doesn’t usually happen without a plan, it just remains a thought. To get from point A to B you have to get started and do the work. If you’re feeling intensity this week, it’s best to face your shadow side. Whatever holds you back from you bigger goals and aims in life should be addressed now. Any battles within are those that will help you grow. Other people can help you, but you also have to help yourself. Feel abundant to experience your power.

Leo: If you can get honest with yourself you will get to like yourself better this week. Instead of shoving things off to the side, be willing to think and talk about what you want. Your willpower comes from within. Looking at the patterns of your life, you’ll be able to figure out what has and has not worked and be wiser for all you’ve been through. Then you’ll get to start walking a new talk. Faith in a higher purpose gives you the framework you need to grow. A rational approach helps you feel accomplished.

Virgo: Window shopping with friends, or online in the virtual world, would be a pleasant getaway. The tension under the surface people are feeling can make you feel a bit worried about where you stand. Money matter may feel a bit tense for those who want more independence. Be attentive to your resources and what you’re borrowing. Be smart about your finances and you’ll feel empowered. Frugality can be a powerful way to become more conscious of your habits.

Libra: However people react to you, rather than allowing anger to fester, try to see the light in the situation. You can always help yourself and others more positively empowered by looking at the bright side of what is brought before you. The opportunity to overcome ego-clashes is there. By putting love front and center and as the cornerstone to your approach you bring much needed understanding and compassion to any situation.

Scorpio: This is a week to love yourself. There’s a lot going on around you. If you can take a bit of time for yourself to tune into a higher level of self-care and self-love, and laugh a little, it will help smooth over any tension. Be smart. Use your logic to consider all angles and make better choices. To make the greatest changes this week talking out what needs to be addressed helps big time.

Sagittarius: You can certainly be a light in the dark. Let your humor shift the energy this week. Your smart, witty remarks could be misconstrued though, so try to make sure what you say is overall acceptable to most people. Put yourself in the company of peers that don’t have a lot of hangups. Working towards a cause together with others, or a group effort empowers you and puts the focus on how to choose better for everyone involved.

Capricorn: You’re part of this powerful Cardinal Cross that is building. It’s time for you to start new, that’s for sure. A new you that can appreciate all the growth this time has to offer. The issues of anger and resentment may be there, but you’re able to rise above it as you work through it all. Writing and dreaming will help you share more from your heart. Home is where some of your greatest shifts in thinking happen.

Aquarius: Material reality, and money matters, gets your attention this week now that Venus has moved into your house of what you value most. Your thoughts get energized this week. The tension could be real, but if you put your thinking cap on and ensure you take a breather your thoughts lead you to immense growth. Navigating how to balance of your stress levels brings you wisdom that empowers you.

Pisces: Venus meets your ruling planet, Neptune, this week. That will help you come to appreciate and value yourself much more deeply. The week has tension building and the trick is in finding the resolutions. If money is on your mind, remember they are just numbers. You can figure out how to balance your checkbook, it really does just boil down to planning and crunching numbers. Doing the math will help you find greater freedom.


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