Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for April 21-27, 2014 and the Grand Cardinal Cross

Weekly Overview 
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This first part of this week starts off with the strongest aspects of the Grand Cardinal Cross hitting exact precision.

As a reminder, the Grand Cardinal Cross is where planets are squaring and opposing one another in the sky in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Uranus is in Aries, Jupiter is in Cancer, Mars is in Libra and Pluto is in Capricorn.

These strong planets having such a close connection within such a short time span really brings forth a lot of intensity. Through it, our lives are transformed suddenly. We have a chance to grow immensely.

Here’s what’s happening with the planets this week:

On April 20th (Easter Sunday), Jupiter in Cancer squared Uranus in Aries and opposed Pluto in Capricorn.

On April 21st, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars is very active on April 22nd and 23rd. Mars in Libra squares Jupiter in Cancer on the 22nd.

On April 23rd, Mars opposes Uranus in Aries and also squares Pluto in Capricorn.

A few days ago the Sun moved into Taurus as well, bringing us back down to earth. There’s a lot of matters to deal with this spring, that’s for sure.

With Easter weekend leading us into this potent Grand Cardinal Cross activity, the concepts of the resurrection of life on earth, with budding trees, sprouting plants and flowers, mating season and new life arriving (which bunnies and eggs signify), it’s all so promising that now is a time where we reach towards the literal and metaphorical light. New life emerges bringing us towards an ever-evolving future where we have yet another chance to raise our consciousness and towards a higher vibration of reality.

Each year, Easter is always the first Sunday (April 20th) after the first Full Moon (April 15th) after the Spring Equinox (March 20th). For those of you interested in learning how astrology, the cycles of nature and seasons, and our cultural, traditional spiritual ideas are interconnected, you may enjoy doing a little research into astrotheology. How the ancients developed and bridged so many of the ideas that we hold as sacred and meaningful throughout history and today is quite fascinating.

As we progress through to the middle and end of the week, Mercury follows the Sun into Taurus on the 23rd. The Sun and Mercury together in Taurus, both reach out harmoniously to Neptune in Pisces on the 26th and 27th. Sitting under a tree by a stream listening to the birds, having a spiritually inspired conversation would be a blissful, enchanting end to the week. Take notes of your most inspired daydreams and ideas when you’re enjoying getting in touch with nature.

We also get a lovely reminder mid-week on the 25th, when Venus, the ruler of Taurus, reaches out to Saturn in harmony. All the challenges in life and all the serious and tense moments we go through, ultimately teach us about love. With the intention of love, we can recognize a higher purpose to all that we go through in life and improve our karmic paths.

One of the most important things you can do this week, no matter what your personal situation is and what may arise for you individually, is to take ownership for how you can affect the outcome by your choices. It really is about using your energy and your power to manifest what you want to see more of in the world.

If you have wronged someone, or said the wrong thing with a bit too much intensity, be sure to smooth things over by swallowing your pride and saying I’m sorry. Those two little words can change everything and can certainly lift a heavy weight of your shoulders and ease the tension immensely. By taking ownership for what you have done, and what you can do to change the situation, you become empowered and you also share that higher vibration with whoever it is that is a part of that situation.

Having to be right, and being self-righteous is not attractive. It does not gain you friends. It only creates wedges. If you disagree with someone, especially regarding subjective concepts and beliefs, it is certainly not your duty or responsibility to correct them or make others validate your point of view. By respecting others, and giving others their space, we can overcome much unnecessary conflict. Put love first.

It’s also a very good week for everyone to start thinking about your health and wellbeing. Not only of your physical body itself, but of all that is around you including your home and environment and how you interact with and treat the world. It all comes down to how you impact others and the world, so do what you can to do better for everyone involved.

We will all get through the challenges. Having a level head and being grounded in the moment will be the foundation to a better future.

Your Weekly Horoscopes for each sign:

Aries: You’ll likely feel the need to find balance this week with work, home and friends. This need for balance may arise when you have realized overdoing it just isn’t working for you, and is actually harmful. Be honest with others about what you can and cannot do now. Putting your well being first and foremost helps you feel empowered. You’ll know what the best choices are by how rooted you feel because of them. Your willpower and determination gain clarity this week.

Taurus: If you have excess energy that feels it needs to be released, find a healthy way to let it go and use it to your advantage. Stretching, running, breathing, and getting grounded is good for the body and soul now. It’s a fantastic time for you to be outside and in nature where you can feel the magic of the elements. Working towards a common goal with others this week will be good for your karma. Discussing your biggest ideas can change everything. Work on trying not to take things so personally this week.

Gemini: With all that is going on, you need to take a step back and realize that your health needs your attention. Having a strong, goal oriented outlook helps you overcome the obstacles and distractions that arise out of left field. Get yourself and your life-vision in order. The law of attraction works in mysterious ways. By putting love and spirit at the head of your intentions, you navigate through the highs and lows. Think better and you’ll do better.

Cancer: How you navigate life and achieve your hopes and wishes is highly dependent on you being willing to start fresh whenever you encounter a fork in the road. Taking a chance is worth it. Sometimes you need to compromise too. You may want things a certain way, but if you’re able to meet halfway and swallow your pride, you can learn and accomplish a lot that is worthwhile. Seeing other points of view helps you transform into a higher version of yourself.

Leo: Be careful you don’t say the wrong thing at the wrong time. With the tension people are feeling this week, interpretations of what is said can be taken personally. Focus on your work, whether you’re employed or not, whatever your goals are, they benefit from your attention. It’s easy to get distracted by bad news. Don’t let it get to you. Decide what you will and will not allow to become a part of your train of thought and you’ll be empowered to live a life more on target.

Virgo: There is tension this week as you well know. Juggling your finances could bring up some issues for you that you need to work through that lead to changes in your lifestyle and greater recognition of where you’re directing your energy. Take a breather and assess what your expectations for yourself are, and how you gain individual freedom by the choices you make. Talking about it will lift you out of restrictions. Your love life sets the stage for life lessons this week. Get outside a lot this week to refresh your mind.

Libra: You’ve got your work cut out for you this week. Balancing everything that’s happening around you so you can have some sane me-time may require you to say no. What are you going to put your energy towards? It could be easy to get distracted this week by sudden occurrences. Listening to music, time-out for wellness practices, and surrounding yourself with beautiful spaces, nature and art will help keep you from losing yourself in the shuffle.

Scorpio: Even if past lives, and who you were before in this lifetime, can’t be changed, you can change today. Getting lost in the dreamspace and the beauty of visualized daydreams will be good for you. Talking about what you want to change in your life with others, especially those that are supportive and have big dreams of their own, will be not only helpful, but pivotal in how you see the possibilities for your life. Your relationships can turn a light bulb on for you.

Sagittarius: If you are sensitive to the potential for yourself and others in what you give and take in relationships, you will wake up to a new way of getting what you want that benefits the whole. Approaching life in terms of mutual benefits can make a huge difference. Sharing and working to help raise one another up changes everything. Be open and honest about the best way to grow and whatever obstacles that have been there will be catalysts to develop in bigger and better ways.

Capricorn: It’s a time in your life that you have to consider what is best for you. It’s not about being selfish, but it’s about being self aware. All that is happening in your personal life now is asking you to reevaluate your position and ask yourself “Who am I?” As a big part of this Cardinal Cross, your home, relationships and career are the areas of life that are up for consideration. Though there is tension, knowing yourself better through it all, is worth it.

Aquarius: Being able to take control of your life starts with you communicating with the universe what your purpose is and what you are willing to put your energy towards. It is such a great time for you to make your home space feel right. Plants and flowers are definitely in order. They will bring a new, living energy to your space that goes beyond beauty. Life is sacred, and it grows when you nurture it. Be wherever you feel most like you’re in line with your purpose now.

Pisces: Self care and self love are healing now. If money matters throw you for a loop, know that you have the power to find resources to make it balance out. What’s most important for you now is to know that fear gets you nowhere good. Having a good attitude, and surrounding yourself with positive influences and people helps you rise higher than ever. Remember what it’s like to have a child’s mind, where creativity and imagination rules. You can dream up the life you want. Nature will send you inspiring messages now.

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