Full Moon in Scorpio May 14, 2014 Astrology Horoscope. Grand Cardinal Cross. Grand Trine in Water.

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 3:15 p.m. EDT.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is part of the Grand Trine in Water collection of energy between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

This is a soul healing time. Now we are provided a bit of a break, softening the energy after the intensity of the Grand Cardinal Cross. This is part of feeling the potential in ourselves that has been growing out of the new beginnings that the challenges of the Cardinal Cross brought.

As a healing time we are asked to honor ourselves emotionally. This can be brought forth by connecting to the Suns energy now as well. The Sun in Taurus shining on the Full Moon grounds us and reminds us of the power of the earth and the transformational power of this world that in turn leads us to soul growth.

Where we heal is when we are grounded in the world and in our bodies. Nature is Divine.

The challenges of the Cardinal Cross are still there, but there is a higher vibration that rises now allowing us to make better sense on a deeper level of how we can manifest what we wish in the world. Our emotional attachments give us clues to what heals us.

You can bring divinity into the world by bringing light into the world. There is a mystical quality we can bring into the world now on a soul level.

You know in your heart what bringing light is. There is no anger and no fear. It is a higher state of consciousness. It is time to release what we hide and what we fear and step out into the open to bring forward higher truth.

Taurus, where the Sun currently resides is associated with the throat. This is where the consciousness of light is now. When you think of the throat you likely think of communication, but here we have a different perspective since Mercury rules communication and the mind. Instead, we see the deeper symbolism of the throat being vibration. Not the words spoken, but the tone itself. The embodiment of vibration into the material world. This is a good time to practice tonal chanting primal sounds such as AUM.

Releasing any buried emotions now through vocal intonations is a healthy way to release unwanted energy to make room for better.

Since all that exists is vibration, we are able to see the connection between the material world being manifested as representations of the vibrational patterns of the universe. What do you want to manifest? The energy of the universe is in the natural world all around you. Be a part of raising the vibration.

Vibration is energy. Our spiritual energy sent out to the world does make a difference. Our spiritual energy IN the world makes a difference. This is a time to bring light, not judgment, into the world.

There are a lot of authentically spiritual people in the world believe it or not, regardless of what the news would have you believe otherwise.

This Grand Trine reminds us that this is a prime time to focus on spirituality as an important part of our reality.

It’s important to get a healthy dose of sunshine now to help ground you and feel present in the moment, and also to bring your awareness to the power of the light in the world.

An optimal way to tune into this Full Moon and Grand Trine energy would be to sit by a lake or other body of water, near the budding and blooming trees. Watch the birds fly overhead and hear their songs echo on the water. The reflections on the water remind us of how reality and perception are one.

As we are moving towards the future, what has been pushing us forward through the challenges of the Grand Cardinal Cross does make us better in the long run. As we move forward and utilize the potential of brining more serenity into our lives we start to make sense of why that which has happened leads us towards greater healing. It also leads us to want better and to want better we can do better.

Some of you may feel emotional, even cry, when you realize all that has happened and what you’ve been through. Let it out. Tears heal.

There is also a lot of hope now where our emotions feel like we have released something and are able to move towards manifesting a more abundant reality.

Prayer in whatever way that feels right to you can attract the right vibrations into your life so you can use that higher vibration to help heal the world, in some small way.

Pluto in Capricorn, as part of the Grand Cardinal Cross, reminds us over and over again that what we want to achieve takes work, and the transformation is possible. Jupiter in Cancer, as part of the Grand Trine in Water speaking to Pluto reminds us that accessing the authentic power within ourselves is possible where we can reach towards living more wisely.

Taking showers and baths can be an important part of a cleansing ritual. Drinking plenty of purified water will also be a good part of the healing process.

Use your imagination. Imagine the change you wish. Get in touch with the physical world. Reconnect with your body. Stretch, move, breathe, and bring light into your body and imagine it to project outwards radiant like the Sun and radiant like the Full Moon.

Practicing connecting to higher vibrations during the daytime with the sun’s energy and at night with the Full Moon’s glow, will raise your consciousness.

With the Moon with Saturn we are implored to bring more emotional stability into our lives. We are brought into reality and to create our own karma instead of blaming external factors.

With Venus squaring Jupiter and Pluto, it's best to let go of expectations or demands of others and the need for power, and instead allow ourselves to build a new trust in life by having a new approach knowing that love conquers fear. You can't force others to change, but you do have the power to change yourself. By example of who you are, you could be surprised how the world changes around you as a natural response.

Be the love you want to see in the world to rise above the challenges. Challenges are disguises that help us transform for the better in the end.

How are you feeling during this Full Moon?

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  1. Nadiya~ oh my goodness.. when can I start to use it again! I made a major choice a month ago~ a lifestyle change. I changed homes, and relationships because really, someone came along that pretty much said, you are very colorful and people need to see you happy. I knew before I met this person that leaving the time to leave the other was here. I also have two children from that relationship ... and gathering and preparing for them to be in a new safe place has been a slow but steady process. I have aries rising, sun-moon-mercury all in scorp.. with libra in mars.... I haven't been able to see my kids very much and it is eating me .... they are my biggest fans as I am theirs...I feel like I pulled the welcoming mat from under some loved ones ... I was miserable though. thoughts and prayers please. I know this will pass~ I thought I had already gone through all of the hard lessons I'd put myself through but nope, sometimes there are no certainties. I am a college student and work at the university..26.... keeping myself busy has helped through this... I feel like I'm letting my kids down because I'm not around as much lately... that will change as soon as everyone on my side is done preparing for them... ex: setting up house. Luckily, the people that my kids and I are living with are so welcoming and see a mother in need. I am strong. Much love!

    1. Hi there Anonymous. Please note that Horoscopes written on SymbolicLiving.com are not written by Nadiya Shah. However, if you are interested in getting a personalized horoscope reading from Nadiya you can find out more on her website here - http://www.nadiyashah.com/p/personalized-horoscopes.html

      We're glad you enjoyed the Full Moon in Scorpio horoscope. Have a wonderful day!


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