Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for May 5-11, 2014

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This will be a bit of a quieter week for many of you. Some of the tension from the Grand Cardinal Cross is easing a bit now allowing each of us to have a little more space to contemplate and make sense of what’s happening in our lives. Being real with other people and responsible to their feelings as part of your interaction will help keep situations more grounded and focused on productive resolutions.

Aries: This week you have Venus in your sign inching closer to a strong connection with Mars. You could sense a rise in passions drawing your attention towards the energy of others. Your interactions can instill new life in you. Fragrances could be especially alluring. A dinner date could be quite interesting. Getting in touch with the earth is good for you now. A yoga class helps you find your center. Being around dynamic people shifts your energy for the better.

Taurus: Your month to shine may be asking you to step into your reality with confidence that is earned. You’ll likely be able to best figure out where you stand in the real world by allowing yourself to drift off into la la land of fantasies momentarily. This contrast is needed now. Burn essential oils, incense and smudges for a mystical earthy vibe. A healthy routine can be a great part of your approach to manifesting with the law of attraction now. Exercise hard for those fantastic endorphins.

Gemini: The start of the week offers you a chance to get in touch with your spiritual side and think about your higher goals. It would be a great time for you to take a walk in a garden and reflect on your life. Then as the week progresses getting in touch with how you think about yourself and what words you use to describe yourself will help you know who you really are more honestly. What you think about yourself has a big impact on how your week plays out.

Cancer: The beginning of the week is a good time for you to talk with friends and peers and let out a lot of the stuff that’s been on your mind. All the heavy stuff you’ve been going through or holding onto can be released now. Knowing you are being heard and listened to helps you feel grounded. Dramatics touch your emotions. Later in the week taking an organized approach to your daily routine feels right. It’s an important time for you to grow, so stay positive and focus on goals.

Leo: You may get a touch of a sentimental feeling coming over you early in the week. All you’ve experienced and who you’ve become can bring on emotions. A trip down memory lane, the highs and lows, will bring nostalgia and a closer sense of identity with who you are. Your career and life goals matter now. Being responsible with your home-life is a continuing trend for you and gets extra attention later this week. Open your windows and let the sun shine into your personal space.

Virgo: Being ethically responsible to the environment is a good practice for you to start thinking about more as the week begins. Spending some time in nature, tapping into your earth element and communing with the spirit and energy of the forest is time well spent. Then when Mercury enters Gemini on the 7th you would be wise to contemplate your ambitions and life goals. Worrying about money can be alleviated by focusing your energy on doing what inspires you.

Libra: You’ll identify with your body and your energy this week. Seeing other people that you consider attractive will inspire you to refine yourself. Focus on your best attributes. Being comfortable with yourself enough to be flirty will bring you confidence that others will notice. Relationships are an important part of life. Your eye will be attracted to beauty this week that inspires. Giving yourself a little makeover will be fun. You deserve the identity boost.

Scorpio: You may just need a walk in the woods for a change of pace. Life can be oh-so responsible and even heavy at times. Maybe you just feel tired of the same way you feel about yourself and want to switch up the energy. Go out in the sunshine and just let go of all that stuff for a little while. You need a break. You need time out. Anyone that you would consider somewhat earthy who can also bring a lot of lightness to your day would be worth hanging out with.

Sagittarius: Get groovy. Listen to some funk music. Delve into the arts. Have fun with it and let your humor give you an energy boost. Being around interesting people and surrounding yourself with people easy to talk to is good for you. Small talk and little journeys to nearby locals will do you good. Go out for a coffee, tea or whatever you fancy. Using a few days here and there to recharge your batteries is going to be good for you. An uplifting perspective is your ally.

Capricorn: Having fun outside is a good way to clear your mind. Yes, you have responsibilities but you can make it a lot easier to figure out how to deal with them if you give yourself that earthy space to freshen up your creative thinking processes. Then, as the week progresses, you can get down to business and organize all the little details. Gossipping may not be the nicest thing, but it is a human thing. Gabbing about the people you know is a type of release and can help you form better reasons for your opinions that you can stand by.

Aquarius: I think you’re going to want to have fun as we move through the week. The beginning of the week gives you a good sense of grounding and knowing that being responsible with your words helps you a lot. However, if you forget that, and if you gossip about others now it can turn dramatic. Keep things focused on the positive with the intention of fun and frivolity and you’ll be okay. Being flirty will not go unnoticed. Be wise with who you interact with and the magnetism will speak for itself.

Pisces: You could dream your life into reality. Your thoughts and words are the cornerstones to manifesting the reality you desire now. Speak well. Read and learn more. Let your wisdom about what really matters in life help you share points of view that can help make a difference. You really can change the world. You can teach people a lot about what you know. Be the example. Your body language says a lot these days. Be real and people will get you.

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