Weekly Astrology Horoscopes May 12-18, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Read the Horoscopes for each sign below. 

Be Sure to read the Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscope too. 

This week we have the blessing of the Grand Trine in the water signs that helps to further dissipate the intensity we felt last month during the height of the Grand Cardinal Cross. Healing your life is possible now. All the tension you went through last month may not be forgotten, but now we all get closer to karmic growth that reminds us that blessings are often in disguise.

In the middle of the Week we have the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14 as part of this Grand Trine as well, which should make the healing lessons we learn now feel very personal.

As the week begins Mercury connects beautifully with Mars. Talking in a fair and balanced way gets much better reactions. Smoothing over any miscommunication that has happened recently can find its way to a positive resolution now that empowers you and those you talk to.

Those of you with lower back issues will do well to do a little research into ways of balancing the energy in this area of your body. Yoga is a great way to connect the mind to this area now to shift the energy.

With the connection between Venus and Pluto now, you would do well to find ways to improve your relationship by working towards new interests that you can both be passionate about. Common goals and achievements will help reignite the special bond you have in your relationships.

Those with body image issues may feel the need to look at yourself in a new way to help transform your connection to your physical self. Realizing perfection is an illusion helps ground you back into reality and reaffirm that respecting and loving your body is honoring the Divine.

Mercury in Gemini is also connecting nicely to both Venus and Uranus. Venus delightfully stands next to Uranus in Aries at the end of the week. Embrace the moments you have with gratitude to open your heart.

A new relationship to your garden, houseplants and landscape can especially enliven and inspire you this week too. The plant kingdom has a way of leading you towards fresh, new ideas. Go for a walk in natural surroundings or visit your garden center to smell the flowers.

If you’re having money issues, it’s a good time to step back and take inventory of your accounts. New ideas can arise now about your financial picture. Conversations could delightfully surprise you and lead you towards finding the perfect balancing act in how you relate to people and the material world. Be open to new insights.

New-found starts in your love life could prove that all the challenges have been worth it for the growth they brought you.

Enjoy the Sunshine

Aries: The importance of having balanced relationships is emphasized for you this week. A sense of responsibility can feel especially important. Money matters such as loans and borrowing or lending money could come up and ask for your attention. Healing happens in dreams and the subconscious. Try meditating, especially near a tree by a body of water.

Taurus: Relationships should feel more spiritual than usual this week. You may have a sudden insight into how much you love someone that moves you and makes sense of your world. Talk about the big, important things, especially your hopes and dreams for your life. This Full Moon is a time where you realize how your emotional feelings impact your experience of the real world.

Gemini: Your mind and body are one. Hanging out with other people that you feel comfortable with helps you feel more in tune with your presence in the world. People that inspire you should be sought out. Strike up a conversation and see what inspired surprises arise. Balance fun with a healthy dose of responsibility and you’ll feel more abundant and healed in the process.

Cancer: Being lazy may sometimes feel good in the immediacy, but in the long run being responsible and ambitious serves you so much better. Your mind eases when you know you’re doing work that brings in money. You’ll feel more freedom when you’re being responsible, and that in turn offers you time to have fun without the worry. Life gets better when you make your best choices.

Leo: Being present in the natural world empowers you with a sense of belonging and leads you to confidently reach towards your goals. Having good conversations about the meaning of life and love are especially healthy for you now. This week you may have a philosophical awakening that arises after having to make a challenging consideration.

Virgo: Being practical and in touch with your feelings at the same time gives you stronger self-possession this week. Being respectful in relationships heals you and attracts the right kind of people. Your words are powerful and can take you up the ladder. What you say has the ability to impact people deep in their hearts and even heal wounds. Choose your words wisely.

Libra: What you look and feel like could be emphasized more than usual now. What you see in others may be a good indication of what you do or don’t want to see in yourself. You may suddenly notice someone that completely shifts your perspective of reality. Your financial picture does best when you’re making your best business decisions. It’s a good week to clean up your paperwork. It will be healing.

Scorpio: This week you’ll learn an emotional lesson that grants you a step further on your journey towards greater self confidence. Letting go of the burdens and allowing yourself to have fun means a lot to your well being. The meaning of your life can expand this week. Keep faith and hope alive and you will gain wisdom that washes away false judgments you place on yourself.

Sagittarius: If something dramatic comes up this week suddenly, remember that Shakespeare’s famous quote about life being a stage and we being actors has much truth to it. Each person that plays their role doesn’t always have the best lines. How you play your role and re-act, is up to you. Some respite at home could do wonders for you. The law of attraction is emphasized for you now.

Capricorn: The people you allow into your life should come from a place of responsible choice. If you can make best decisions about who become your peers your relationships will become more positive for your life. Talking to those close to you could bring much healing now. Your dreams could also bring you healing messages you can use in the real world. Take note.

Aquarius: How you make your money, and how you spend your day to day life and all the routines and activities that fill up your day, should be a healing, holistic, spiritual experience for you. Your career, as a part of your spiritual journey in life can definitely be a major part of how you give and receive abundance. Recognize in yourself how blessed you can feel with the right attitude and approach to living.

Pisces: As a spiritual being having a human experience, there is much healing that you bring to the world, to yourself and to others. By setting your intention to use your life wisely and to spread an abundance of joy, you contribute to a world that is evolving. Have fun with that idea this week. How can you make an impact in the real world by bringing wisdom to the world that isn’t so serious, but makes people feel good?

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