Weekly Astrology Horoscopes May 19-25, 2014

Written by Symbolic Living

Things start to speed up in life this week. Where you may have felt stagnant and needing renewal, now is the time to get things going. The balance you’ve been waiting for is going to start falling into place if you’re willing to put your energy into making it happen.

Keep busy and throw some spontaneity into your daily routine and you’ll feel more exhilarated. It’s also a great time to pick a great novel of interest or a book that will satisfy your desire to learn a new subject while laying back and enjoying the warm sunshine. Small talk and conversations over a picnic can engage you. Hang out with someone that holds the same interests and you’ll feel energized this week. Start jogging, walking and dancing and you’ll loosen up your hips.

Stimulating your senses this week with art and fragrances is good for the mind. Hence, stopping to smell the flowers and observe their beauty will be fantastic for everyone. Start your garden shopping.

Conversations about living responsibly to create more abundance in your life will brings lots of new ideas to mapping out your future.

Aries: Getting yourself in order this week with all the details in place will help you a lot. A plant in your office space enhances your mood and sense of connection to nature. Your energy improves, especially if you intentionally surround yourself with active go-getters and feed off each other’s intentions to improve life with greater balance. Jogging in nature calms your nerves.

Taurus: All the Taureans have had their birthday. As the sun steps forward into Gemini you’ll be more mindfully attentive to your connection to money matters and the material world, including nature. Flowers and observing patterns in nature will stimulate your spirit. Get your endorphins going. A health kick is in the air for you. Get your body moving and your energy flowing.

Gemini: Your birthday is coming up. Balancing your mind has been important to you lately. Meditation is awesome for you. Now you get to use your wit, charm and intelligence to enhance your sense of self. When you step out into the world and reveal your independent thoughts and your wisdom you’ll feel energized. Have fun and laugh a lot this week and you’ll feel empowered.

Cancer: Your ability to know and care for yourself is important now. Making responsible choices that are dedicated to improving your way of life to move towards great abundance is important. Lazy days won’t cut it. You need to get active. From your home base to the office space, progress happens when you step up and intend to be a force in the material world that makes a difference.

Leo: Who you find most vibrant and alive, shining with energy should be who you surround yourself with now. People with passion, intelligence and drive that aligns with your mission in life should be who you gravitate towards. Smart, intelligent people who know how to attract what they want in life are your role models now. Speak to the wise and you will gain wisdom.

Virgo: Innovation in your own life is key for you now. Having an attitude of improving your skills helps you attain your goals. A reason to focus on putting more energy towards your finances and sense of security should come up this week. Get excited about the possibilities. Make sure you dedicate time to health and wellness to boost your overall energy and set the stage for greatness.

Libra: Self confidence is going to be increasingly important to you now. Waking up and feeling alive and able to be yourself is good for you. Be sure to focus on having a lot of fun this week. Seek out the positive, happy people and do what it takes to make others happy and you’ll feel really good about yourself. Money matters and career oriented affairs deserve spiritual healing.

Scorpio: It’s a time where you can heal your sense of self by affirming what you have going right for you in life now. You gain freedom through responsibility now. By doing what’s right for you and trusting that you have good coming to you as a result of intentionally making your best choices, you set yourself up for prosperity. Your spirit gets energized this week. Focus on being wise. Your best words bring the light forward.

Sagittarius: Bringing your most prayerful thoughts down to actions in the real world helps you greatly expand your horizons now. Be a bridge between heaven and earth. Energetic people remind you of how great it feels to be active. Go out for a run or do some yoga in the park. Get into that zone where consciousness and physicality become one. Be around empowered people.

Capricorn: Living for a higher cause is healing for you this week. Find a purpose and work towards it and your personal growth will surprise you. Getting excited about your goals and career possibilities brings the type of energy that leads to feeling successful and capable. The other people in your life should be mainly those that are sensitive and visionary.

Aquarius: Speaking with wise and inspired people is good for you this week. Conversations in luscious, botanical surroundings is really good for you now. Smelling the flowers will make you smile inside and inspire ideas. Putting your wisdom cap on. Get excited about learning. The brilliance you can attain this week is magical and will breathe new life into you helping you to feel balanced and alive.

Pisces: Your home and most personal space will do well to have more natural light now. This will encourage a more spiritually inclined mentality. Having responsible fun is great for your personal growth this week. Your creativity is best when you give yourself the ability to mix it up and give yourself room to try something new. You’ll feel happily grounded having a good time in nature this week.

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