Weekly Astrology Horoscopes May 26-June 1, 2014

Apple blossoms gently rain down with the breeze while honey bees with thickening layers of pollen gladly clinging to their hind legs buzz from one fragrant blossom to another. Pink petals blanket the ground complimenting the rising green grass. The warm sun peaks through the millions of emerging leaves warming the air, bringing calming comfort. A beautiful moment.

This is the kind of moment you will want and need this week. A soul soothing experience in nature is precisely what this week can bring forth. Also embrace any morning layers of mist and cloud adding beauty to the giant, radiating sunrise. Your appreciation of the beautiful moments nature offers you this week will improve your perception of life.

Whether you have crashing lightning and rumbling thunder balanced with potent sunny skies, foggy mornings and lush greens among blooming flowers, nature reminds us all of the power and majesty all around us. Our environment is art that lives and breathes as a part of our experience. It is nothing less that glorious. Enjoy it this week. Get back in touch with the powerful forces around you. They can change you deeply: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This week your best chance of changing your energy is when you fully engage in the natural world and realize the powerful connection you have to all that is around you. It is a gift.

Quick astro transits update: There's a new moon in Gemini in the middle of the week on Wednesday. Venus moves into Taurus on Wednesday as well. Mercury moves into Cancer on the 29th. 

Have a great week!

Aries: Other people can inspire you to be your best. You have the ability to move forward with more balance in your life and create more important, meaningful relationships that energize you to do, and be, better. Your attention to the natural world helps ground you and feel more secure in yourself. You deserve time out to just appreciate being here on earth. Smell the flowers.

Taurus: You are going to be in heaven this week if you can get outside and just be present in your element. The earth is so important to you. Visiting a garden center, digging in the dirt and planting flowers will be so good for your sense of self. Your ability to communicate how you feel to others is heightened. Your energy rises beautifully this week. Focus on that and you’ll feel good.

Gemini: Enjoying yourself, having good conversations and being honest with yourself is important now. Have fun. Be around creative types and those who like to laugh. Watching comedies will give you a light boost. Your mind on the arts, nature and beauty will be food for your soul, helping you to feel more secure and present. You’ll understand your emotions better this week.

Cancer: You’ll really start thinking a lot more about who you are this week. Life is always changing and you are the common denominator in your own life. Understanding how you manifest your reality by how you connect with peers is a personal awakening. Assessing how you are responsible for your life is an important life lesson. Life is a play. You choose the lines.

Leo: Talking with other people is really good for you, and will continue to be an important part of the next few weeks. People who are willing to listen and understand you and vice versa, can develop into awakening relationships. Your goals in life may include money matters, but you also realize that what you work towards reflects your values, so do what feels right in your heart.

Virgo: This week you may feel both an emotional and an intellectual tug towards doing something that really matters and impacts the lives of others. You know that the really important things in life are worth your attention. Go outside and soak up your natural surroundings to help you clear your energy in mind and body. For greater balance, go for a jog and ride the breeze.

Libra: Developing inner power is an important part of understanding yourself. This week you would do well to demonstrate that personal power and be the example. Being strong willed and independent shows strength of character. Being resourceful and not being too proud to reach out is also important. Balance these aspects of yourself and you’ll create and attract what you desire.

Scorpio: Knowing who you are comes from a deeply spiritual place. The ego is a large part of the human condition allowing us to form an identity. However, we also need to learn to allow the ego to dissolve when necessary so we can realize who we are from a place of higher consciousness. Balancing these parts of yourself this week will do you wonders.

Sagittarius: You are on the precipice of moving towards a lot of spiritual growth. Harness the law of attraction now. Going deep within this week to access your inner wisdom. Seek resources that encourage a responsible emotional state. This will set the stage for you to feel like you’re moving toward a higher wisdom that has the potential to overflow and bless your life.

Capricorn: Keep good company. The people that help you move towards your vision in life are those who would help you make responsible choices. People who have good intentions and strive to create good karma for themselves and those around them, are your best allies. Those who are wise will give you a feeling of healing. Enjoy nature this week. You won’t regret it.

Aquarius: Bringing air purifying houseplants into your home will be really good for you. Actively pursuing smart ways to improve and balance your energy is important now. You could gain clarity into how your environment and home is affecting your health this week. Wisely directing your willpower is good for you. Weigh the options, make the best decision and go for it.

Pisces: Life can be a soap opera, especially when emotions are highly involved. This week your creativity and smarts can be your gateway to enjoying life more fully. Wit, charm and laughter distill emotional energy, making you feel happier. A walk in the park would be so good for your mind. Pay attention to how the flowers and luscious foliage is speaking to you. It’s all spiritual.

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