Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 30 to July 6, 2014

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Mercury - Charles Meynier 1763-1832
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The New Moon in Cancer a few days ago will color our direction and growth over the next couple of weeks. You can read about that here.

As the week begins we have the Sun and Neptune in harmony bringing our ego to a place where our spiritual perceptions allow us to know ourselves more sincerely. Our higher selves can bring more light to our personalities. Daydreaming about life’s mysteries can change our understanding of who we are, down to our core.

With Venus in Gemini reaching out to Neptune as well, yoga is the perfect approach to bring our minds and bodies into alignment with our spirit. Pushing through the challenging postures gives us new respect for being present and loving the moment. Honoring the more difficult moments gives us insight into how life is dynamic, where pleasure and pain both are integral to spiritual development.

Mercury stations direct this week on July 1 and will start to come out of shadow in the next few weeks. All those communications issues and internal debates over the past few weeks start to ease up a bit. We get a chance to pause and reflect and go forward more mindfully. What we’ve recently learned finds a need to be shared. The pursuit of knowledge becomes more enticing. Readers, writers and gabbers will find talking about their favorite subjects to be stimulating fun. It is a time where many of us are changing our mind.

Near the end of the week when the Sun is in a challenging position to Pluto, be careful with your ego. It’s easy to hurt people’s feelings, but also to be hurt by others power tripping. However, since Neptune and the Sun are in good relations, whatever comes up will surely lead to a desire for spiritual renewal and quite possible bring an awakening that ultimately is for your highest good. Challenges, especially those that bring up our ego and affect our feelings, are often where our greatest learning begins.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

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Aries: This week may begin with a desire for getting more creative and playful. The lovability of pets, or cute online pics and videos of cats and dogs is a sure way to brighten your day and remind you of life’s pleasantries. Learning about art, especially the type that has embedded spiritual symbolism is a great choice this week too. Talking, or dreaming, about love is good for you now. Charm and wit is attractive. Honesty about what needs to change in your home and work life asks for your attention later in the week.

Taurus: Books are good for you. You’ll likely feel attracted to the minds of those who are smart and stimulate your pursuit of knowledge. Seeking out online groups and networking with people of like mind is fantastic for you this week. Share in the conversation. As Mercury moves direct you’ll feel more confident, renewed and grounded. Don’t worry if you put your foot in your mouth, you’ll gain valuable self-knowledge because of it. Let your words and feelings transform you.

Gemini: You are going through an important moment of getting to know yourself better. Your identity is a big part of your learning now, and loving yourself is paramount. With Mercury going direct, being authentic and sharing your sense of renewal is honoring your truth. Rebelling away from the previous version of yourself is possible, but don’t disregard the purpose of your previous learning. Focus on the love. Gravitate towards higher ideals in your goals and career. Fantasizing helps you realize your greater potential.

Cancer: As the week begins it’s important for you to ground yourself by seeing the humor in conflict. Remember life is a stage and you get to be an actor. Reactions to the events around you is a huge determining factor in how your life progresses. Clear, concise affirmations with a spiritual intention are great for you to practice this week. If your confidence is challenged by others, remember, you know the truth in who you are. Focus on balancing your energy by going for what excites you and what truly matters most.

Leo: Feeling confident in your personal wisdom, gives you an air of independence. However, matters close to home, or those close to you may depend on you this week making you feel a bit restricted. You may feel limited by your responsibilities. Some of you may want to take off, get away, or even travel to faraway destinations. You may have to deal with a lot of details to reach towards your higher ideals. Honor the requirements as part of the process to lead towards your abundance. It’s on its way. Be patient.

Virgo: Your goals, or career, have been getting a bit of a rethinking lately. Dress smart for work with a flair of creative style and you’ll impress people by your demeanor. Now with Mercury heading direct, your thinking processes gain clarity. The right words can help you climb the ladder. Over the next few weeks you’ll notice your decisions become more alert and gain strength. You may feel the need to sleep, dream and get cozy mid week to feel more in tune with yourself. Fantasies in love may lead to a romantic reality. Play down if someone trying to be funny says the wrong thing to the wrong crowd. Compassion for others is important now.

Libra: Talk about love this week and you’ll get some really fantastic, wise insights. Critical analysis and gossip will only put a damper on relationships though. You can’t be sure of how others will process information from day to day, so keep your words on the up and up. You may find ancient philosophies to be particularly stimulating this week. Myths of Venus and Eros will be good reading. Your career and home life may be at a crossroads. Trust your intuition to guide you through any power struggles that arise.

Scorpio: A bit of internalized drama that relates to your aims and goals may enhance self doubt. Trust that you do have pleasant cosmic support. Focus on enhancing the feelings of abundance and you will be able to wash away the doubts. A shift is bound to happen that will transform your sense of identity as the week continues. Allow the process to unfold. It is ultimately about your learning, which will give you strong roots. You can access and utilize resources by talking to someone willing to provide you with the knowledge you need, online, by phone, or in person.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is finishing up his journey through Cancer over the next few weeks. It’s a good time to finish decluttering your life. Though you may have already had much of your emotional baggage purged, now is time for finally releasing any residual leftovers. This past year has been an important part of allowing yourself to let go of deep feelings and forgive so you can feel the abundance of gratitude bless your life instead. Talking about your blessings in relationships is an important part of your week. Accept the love.

Capricorn: You’ve gone through a lot of changes this year. You’ll get another dose of understanding what the transformation has all be for, as the week progresses. The balance of power in your relationships is rooted in feelings and the need for security. Establishing your position in life and empowering yourself is reflected in another’s need for the same. All you’ve learned gets to be used more efficiently now as you begin to make smart choices that organize your life.

Aquarius: The power of your words arise when you’re enthusiastic about a subject. This week, have fun with words. Get creative and express yourself. Have fun in love, and enjoy a bit of the art scene. The greatest art of all is of course the natural world. The information conveyed to your mind and spirit through the scent of a flower is profound. Deciphering the meaning of flowers, especially what a beautifully complex garden or bouquet says, is a fun way to stimulate your creativity and poetic use of language. Transform your day to day life and your spirit shifts.

Pisces: The Sun and Venus both reach out to Neptune this week. Your imagination is lit up most beautifully when in your everyday reality. Understanding your creative voice requires you to immerse yourself more deeply into the world to look beyond the superficial ideas you have into the more complex meaning. If others challenge your ideas, all the better. It will only stimulate you to think more and to ask more questions of yourself. Look to your situations regarding love, money, materialism, secrets, even daily responsibilities for the wisdom they hold.

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