Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 16-22, 2014. Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury is continuing in retrograde motion and will be entering back into Gemini, from Cancer, on Tuesday June 17. He’ll be retracing his steps this week where he was at the end of May in Gemini. It’s a good time to think back to what was happening at that time in late May, and reevaluate your choices. Subject matter of that time will do well to have you rethinking the situation and looking deeper into the fine print details you may have overlooked.

What if you forget what happened back then and are drawing a blank? Well, you may want to think about rereading your journal and if you don’t have one yet, it’s a good time to think about how you’d like to track your life’s journey. A journal gives you the ability to reflect on your life and see what decisions, attitudes, beliefs and emotions you had which lead to where you are. Mercury retrograde is a great time to be thinking about this type of thing.

There are also lots of apps out there that you can use to keep track of your thoughts easily by the touch of a button on your phone. Trying a few out will do you well now. There’s lots of options and you don’t have to commit, but there’s no harm in exploring. The easier the better. Bells and whistles are not necessary, it’s just about getting the thoughts down so you can reflect on them whenever you wish as part of your journey of being more self-aware.

A lot of people think that starting something new during a Mercury retrograde is not a good idea, however, it is a good time to redo things, and take another look and to do your best to be more attentive. With Mercury retrograde in Gemini this week, thinking, talking and exploring ideas is a good thing. Put your thinking cap back on and retry a few of your ideas and see what happens.

The new is unavoidable. Every day is a new day. Life doesn’t stop just because Mercury is retrograde. You’ve got to keep on going. So use your knowledge of what’s happening in the sky wisely, don’t let it stop you from living. It’s not a good idea to force yourself to miss opportunities because you’re closing yourself off to potential gifts that may be presenting themselves right in front of you. Yes, pause, think, reflect, and talk about things so you can make best decisions given your situation without jumping into things blindly, but living under a rock while Mercury is retrograde is not living life wisely. Life always needs your participation. Give yourself more time to ponder the pros and cons, and ask for other opinions before making a decision so you are more informed and thinking outside the box. Know that not all the information you need may be present, so digging for greater clarity is important now.

It is a good time to slow down a little and reflect and do your best to pay closer attention to the details because they can be overlooked. Getting back into things and retrying your hand at something you’ve long wanted to do, could be fun. Remember, when Mercury is retrograde it’s a good time to explore without being so serious and committal. It’s about honoring your time by relaxing and reflecting more. Check out your local library for some inspiration. The smell of old books will reawaken memories.

With Neptune retrograde as well, it would be a nice idea to take some down time to explore your feelings between the world of fantasy and reality. Nostalgic, retro movies, especially the real oldies will be a pleasure and will likely spur ideas and emotions about the big picture of life. Thinking about character traits and archetypes will be interesting fun.

With Venus and Jupiter enjoying each other in harmony this week, it’s a good time to seek out pleasure in the world including love, fun, beauty and hopeful dreams about what is possible to make life more lovely and expansive.

As Mercury continues heading backwards into Gemini this week, the Sun and Mercury will cross paths and meetup on the 19th. The Sun is heading towards entering Cancer at the end of the week on the 21st. Speaking with those who know themselves well will spark you onto an intellectual journey worth exploring. Inner knowledge and brilliant insights are an important part of this week, so enjoy seeking it and speaking it.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

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Aries: It’s important for you to be honest this week and let others know what’s important, but you have to pause before you speak. You have to be considerate of how your words could have positive and negative reactions. Finding the right words takes some skill this week to ensure misinterpretation is minimized. Speak from your core but ensure kindness is a priority. Also be sure to spend credit wisely. Borrowing from the future isn’t always necessary.

Taurus: You may be able to see where others could improve their style, but you don’t have to tell them if you know it will harm their confidence. There are nicer ways to make suggestions than to flat out state your point of view. Be pleasant and loving. You may think more about how you are, or are not, as self sufficient as you’d like to be. It’s a good time to brainstorm how to make more money. Letting yourself shine bright will give you better footing from which to step forward.

Gemini: What you think has a direct bearing on how you feel. If you find yourself internalizing too much you’re bound to get bogged down. With Mercury and the Sun dancing closely in your sign at the beginning of the week, you need to be honest. If you can’t find the right words, wait. Positive affirmations and quotes will help you remember the light in life and in yourself. Breakthroughs sometimes happen step by step. Be patient and enjoy the process.

Cancer: With Mercury retrograde leaving your sign at the beginning of the week, and the Sun entering your sign at the the end of the week, you’re going to have a noticeable shift in perspective about yourself. It’s a good time to give yourself some down time to meditate and reflect on the spiritual side of life. Who you are now has been shaped by the self-awareness you have been facing the last few weeks. Look for the positive and your wisdom will grow.

Leo: Those who you resonate with, especially those who you can speak candidly with, are an important part of your week. Through the conversations and the insights of higher wisdom you reflect upon this week, you will come to know yourself with more sensitivity. The dance between the material world and the more subtle energy that sustains reality is a magic you can tap into. If you’re career or goal oriented, continue climbing the mountain and you’ll reach new vistas.

Virgo: The goals you set for yourself aren’t always orderly, but you know you do best when you’ve got things organized. It’s a good time for you to put your thinking cap on and take notes to flush out pros and cons. The possibilities in your career or personal life goals need your gift for attention to detail. You don’t need to make final decisions, but make sure your head is in the game. You’ll have moments where you see the light. Write ideas down and ponder them. Take your time.

Libra: A mission to Mars would be fun and scary. The experiences of each event during the journey would be quite heightened. You may even feel on high alert. The likelihood of you going to Mars is minimal though right? Don’t worry about things that may never happen. It’s time for you to be in the moment. How you relate to the world as a place where you can be anchored yet free to explore depends much on your way of thinking. Think better to relate better and the sountrack to your life will be more harmonious.

Scorpio: So, you’re not perfect. So what? Who is? What you do have on your side these days is the ability to change your mind. You get to learn about what doesn’t serve you and what doesn’t make you feel good. You want to feel good right? Well, start looking towards the beauty in others and in the world around you. Perspective is everything. There are countless ways to look at the world, and you get to decide. Reprogram your mode of thinking so you can see the light and you will.

Sagittarius: We become teachers and students to the people in our lives. Words overlooked, can ring true for people years later when they come flooding back to our memories at the most opportune moment. Look around. Open your eyes and your ears. Be receptive to what others say and reflect on what their point of view means to you. People can be so wise without even knowing it. For you, the light arrives this week when you can relate to others. Give and receive.

Capricorn: Home life, career goals and life goals are always in flux. Being pushed and pulled by the demands of life is a natural consequence of being alive. Through it, choices need to be made and decisions need to be confirmed. Now is not the time to sign a contract unless you are absolutely, unequivocally sure. It’s a good time for you to compare your notes and calculations and talk about the details as they can easily be overlooked. Patience is a virtue.

Aquarius: The beginning of the week can get you into a groove of feelings that are beautifully complex. Enthusiasm about your future brings you wise answers that may not be articulated in words so much as they are felt deep in your being. Journaling your inspirations now is a great idea. Make sure that your reflections are filled with joy and a spirit of creativity and you’ll feel brilliance is yours. Trust that happiness infused in your musings will lead you to your brightest ideas.

Pisces: Your home could use a fresh energy. Open the windows and let the sunshine in. The best changes to your home come from revisioning your space as a reflection of how you want to think. Small things that don’t require major commitment are best. Bring in some plants, especially ones that have symbolic significance in their meaning and their visual appeal. Set the stage for your home to be the springboard to a mind that is awakening. Have fun with it and your emotional self will thank you too.

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  1. I am a Libra and loving the Mars' energy. I would hate to go back to my undecisive, confused, calculating self. I am loving this fast and furious forwrad movement of my life these days with Mars energy. Am I going to loose it all once mars leaves Libra in July and not have it for next 12 yrs? How can I hold one to MARS? How can I keep this "ENERGY" with me? Please HELP.... :(

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you so much for your question. All the lessons you have learned with Mars transiting your Sun sign will remain with you as you have integrated them into your life.

    As well, the Mars energy will always remain with you, it will simply change as it transits through other areas of the zodiac and touch on (aspect) other areas of your chart and thus your life.

    I hope knowing that Mars is always a part of each of our lives wherever he travels through the zodiac, helps answer your question. Enjoy the process.

    Wishing you all the best and thank you for visiting.


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