Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 2 to 8, 2014 for each Sign

Weekly Overview Horoscope:
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below. 

In all honesty, I can’t believe it’s June already. Other people have been saying the same thing and I’m not surprised. Time really is flying so quickly this year. In only 3 weeks it will be the Summer Solstice where the sun reaches its apex in the sky for 2014.

It’s common knowledge that the older we get, the faster time seems to fly. I’ve read that one of the reasons for this faster perception of time is that people tend to get into a routine as they get older and surround themselves with what is familiar.

Well this week starts off with the Moon in Leo, which is a nice place for us to start a new week if we want to experience life through a lens of enjoyment. When inspiration strikes this week, flow with it and see where it takes you. Keep your eye open for what feels refreshing to your spirit.

It’s a week where nostalgia and creativity merge well, so dive into some of your retro interests and explore the entertainment and arts from the past that you fancy.

Try doing something a little bit different this week, especially if you’re stuck in a rut. Go out and enjoy the Venus in Taurus energy by visiting a garden center or going for a walk soaking up the fragrance of the blooming trees. Try edible flowers in your salad. Focus on the little things that make the moments of your life a little more interesting and beautiful.

It’s also a really good time to appreciate and value what you have. Oprah once said, “If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never, ever have enough.” Those are certainly wise words certainly in line with reminding us how the potency of Venus in Taurus now, is a time when we should focus on what is worth our attention and being grateful for what is in our lives.

Remember too, that when you’re starting out in life, all the lessons learned from the challenges and mistakes you make really are such an important part of how much you’ll appreciate and value what you have as you age.

Those who have gone through tough times, rather than those who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter, tend to have greater strength of character, and have greater respect for what the value of things are. We’ve all heard of, and likely seen, spoiled brats that have always had it all that often demonstrate their sense of entitlement, and complain over not getting what they want whenever they want it. Well, that’s not attractive. What is earned and honored is so much more worthwhile.

Venus in Taurus does have a lot to do with what is attractive as we well know, and being respectful of your relationship to the material world, whether it be through money, arts, nature, and what you own and love, is commendable.

Pay close attention to your dreams now too. Mercury is in Cancer and increasing his connection with Neptune in Pisces now, so the mind and emotions, fantasy and dreams will become important for many of us. You can expect synchronicity to increasingly rise this week especially in seeing repeating patterns in numbers and experiences of deja vu.

Reading a good book in the comfort of home will be a great pastime for many of you.

At the end of the week Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer on the 7th. It will be a great time to meditate to find inner wisdom and gain greater self-knowledge. It could be a time where those of you who tend to be quite sensitive will need to have time to yourself to reflect on your feelings and where you are in your life’s journey. Communicating with people honestly and from the heart is where we learn a lot now.

Overall, Venus is the most notable this week, so get in touch with nature as much as you can. Not only is she in her sign of Taurus but she also shares her lovely energy with Neptune and Pluto nicely this week. The bridge between the magic of nature, myth and fantasy should be of interest to many now. Many of you will also find yourselves more in tune with the importance of how feelings of wealth and abundance strengthen you and move you towards prosperity.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Aries: There’s no place like home of course and at the beginning of the week you’ll likely enjoy finding refuge where you feel most comfortable. Personal conversations over dinner can be touching. Wealth is not something that you get for nothing. It is earned. Your gratitude and appreciation for what you have reminds you that you’re worth it. Communicate honestly in all your relationships this week.

Taurus: If you realize you’re worth it this week, you will be in tune with the cosmos. Valuing yourself is everything. You won’t be here forever. Life is short. So be who you are and be proud of it. Be grateful for this chance. Letting yourself shine and feeling secure in your life is so good for you now. You can teach others by being the wise example. Accept love from the world.

Gemini: The Sun is in your sign. You should feel good about that. You’ve travelled this far around the cosmos. Millions of miles in fact. Getting in touch with your feelings, bridging mind and body should arise this week. Swimming, baths and showers will be good for you. By realizing how money can actually be approached with a spiritual perspective , knowing that it is energy directed by your will and best intentions, can change everything.

Cancer: This spring has been a very transformative time for you. The Cardinal Cross has brought you much to grow from impacting your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical self. It’s a good week to put your thinking cap on and your imagination cap. Einstein believed the mind’s expansive imagination to be our most important gifts. You have the power of mind now to redefine yourself in a new image. Bravely reach for new definitions.

Leo: How you feel about yourself at the beginning of the week sets the stage for the entire week. Seek out those who you admire. Those who inspire you to shine bright and make a difference in the world are those that teach you about humanity and yourself most this week. Finding time for yourself is important this week so you can tap into the power of a spiritual mindset.

Virgo: Your greatest wisdom comes from the most beautiful places. Surround yourself with nature. Delve into the arts. Explore the foods and scenery of other places and cultures around the world. Put energy into your goals that comes right from the core of you so you feel like what you’re doing really has an important purpose. Speaking nicely with friends and colleagues brings a meeting of the minds.

Libra: Having other people in your life could be a lot of fun this week if you’re on the same wavelength and have similar worldviews. It could give you a boost of energy and help you feel empowered. Be open to gratefully receiving love and money from outside sources. You may also feel an independent streak coming on where you enjoy your own company. Use this time to refine yourself and learn enlightening, wise ideas that takes you to the next level.

Scorpio: Having fun with your imagination is good for you these days. Talking about your fantasies, goals and how you find pleasure in life tunes you into a mindset towards prosperity. The quality of life during your time here on earth is connected to your worldview. Letting go of fear and doubts and welcoming in wisdom and abundance is good for your soul. Sitting in a garden or luscious park with a loved one or friend is good for you now.

Sagittarius: Eating healthy salads would be a good habit to start now. Having a healthy routine will noticeably become a part of having a healthy foundation that supports your goals. Connect with the earth and see how it makes you feel. You should set yourself up to meet and talk with people that are smart and light you up with their intelligence. They could also bring you resources you hadn’t considered.

Capricorn: It’s easy to spend your money on the things you enjoy now, but I think, with a little pause and reflection, you’ll realize what’s worth it and what’s really not. You could have a lot of fun for free now by accessing the abundant resources of the earth now. Feet in the sand at the beach could be just the ticket to real pleasure. A routine outing this week for some sun and wind could really bring you some fantastic thoughts worth writing down.

Aquarius: Gabbing is so good for you now. It lights you up and gives you a feeling of freedom. Be witty and spontaneous for the most fun. However, speaking of your deepest values could confuse some people if they just don’t think like you do. So, instead, put your values to good use through your work and habits for your own benefit and personal way of life while your conversations stay light.

Pisces: Mind and imagination are pretty magical this week which is right up your alley. It’s a good week to be true to yourself. Dress the way you want and act the way that feels right so you feel creative and really in your element. Express your smarts. Communing with the natural world, in its most imaginative way is good for you. Talk to your plants. A money tree is a great choice for a new houseplant now.

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