Weekly Astrology Horoscopes June 23 to 29, 2014

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The week begins with beautiful Venus exiting her beloved sign of Taurus and stepping into the intelligence of Gemini on Monday. She is now travelling closer to Mercury as he travels in retrograde (backwards) in the sign of Gemini. The loveliest ideas arise when we are in touch with our senses and drift into contemplation mode. Conversations about love, especially the romantic type, can take center stage in the lives of many of us.

Most of us will find a great deal of pleasure in intellectual stimulation. Fine arts, especially the classics can greatly appeal to our sensibilities. Vintage clothing and architectural design as well could peak our interests and take us on a journey of nostalgic daydreams. Symmetry is certainly appealing now. Ink blots, especially those ripe with various colors, can captivate us.

If you're in the business of communications whether it be advertising, journalism, writing, editing, spokesperson and speaker, or related fields, this is a good time to think about revising your approach and presentation. Brainstorm now, and implement the changes that resonate most in a few weeks.

If you're a book lover, reading should be a lot of fun as a pastime, especial fantasy and vintage. Tackling textbook knowledge could bring a bit of a challenge for some now requiring reading a few times over to understand the details. If there is a special television series you've wanted to see for a long time, catching up now will be fun. Be aware though that with Mercury retrograde, glitches in emails and with communications technology are heightened for many of us. If you feel like you've miscommunicated, don't be afraid to revise and correct yourself. People appreciate honesty and mistakes are part of being human. Sometimes mistakes can be charming and where new insights are found by surprise.

With Neptune retrograde as well now, it is the higher, more spiritually relevant visions of beauty that particularly touch us on an emotional level. Musical scores during a classic style film can move us beyond words and into the realm beyond describability.

Now that the Sun is in Cancer, expect yourself to feel a need for emotional cleansing to be necessary. A great meditation to practice now is to imagine yourself feeling at home in the comfort of the beaming summer sun shimmering through the water surrounded by the most splendidly peaceful, colorful and alive coral reefs. Let your mind drift and see where it takes you.

In the middle of the week some may find mid-week stresses to be somewhat irritating which will be motivation for making the space to find the freedom you seek. Getting out to run in the fresh air to get away from it all will expend excess energy and recalibrate you along with those wonderful feel-good endorphins. If you’re the kind that can easily roll with the punches, and not get in a huff when stress mounts, a good hike will still do your body and mind wonders.

At the end of the week the New Moon arrives in Cancer as she joins alongside the Sun. A fresh start for your home life is important now. Take the necessary steps, one day at a time, to make your space feel just right so it can support your emotional well being. Clearing a space for a new sacred spot where you can meditate, do yoga, pray, enjoy stretching, reading, listening to music, dancing, or being in some other way wholesomely in tune to your pleasant creature comforts will be great for all of us.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: Energy is energy. You can transform it into the intention you want. If you find those little things others do get your pet peeve alarm going, remember that those feelings are ultimately your own, and you can do what you want with them. Take any excess energy that may arise this week, and use it as a catalyst for starting a new project. With the New Moon in Cancer a home-project would be a great choice. Talking about love shifts your frame of mind in pleasing directions.

Taurus: Delectable tastes and fragrances are wonderful for your sense of self as the week begins. A good massage is a pleasant way to reconnect to the earth element. Walking in the grass is the perfect reflexology treatment. Be the architect of your love life this week. Daydreaming of the ideal relationship experience moves you closer to it. Be mindful of your money as Mercury retrograde could have you overlook details including due dates. At the end of the week you’ll feel right at home perusing your favorite magazine and gabbing at the beach.

Gemini: Wearing your favorite colors and patterns, hairstyle and jewelry will make you feel good about yourself this week. Indulging in the material world is okay sometimes. You don’t have to spend much, so don’t go credit card crazy, which you know ultimately won’t leave you feeling good. It’s the perfect time to pick strawberries as a healthy choice if your appetite for the pleasure of food is calling you. It really is about feeling loved, and lovely, this week. By being honest about what and who really makes you feel good, you step closer to starting a new phase of feeling self-assured.

Cancer: As one phase ends, another begins. You get the New Moon in your sign this week, plus it’s your birthday month. It’s a fantastic time for you to start an all new chapter. Plant the seeds for your new beginning now and they will grow. A little love and attention is all they need. Look for advice at the beginning of the week that resonates with you and feels tangible and grounded. Practice positive affirmations and law of attraction type mental notes to get in the right state of mind for an all new you.

Leo: Well you know you’re the star next month, but this week you’ve also got beautiful rays of light shining on you from above, maybe even a double rainbow. You may find that someone in your life now is especially worth spending time with to chat about similar worldviews. It could be a colleague or peer, or even a love interest. Being a good listener is advised this week. A fountain of running water near a window is a good spiritual symbol to place in your home and sacred space now. Sun salutations to the morning sun will do you wonders.

Virgo: Looking back on career choices and life goals you’ve set for yourself is important this week. Reconsider how you could do things in a new way that would positively impact how others participate and support you on your journey. Talking about how to make more money in your vocation starts the ball rolling. Lying to yourself doesn’t bring you rewards. Honestly talking about what you would love to do, refines your process and gets you on track. It’s time to start fresh when the New Moon arrives at the end of the week.

Libra: You find the meaning of life takes on a much more loving perspective this week that surprises you. How you understand yourself will likely be transformed by a sudden shift in how you relate to others. You will feel much wiser as you integrate this new awareness. With so much personal Mars energy building within you, don’t be surprised if you need to let it out somehow, or risk getting too hyped up or even irritable. Go for a run in the open air. Start on new goals at the end of the week that feel like they allow you to honor yourself and that feel truly comfortable.

Scorpio: With the New Moon in fellow water sign Cancer at the end of the week you will get nice support for turning over a new leaf that feels right. With Neptune retrograde in Pisces, another fellow water sign, you would do well to daydream what you want into reality this week. Celestial, oceanic music will get your brainwaves in sync with the tides of change. Be careful of gossip as it may push away what, or who, you want. Instead focus on the law of attraction. A bit of magical thinking does you good.

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Jupiter has been in Cancer for many moons. At the end of this week we get the New Moon in Cancer. Your fresh start this month can be lucky. Focus on starting something you feel will further enhance a feeling of abundance in your life. This may take some brainstorming. Perhaps someone you care deeply for would be the perfect person to spend your time with to talk about the possibilities. Go to the symphony or a gallery to be inspired.

Capricorn: The watery New Moon in Cancer is a powerful time for you to make new wishes. It could be a particularly emotional time for some at the end of the week, but best wishes often come from diving deep. Try to have fun outdoors early in the week, and get yourself organized mid-week. Someone who cares for you would be perfect to talk to for ideas on how to approach this coming phase. Hold love in the conversation and smart choices are easier to find.

Aquarius: You feel most stable when you’re being responsible. This week, when you have the urge to have pleasant fun, stay mindful. Your most beautiful experiences will be when you can let go a bit, but still have your head about you. The beauty of the arts and nature can fill you with a sense of awe and wonder. Observe with eyes of love. You’re feelings can often remind you of how to get yourself on the right track. With the New Moon at the end of the week, it’s a good time to start a healthy, fresh start. Stop and smell the roses for inspiration.

Pisces: Conversations with those you feel most comfortable with should be lovely when you intentionally guide the topics towards the most loving perspective. As you let go of potentially false opinions and idle gossip you make room for better communications that benefit all. Make the most of this harmonious New Moon energy. A caring, nurturing attitude sets the stage for new beginnings that bring joy into your life. A delightful dinner you’re grateful for is a great way to symbolize your next chapter.

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