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With Mercury already in retrograde motion in Cancer since June 7, and Neptune beginning retrograde motion in Pisces on Monday, June 9, this week could certainly be deeply moving for many of us, emotionally and spiritually. Our sensitivities could have many of us turn inward, becoming reflective on matters that are close to our hearts.

Synchronicity is turned up for many of us too. Deciphering moments of deja vu may be difficult, but will leave you with a feeling that an important omen is being given to you. Even if you can’t put your finger on the meaning of what is presented, follow it, ponder it and see where it takes you. Words and numbers that arise more frequently and repeatedly may have hidden messages for you.

As the week begins, the Moon is in a water sign as well, Scorpio, reaching out to both Mercury and Neptune. New awareness could come forth that is connected to our karma, the boundaries of time, and how life in its current form is preciously finite. Experiences from the past could bring some to tears but move us to align with a higher vibration of the soul. What happened then could impact what happens now.

Venus reaches out to Saturn as well. The reality of our relationships with others brings us down to earth and in the moment. An honest hug is a bond that transcends time.

Venus may be the Goddess of Love, but she also has her jealous side according to Greek myth. So, with this in mind, know that if you do uncover something another has done that isn’t to your liking, this could be an important time to face reality. Loving yourself takes on new meaning.

Money matters get a dose of reality where information uncovered brings clarity and dispels illusion.

The wings of this week are on philosophy; the meaning of life. The Full moon in Sagittarius at the end of the week helps us become wiser. What you’ve been working toward over the past couple of weeks should lead you to a deeper knowing with this Full Moon, where you feel your world view has changed for the better and gives your life greater meaning. Couple this with the newfound clarity of reality setting in as Neptune goes retrograde, we really do find new meaning in life. It can be a new awareness that is nothing less than magically transformative.

Any of you with an addiction of any sort would do well to rethink your situation and start to move towards a more responsible lifestyle now.

Nature is a place of importance to many of us, bringing us greater honesty with ourselves. It is said that nature is the art of the Divine. Enjoy that perspective this week.

The sequence of events in life originate from the source.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for each Sign:

Be sure to read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant:

Aries: If you work hard, you deserve a break. No matter what your responsibilities are this week, find your balance. Spending time at home relaxing, reading and meditating is good for you. Someone close to you may touch your soul. Looking at the reality of your debts and borrowing status relative to your salary and your nest egg would be good for you this week. Helping others succeed, especially a partner in love, friendship, or business, balances your energy.

Taurus: You experience love, first hand, by how you relate to others. Your karmic role in the lives of others can be deeply moving on a soul level. Those who you identify with closely matter a lot. Watering your plants is a good way to find a moment of ease and reconnect you to your most desired, earthy-self. Talking about personal issues with those who are compassionate and really listen helps you feel cared for.

Gemini: You get to know yourself this week better than you have in quite a while. You may feel an awakening hits you and lights you up giving you new purpose. Your thoughts and feelings may be mixed this week as you have internal debates. That’s part of the process. Trust that any lack of clarity is there so you can ask more questions of yourself and thus seek better answers. Focus on honoring yourself so you can share the real you with others.

Cancer: With Mercury going backwards in your sign connecting nicely with the Moon and Neptune it’s a good time to be in an artistic, creative, musical mood as the week begins. It’s best to have responsible fun as the week progresses. Overdoing it on the wine and such could get you into strange situations with friends or colleagues. At the end of the week you could feel that goals are reachable, especially if a partner is supportive and on the same wave-length as you.

Leo: Leo’s generally love the sun and with this Full Moon in your fellow fire sign Sagittarius, it’s definitely going to be a good week to get outside, soak up some rays and have some fun. Bring along friends that you know are full of surprises and have lots of energy. It will give you a boost and clear your mind. Meditating may not be your usual style because of its passive quality, but this week it will do you good for your mind and spirit. Start or end your days with even just a few moments of centering.

Virgo: If you have comrades, or have a relationship with someone that you are easily in tune with, you could have some really fantastic, deeply moving, even magical conversations this week. Finishing one another’s sentences could make you give a double-take. Ideas could arise that take you on an all new tangent worth exploring. Some of you may certainly prefer your own personal musings alone though. Have fun with discovering new meanings, allusions and metaphors.

Libra: Physical exertion is your ally. A good back rub is the perfect compliment. Building up your strength and expending excess energy is good for your self confidence and personal power. Gabbing up a storm about the more meaningful things you like to talk about is also good for you now. Being responsible with money and debt this week is important for you too. With greater confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to tackle issues with greater ease.

Scorpio: Artificial intelligence and evolution are fun subjects to ponder. So is the spectrum of the material world from the elements of nature to the energetic flow of money. Love is often said to be the greatest journey of exploration of all. Anything we explore could also be associated with philosophical and spiritual points of view. This week make the most of your curiosity and you’ll find your place in the world gets more interesting and worthwhile. There’s lots to think about.

Sagittarius: You could find yourself being a bit picky about what you let into your life and what information you accept as worthwhile this week. Letting as much positive energy in as you can from others is good for you though. If other people are offering you advice, be open to the possibility that a lightbulb moment is just around the corner. You may feel like a bit of a star this week. Let yourself light up. The order of the cosmos is evident in the natural world around you.

Capricorn: Your spirit could soar with this Full Moon. In any of your relationships, whether love, friends, or peers, they have a nicer flow when you focus on being creative and having responsible fun. If a slight power struggle arises later in the week, smoothing it over with honesty and a joyous heart is best. Talking about soul matters and spiritual ideologies brings you moments of clarity, and sometimes confusion. Keep the dialogue going to reveal important insights.

Aquarius: With the aspects of the Grand Cardinal Cross waning in potency, you are likely feeling a sense of ease returning to your life. Now is a good time to have a little bit of fun, getting outside and soaking up some sunshine to boost your mood. You can really light up with this Full Moon at the end of the week. A little get-together could do you well, as it’s a great time to enjoy the company of friends and those close to you. Later in the week focus on responsible goals in love and money.

Pisces: Your ruling planet is going retrograde this week and has been connecting with Mercury in fellow water sign Cancer as well. Your sense of identity encounters a shift. Who you thought you were, may now seem like an illusion from the past as you reconfigure yourself in a new light. This could come about through an emotional release and what was unconscious now becomes seen. It’s a good time to make career moves that are in line with your true goals in life.

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