Full Moon in Capricorn July 12, 2014 Astrology Horoscope

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It’s officially a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 12, 2014 at 7:24 a.m. EDT. 

Yes, it is a Supermoon as the moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual because of it's closer proximity to our beautiful earth known as perigee.

The moon will appear to be much larger during this Full Moon, especially at sunset when the moon rises.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a cloudy evening that hides the moon, you'll get a couple more chances to see supermoons this summer on August 10 and September 9.

I’m sure some of you have been shifting furniture around in your home this week and feeling the need to tidy up your space to make room for better energy.

With the Sun in Cancer standing across the sky from this Full Moon in Capricorn, the home is a foundational place that reflects your core energy. Too much clutter and disorganization is stagnant energy which only bogs you down and gets in the way of moving towards bigger goals.

This purging can also be reflected in the work environment. Ideas on how to make space and get rid of what’s not needed is highlighted. Pluto in Capricorn wants transformation for the higher goals so having less in the way of achieving the important aims is essential.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is like being on top of the mountain, or at least steadily climbing towards the top of that mountain, above the clouds where the light shines. More light (literally or metaphorically) in the home and the work environment is best now. Open the blinds and dust off the lamp shades, so the clear and bright energy reflects the potential of this Full Moon.

What’s so great about this Full Moon is the relationship Saturn in Scorpio has with Pluto in Capricorn. Astrology enthusiasts will be aware that Saturn is the Ruler of Capricorn while Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, so essentially Capricorn and Scorpio are sharing each others planets. Since Saturn and Pluto are slow movers, this relationship has been around for a while. Now with the Full Moon in Capricorn this relationship is highlighted.

The Moon on his journey to becoming full, connects directly with Pluto on Friday night in Capricorn - about 12 hours before the Moon is officially full on Saturday morning. Some of you will feel like coming out of your shell in some personally significant way, and it could be strongly tied to your sense of identity and how you relate to others.

The Moon in Capricorn also has a nice relationship with Saturn in Scorpio just before the Full Moon as well helping us feel like the work is worth it because it provides us with rewards.

This is a time to realize the value of going with the flow and respect time more fully. It’s a time to feel productive and to recognize how you are making a practical difference in the world.

Saturn is somewhat restricting or limiting while Capricorn is accomplishment oriented, but those two actually work well together bringing us a slower pace that focuses on the steady progress that matters. Also, keep in mind too that Saturn is going to station direct next week after having been retrograde in Scorpio for many moons. Progress in achieving what you wish for in the material realm is bound to start moving forward from the strong roots and deep lessons learned during the Saturn retrograde.

For many of you it can feel like the first turning point of a new cycle by letting go of what was. Honoring it, and letting it go. Time stops for nobody. It keeps on rolling, and that’s exactly what we must do.

Every ending is a new beginning. This is highlighted by the fact that this is a Full Moon, which are associated with culmination and fruition, while Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, and thus lends itself to initiative and getting started. So, as you end one cycle and begin another look back and think about what is the main thing you feel that you have brought to materialization or have completed at this Full Moon, and how does that lead you to your next step?

Remember that we have all the archetypal energies represented by the planets and signs within us, so even if you don’t feel like you directly relate to Capricorn, you actually do. We all do. It represents a part of all of our lives that we experience.

For this Full Moon think about how your practical, productive and responsible qualities have been able to bring you towards something in your life that you can be proud of from giving it your all and going for it. A Capricorn I know well, often affirms of Capricorn that “we get things done.”

So what if you don’t really feel like you’ve accomplished that much or what you’ve wanted? Well, it’s no time to be down on yourself for it. Instead, its a good time for you to consider how you can use this saying to your advantage: “same actions, same results.”

It’s also a time of letting go of worry, by doing the work. Procrastination is not-advised at all building up to this Full Moon, as that will only make you feel unproductive and heavy with burden. Instead, it’s best to do it now, get to work and get it done and you’ll feel accomplished and satisfied that you did your best. I’m sure many of you have found this week leading up to the Full Moon very busy, that procrastination simply wasn’t an option anyway.

Also keep in mind that although there is a very practical element to this Full Moon, there is also a bit of that magical mind thing happening with Scorpio’s relation. Thus, as part of the package of attainment of goals, it’s quite possible that this Full Moon will also be a point of realization where you have attained a new realization, such as in the law of attraction or magical thinking. Perhaps some of you you have woken that it is time to let go of poverty consciousness and instead realized how to be more capable of attaining the wealth and finances you may desire.

Money matters are investigated and looked at with wider eyes now. Borrowing money, loans and credit card considerations are highlighted. Responsibly working your way out of debt and handling money with more wisdom is certainly a strong point of intention for many. Home buyers can benefit from mortgages and mortgage renewals with lower interest rates with a shorter term.

With the symbol of Capricorn being the sea goat or fish-tailed goat relating nicely to the Scorpio’s water element with part of its tail hidden underwater with this Full Moon. What is hidden becomes realized over time. The horned goat aspect of Capricorn also points to wisdom (outgrowth from the head/mind symbolizes this).

For some this is certainly a time to get recognition for what you do in your vocation and at work. People in higher positions may make notable shifts in status and recognize the contributions of those working their way up.

After the Full Moon, the energy usually begins to wane, however the next couple of weeks are going to be very active astrologically which I’ll talk a lot more with details about that in the weekly horoscopes (posted on Monday’s). It’s actually a very exciting time for a lot of positive shifts to happen.

Also be sure to read more about the Full Moon in Capricorn in this week’s Weekly Horoscopes for July 7 to 13, 2014.

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